Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

Oh my....It's hard to believe that this is the LAST day of 2012.  As many would say....."Where has the year gone?"

365 days.....have just flown by (AGAIN.)  I remember when I was younger, I would hear older people say
"Time is passing by so fast" and in my mind, I was thinking....."Are you kidding me, It's still 4 hours before my date with Sam, and time is standing still!"

Now that I'm older, my how I understand what they were talking about...WAY BACK THEN!

New Beginnings are special....and I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to what the year 2013 will bring.  I can already see some challenges in the future, but I plan to push forward, with a vengeance to get through these.  After all, a challenge can only make me stronger.

I see big changes in the days and months ahead.  August will be a key month for me this year.   For one thing, my (?0)  birthday will be on the 24th of August.      And then.....Mylee Jo will be starting school!  Yes, she is the last of our six grandchildren to journey off to school, and this means that Shug will be left behind, ALONE!

I have been Blessed to be a stay at home grandmother and I have been Blessed to be able to take care of each one of our precious babies!  I have experienced 17 of the Best years EVER.

But, the time is drawing closer for me to move on with my OWN life.   I have to tell you, I'm a bit scared.   What does my future hold?  What am I going to do?    For 17 years, less a few months, my life has been entertained by what?

I'm thinking.....if I worked a few years, I could certainly add to our retirement.  But, 17 years is a long time to be out of the work force and things have changed, drastically!!  I don't even SHOP at Walmart, so how could I possibly expect them to hire me as a greeter?  (not)

Seriously.....changes are on the way for me in 2013 and I really DON'T know what to do!!  I don't Know what the future holds, but none of us we?  Whatever it is that God has in store for me, I plan to do it with HIS wisdom and HIS direction.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful New Year celebration.......Be smart, Be safe, and Be Blessed!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Family Get-Together

So......we waited until after Christmas to have the "Kidd Family" get-together.....
Can I tell you, it was Wonderful!

My precious dad, who has Alzheimers could not believe that "ALL" those kiddos' belonged to him.
Said, he had no idea that he had that many grandchildren!!  Of course, he probably made that statement at least a dozen times or more.  He even thought that Sam and my two sister-in-loves where his grandchildren!!    How sweet!

Our Sunday School lesson was about caring for the elderly....Out of Love and Respect, this should be something we do with NO questions asked.   Families are suppose to take care of their aging parents and by doing so, it allows the church to care for the aging widows.   This is biblical.

I will be the first to admit, that I allow myself to become frustrated...(sometimes on a daily basis) because my dad can no longer understand anything that you are trying to tell him.   Seems that every single day, I have to tell him the very same thing over and over, and usually it's the same thing that I told him every day for the past month...   I know that several of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have to wonder many times did my mom and dad feel like beating their heads up against a wall, because they had to tell me things over and over again, when I was little.   This is
the same dad is like a child again, and we have to keep telling him things over and over again.

I love this man and I will do all that I can to make his life comfortable for him....      It is very trying at times....but I promise myself that I am going to try, even harder, to be a more patient daughter.

God Bless Him...

Dad, Shanda, my nephew...Chris, my sister-in-love...Kay, My beautiful niece...Lyndie, and Trista

My brother Joe.....ME....and my brother David

My dad and ME............BTW, There is something different about you see it?

A bunch of little girls!!

More Fun Family Games....


Friday, December 28, 2012

Not so sure about us two

Sam and I have been married for 40 and 1/2 years and can I tell you that I'm beginning to think we now share the same mind.   When two people think alike at the same time.......well, that can be a bit scary!

Last evening, Sam and I were taking a short drive through town, when I was on the brink of making a comment about two people that used to live here in Chandler.  This older couple went to church with us, before deciding to move to the Dallas area to be near their kids.

Before I could even make my comment, Sam said to me....."I wonder how Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are doing......

I was like...."Shut Up..."
"Are you kidding me?  I was just fixing to ask you that same question.".........

Not really like   SHUT UP.......(we don't say those kind of things to each other).   but like....Shut up, you've got to be kidding me!!

The funny thing is that we were not near any particular area that would remind us of them....

Now mind you, Sam and I rarely go out to eat Chinese food.....but today I was home alone and I thought how nice it would be to eat Chinese food tonight.     Guess what? When Sam came in from work, he said....."Let's go to Tyler and eat Chinese food."

I'm thinking......are you stinking kidding me?  

Does  this ever happen to any of you?

Hope uou all have a great evening...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Help, I'm Bored!!

I am Bored!!  Can you believe it?  Part of my family is out of town....Sam is working....and the rest of the family is out shopping and making some exchanges on items....

My house is clean....dusted....swept and mopped.  The closets are clean and the dishes are all done.  Oh, the laundry is done as well..  We are getting ready to start the 21 day Daniel Fast again, so NO cooking needs to be done.

Back, just a few weeks ago, I was begging for extra time.  Now, I have too much!  This is called Petty Gripping, isn't it??

I'll just post a few Christmas pictures and move on with my day...

Christmas games.....This was a relay and each team had to know down so many bottles, using the orange in the bottom of the stocking.

even the adults had fun playing this game!

Sugar (aka.Shug) and Pops.....

Grandkids and my dad

Grandkids and Sam's parents..

The crew....

Now, I gotta go find me something to do!!

later gators!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"White Christmas" wishes come true......

"White Christmas" wishes came true!!

OK Y'ALL.......This is  REAL snow and it fell on Christmas Day!

We had a somewhat "White Christmas"

Not much, but let me tell you.......if the grocery store had been open, it would have been packed....
Here in East Texas, when we see snow flakes falling, we head straight to the store..
You can find buggies filled with chili makings, crackers, milk, and bread.

It's kinda like we are all afraid we will get snowed in for days and not have anything to eat!!

And to think.....this caused so much excitement!!

The roof still had snow on it this morning!!  Woo Hoo!!

Happy day after Christmas Wishes to all of you.......


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve/Day 2012

Christmas Day 2012........another Blessed Day.

The reason for the season...... Jesus Christ is born, and HE reigns forever and ever!!!!

A wonderful time has been had by all......   We have delighted ourselves in some super delicious foods......and it all started with a baked potato bar, this past evening....

It was baked potatoes and All the trimmings, including barbecue topping.  Sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar......AND of course..... Lots of snacking dishes!!!!   And PUNCH!

Today..... It was old fashioned Christmas dinner.  Dressing, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, Mac and cheese, green beans, salads, cranberry sauce, hot rolls and tea.

Now here is the good part...... Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, ooh la la, chocolate delight, complete brownie bar, and pecan bites!!!!

The tables were set to feed sixteen of my favorite people......before we ate,
Tyler read the Christmas story from the bible and then we all joined in prayer.  What a wonderful blessing it is to pray together as a family.

After our meal....we had a couple hours of fun time... Games and one of our favorites..... Christmas Bingo.....(fun prizes)

It was then gift  time...  I witnessed lots of wrapping paper and tape being ripped into small pieces.  I love hearing the sound of the kids when they are finally able to see what is in each package.   Of course, Shug ALWAYS has a few tricks in store!

I'll be showing a lot of family photos this week, after I learn to download them to my new iPad.  My sweetie surprised me with an iPad, and I am loving it!!!

Can't wait to hear about your Christmas get-togethers.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

        May your day be filled with much



Friday, December 21, 2012


It was the week before Christmas and no where in the town of Nippytoe could any Christmas Spirit be found.

The towns folks all thought that bright lights and jingle bells, were just a big waste of time.
No happiness, no joy, no laughter could be found on the streets of this little town.

With only two days left until Until Christmas Day, no where could you find children at play.
 Suddenly, the reports, they came,  that snow was surely going to cover the ground.  A blizzard
they said would quickly come, and a blanket of white would cover the town.

As the people all slept, the white stuff did fall....and the very next morning, the children enjoyed it all...
To the park they went and soon began to play and it was beginning to be a fun-filled day.
A snowman was built in no time at all....He was big and round and about 6 feet tall.
A scarf made of felt and a carrot nose, now they were in search for eyes that would glow.

And what to their surprise, down the hill she ran; little Mylee Jo with two lights in her hand.
Two big bulbs that was the perfect find...for now their snowman would not be blind.

As the darkness came and the people  fell asleep....Mr. Snowman moved and began to creep.
One foot moved and the other did too and all of a sudden his two eyes SHINED BLUE!
The magic of Christmas was beginning to glow, as Mr. Snowman began to twirl in the snow.

He whirled himself down street after street, while singing a song he kept a good beat.
The OLD Christmas lights began to shine bright, as the spirit of Christmas was coming to life,
Because of the brightness all around, Everyone in Nippytoe, outside could be found.

The town folks were amazed at the beauty they could see....for once again a Merry Christmas it would be.
As they gathered together in the magic of the night, Mr. Snowman came dancing right into their sight.
He was full of goodness and had a big smile, and it looked like the Snowman would be around for a while.

All of a sudden, Mr. snowman was seen, dripping like rain and looking pretty lean.
Seems the brightness of the lights was making him melt and in a few moments to the ground he fell.
The kids all knew their Snowman needed a name, so "Nippy" it was....."Nippy" he became.

Now, every year...".Nippy" can be found....In the Christmas Spirit he brought back to the town.

by:  Tucker Thomison
Copyright of this entire blog is reserved
Do not use without permission 

Just this week, Tucker has a homework assignment that required him to write a story about a snowman....

He turned in his original and later, this story came to life.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Blessings dear friends...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Outfits....

Have you been looking for that "Perfect" outfit to wear for Christmas???   Check this out.....Who wouldn't love this precious get-up?

Why not go for a "BOW" dress?  Yesterday, the teachers enjoyed a dress contest at Trista's school....can you believe that she was not the winner??? (a mom being prejudice)

She hot glued four packages of bows to an apron, and pinned two other bows to her sleeve...and yes, she used one as a hair bow.

Trista was a bit worried about the extra inches that it added to her figure....
We assured her that she was way too cute to worry about that....

Her shoes were even all dolled up.....

The kids at school were so excited to see the Christmas Spirit that their teacher 

At Shanda's school, it was Christmas apron day....
Doesn't she look adorable....sporting this beautiful Christmas apron?

could she be entertaining a new profession?

I sure love these girls!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas List that Keep on Growing... going to be another attempt for me to finish my list.   The "Christmas List" that just keeps growing and growing and growing!   I am very encouraged that I will be able to wind it least, by tonight!

I've made one slight mistake for sure..but, I have convinced myself that it will be OK.   Have you ever tried to be so organized, only to find that you failed?  That is definitely me this year....

I wrapped one of Carson's items in (WITH) one of Trey's.  Sure, I could go back, unwrap the gift and get Carson's present out, but I have no idea which box it is in....This means that I MIGHT would have to unwrap several gifts!  NOT HAPPENING!!


Hi there.....I'm back and it's only 6:04 in the evening....I got a little sidetracked and never was able to get back to finish my today's post.

Good News....I finished all of the extra little stuff that I needed to get done.  I even managed to make an  UNEXPECTED trip to dentist.   (Not for me....I had to take my dad.)  I took Mylee to school, picked her up at 2:30, went back to Tyler and just now walked in the door....

The temps around here today.....74 degrees!  Can you believe it?  Kinda sad when you need to wear crop pants and a short sleeve shirt to go Christmas shopping!!

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful evening...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In All Things......

Tis the Season for my mom's goodness to be seen in me.  Her goodness of having compassion and empathy for others is a journey that lives me!  Tis the Season to spend sleepless nights thinking of the needs of others.  My mother was so full of compassion for others, and I have somehow inherited her heart.

Real compassion comes when we are able to see the real suffering of others.  I must admit, this is a great thing......however, when empathy starts to bring feelings of can become a bit overwhelming.  Tis the Season, when I take everything to heart.  I find myself fully embracing every Need  I see!   

I don't like sadness, but who does?  I think that it is during this time of the year....Tis the Season.....that we must be over-comers of that word sadness.  We have soooo much to rejoice about!
Our Saviour is Born!!

I have enough daily issues of my own, but lets not be selfish here.  My desire is to follow God's leading.  I know that in a lot of cases, there is nothing that I can do, BUT.....I can always PRAY.
Troubles come in all kinds of packages and these packages are usually NOT wrapped in pretty packages. Inside a box like this, we usually find buckets of tears or emotional sponges weight us down.  BUT...HOPE!   Jesus is our HOPE and we are to share GOD's love, HIS word, HIS HOPE with every person we come in contact with.

As for and every other day.....I plan to do what I can to help! 
I am thankful for the empathy and the compassion that fills my heart....I am Blessed with Joy and may I share this joy with others.....IN ALL THINGS.



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peace, Peace

We shall run and not be weary.....we shall walk and not faint..

My heart is heavy for those who lost their loved ones, during the massacre in CT.  Oh my goodness of goodness, I pray for God to wrap each mom, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle and HIS arms and may they cling to our merciful Lord for strength and comfort.

While it is true....that Life goes on, it does not state that it will be easy!   I know for a fact, that it can be very difficult for a family, when a loved one dies or is killed. It can take a very long time to recover when there has been a tragedy in your family.  What I Do Not  know is the horrendous pain that is brought about due to a tragedy of this magnitude.

I just want to make myself deaf to the media, when it comes to the unfolding of events of this horrific act of craziness!  I can't bear to hear the names called or to see the faces of these precious children, whose lives were snuffed out in just a moments time.

I pray that God will favorably touch this town of Newtown, CT.   I pray that hearts will be Blessed beyond all measure with Peace!

Peace, Peace, wonderful Peace....coming down from the Father above.....sweet over my spirit forever I pray, in fathomless billows of Love


Friday, December 14, 2012

A Genuine Act of Kindness

My heart was extremely Blessed yesterday.....and here is the rest of the story!!

                                                              \ /

I had an appointment at the car dealership to get the rear wiper on my car fixed....Oh yes, this in itself is an interesting story....a few months ago, Tori decided to do a little dance with the rear wiper  of my Lexus.  Who could guess that this would be such an ordeal.  Parts had to be ordered...they came in and were the wrong parts....had to be sent back and finally the right pieces came in!

You see, it was more than just a was the entire wiper gear that was stripped. This
meant that the serviceman would have to take part of the door off in order to go in and fix the wiper motor.  TIME REQUIRED TO FIX THIS.......3 + plus hours!!

Rather than to sit at the dealership for three hours with Mylee, I decided to have the service shuttle drop us off at the mall....I knew it would be much easier to keep her entertained at the mall.  After all, there would be lots to do and see while we were waiting.

 Mylee and I managed to do a little shopping and then, I let her look at a few things that she wanted to look at.  Of course, we had to stop and ride the pony and the know, the ones that cost 75 cents a ride!!!

We were getting a little tired, so I suggested that we go down to the middle of mall and grab a cookie and a drink.  Just so happens that Santa was sitting near by.  He motioned for Mylee to come over and talk to him.  She wasn't thrilled about it, because in her words ...."I've already told that man what I want for Christmas, why do I have to see him again?"

She went on over....sat on his lap....did a little visiting and got her candy cane.  Now it was time for a cookie and a drink.  While we were sitting there waiting for her to finish her snack, a group of disabled children had made their way up to the Santa line.   These kids were adorable!  They each had their own different challenges in life, but that didn't seem to stop them from coming to visit Santa at the mall.

I must say, I was super impressed with Santa....he was the kindest of all kinds.  He took the time to try to make each child feel special...He not only wanted to make the kids feel good, but he wanted their caregivers to feel just as special.

I watched as he was determined to bring a winning smile to each little face.  This was a Santa with a big heart.  He was not there just to bring home a pay check...this man was genuine!  I could see the thrill in his heart as he moved around and did all he could do to make these kids feel some kind of normalcy in their lives.

What an awesome act of kindness!!

My car is now fixed, but please let me tell was worth every bit of the time and trouble that it took to get it fixed......JUST TO WITNESS WHAT I WITNESSED YESTERDAY!!



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just doing Homework

Mylee Jo wanted to "Do her homework" yesterday, so I ask her if she wanted to write her alphabets or practice writing her name.  She quickly informed me that she wanted to write her momma a letter.  The above picture is not the exact one that she drew, however, her picture looked a lot like this one.

She drew a Christmas tree, complete with decorations.  Miss Sassy (what her pops calls her) also drew a string of Christmas lights with beautiful bulbs and a beautiful snowman.
There were a few other scribbles on the page, for which she was the only one that knew what they were or what they said!!  Might I say CUTE!

After she had finished drawing/writing her precious letter, she asked me if she could have one of those "lick" things.....    Let me tell you, I had to do some QUICK thinking about this lick thing that she was speaking of....
It suddenly clicked in my mind, like duh, she wants an envelope.

So, envelope it was and I sure wish you could have seen her delight while placing he perfect drawing inside.  But, it was the "Lick" that cracked me up.  Inside and out, she made sure that (Her) paper pocket had JUST ENOUGH saliva on it!

A couple of hours later, I happened to walk through our bedroom, only to find that a big chair had been pulled up to my dresser.  This dresser is high enough that little hands cannot touch anything sitting on it, UNLESS they have a chair to stand in.

This is the part that made me SMILE...... The reason that Mylee Jo needed to climb up to the top of the dresser was so she could reach my bottle of perfume!  Yes, little eyes had been watching at some time or another....She knew that the only thing left to do before giving her mom the letter, was to SPRAY the outside of the envelope with some gooood smelling stuff!!

She was so very excited the rest of the day....couldn't wait for her mommy to get home!!

Sure enough.....Mylee Jo's mommy Loved it!!  I think it made her day.  (her, as in Shanda....I think it made Mylee's day too)

for reasons such as this.....I love being a mom, and a Shug!

Shine Through!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well spoken Words..

Warm Biscuits, sausage, and hash browns......and of course, juice!  This is what was for breakfast this morning.

My little darlings certainly loved the hash browns.....ketchup and all!  I'm not so sure about that?!
My stomach just can not handle ketchup....early in the morning.   Oh well, quit being such a whimp Shug......It makes the kiddos happy, so deal with it!!!


The crown of the home is godliness,
The beauty of the home is order,,
The glory of the home is hospitality,
The Blessing of the home is contentment!

These are well spoken words......Godliness, Order, Hospitality, and Contentment!
I believe that true happiness comes when these things are found in a home.   When the lamp of God is prevalent, great things will abound for our families and we will reap these things that make a house a HOME.

There is a magic circle in a home that is full of love....I know, that for me, our home is a sweet place where my soul can find refuge from all the things of the world.  My heart can rest, because I have the assurance that our home is full of God, kindness, joy and love.

I am indeed RICH.....not rich in money, but rich in contentment and happiness!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Loving Me some Cold....

I had the awesome privilege of embracing the smell of cool weather, this morning!  It was/is truly awesome!
I do love Texas, but  I have to wonder if  I was raised, somewhere in the middle of a cold mountain another life.  Ha!  Texas does have it's share of odd weather patterns, but just not many COLD ones.

I am NOT a big fan of hot weather, BUT let me tell you...... a cold winter soothes my soul beyond belief.  ME and the COLD are just a PERFECT FIT!

Our temps dropped drastically after dark last night and the cooler weather is suppose to be here for a couple more least!

There is nothing better than having cooler weather during the Christmas Season.  The cold is like a magic blanket that wraps itself around me.   The Christmas spirit really seems to come to life, bringing all kinds of Hopes, Dreams and Affections....I must say, it makes me feel great!

Cooler weather gets my heart to pumping and I can feel a rush of adrenalin that for sure pushes my
happy button....I think of things like SILENCE.....a good book to read and a warm roaring fire!
I also think of comfort foods like soup, chili, warm breads, and of chocolate.

Hey folks.....this is what I call cuddling weather and who on earth doesn't like to cuddle??
As you can see....I am one Happy, Happy, Happy gurl today!!  

Life is Good!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

News Alert and More...


Crazy weather ........  it was WARM yesterday, just as it has been all week long....Cold front coming in this afternoon..

Woo Hoo!!!  Some counties could see Snow!

One would have to live in Texas to be able to understand this kind of weather....     80's one day.....upper 30's the next!


I had my (yesterday) evening all planned out.  Sam and Tucker drove out to the deer lease on Friday, and were not suppose to be back home until late this evening.

The "Great East Texas Shootout" was taking place, which meant that all my other kiddos would be at the gym...watching basketball!!

This would be the perfect opportunity, for me to get all of my gifts out and get them wrapped.  

My plans were to........order Chinese take-out, come home and finish decorating the house, and then to wrap ALL of my gifts while watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.


Sam, called around 5:00 and said that they were about an hour away....COMING HOME!  Tucker was not feeling well and needed to come back home!  He does have mono, and against Sam's better judgement....Tucker managed to persuade his Pop's that he was feeling fine and would be able to go to the deer lease.   After all, the doctor had said he could hunt, just no physical sports!

My evening quickly changed!  No gifts wrapped....No Christmas movies!!

Oh well....time marches on, and I will get it done....sooner or later!!

Blessing today for this wonderful Sunday..


Friday, December 7, 2012

Peace and Blue

Our Christmas lights on the outside of our home have always been red or white....and our Christmas tree is usually strung with white lights and adorned with colored ornaments.

For some reason, I have been particularly fond of the color Blue this year.  I tried to find blue lights for my tree, but could not find them anywhere.    I guess this is not the actual truth...
I did find some before Thanksgiving and decided against them.  When I had finally made up my mind to go with blue, the store was sold out of them.    I shopped at many other stores, but could not find them....

So....this year, my tree is shining bright again, with white lights.  I still love it and my decorations that are dangling from the branches, still make it amazingly beautiful.  NO BLUE around here...this year!!

When I see or think of the color mind thinks  PEACE!!

Isn't that a beautiful word?  It gives me chill bumps to think about sweet Peace.

Peace is......God's presence, His comfort!   It is also Stillness,
Tranquility, Calmness, silence, and serenity.

God's peace is there for us, even when we are walking in the deep valleys and in times of trouble.  It is up to us to ask God to cover us with Peace.

 Philippians 4:7 

 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, 

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Listen.....This means that we do not have to be afraid, nor  

do we have to worry!!  God longs to give us such sweet peace!

He longs to give us peace that goes beyond anything that 

we can understand!!

May each of you be blessed with wonderful Peace throughout

this Christmas season!!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Land

It's the most wonderful feeling when your husband surprises you with something he knows you love!  Even something as simple as going to see the lights at "Santa Land."

For those of you that are not from around here, and might not know what "Santa Land" is, let me explain!  

Santa Land is a drive thru light is located just East of Lindale, Texas and for someone like me (Who is a big kid at heart) this place is like a warms me inside and out!

It opens each year, around Thanksgiving and it closes sometime right after the first of the new year.
When we first started going, it was like $10.00 a car to drive through.  This year, the charge was $25.00 per car!!!!!!!!!

Believe me, I was busy counting cars and from what I could tell, these people are making GOOD MONEY!!    Of course.....I'm pretty sure that the electric company is making some pretty good money as well!!!!!

I took several pictures with my iPhone camera and I would love to share them all with you...the clarity is not so clear, so please.....when you look at the photos, just try to imagine the beauty of each little light....

The entrance.....the lights are in sync with music!!

Each tree was absolutely gorgeous!!

Toy Soldiers

And.....lights EVERYWHERE

A HUGE water faucet....with blue water!!


Wagons and Deer....

large tricycles.....

Multiple strands of lights....


Texas Size Boots......

Three crosses on a hillside!

The trail of lights ends with the Birth of Jesus......His death and His resurrection!!!!!


Might I say, this place is beautiful and magical!!
Music is playing throughout the park and for me it's
something that I never get tired of seeing.

I would love to someday, WALK through the park, while sipping on a huge cup of hot chocolate...
This way, I could stop and enjoy all of the places that I would love step into and 
 be a part of...  Like, the rivers of blue lights with fish jumping out of the water....
Santa's work shop where all of the little elves are busy at work.....
Candy land, where all kinds of candies are on display.....
And the tunnel!!!  The tunnel that moves!!

I love it all!!!

What a great surprise from the sweetest guy I know...
Love you Sam Pollard!!!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wrappings and Tags

Merry Wednesday everyone!

I read this the other day, and I thought it was cute enough to share with all of you...

Four Stages of a Man's life:

1.  You believe in Santa Claus
2.  You don't believe in Santa Claus
3.  You ARE Santa Claus
4.  You ..... LOOK LIKE .... Santa Claus!

How many of you are almost finished with your Christmas shopping?    If your answer is NOT ME....then don't get all stressed out!  You still have at least 20 days left to find that perfect something to put in those beautiful boxes or bags.

Speaking of boxes or many of you are consumed with your gift I am?

I just can't help it.....Really!  I love to wrap packages and I love for them to be beautiful and eye catching for the recipient of the gift.  

I'm guessing that it's because I love to unwrap beautiful wrappings, myself!

I usually choose 3 different rolls of gift wrap for the Christmas season..... I select ribbons that will match each of the wraps.  I then, mix and match the colors and the tags. 

I also love making my own tags....(for which I have not done yet)   
I really receive as much JOY in wrapping the gifts as I do in buying them.... as I'm wrapping, I try to think about each person and their own little personality....this makes it easy to add something special to the ribbon to personalize the gift.

found this picture on pinterest and I think the gifts are adorable!

Do any of you have any "Particulars" when it comes to your gift wrappings??

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way......

Monday, December 3, 2012

One Small Melt down....

Happy Monday Y'all.....    I know, I'm just a little late getting that said today, but Hey.....better to be late  than not to send my Happy Monday wish at all....

Right off the bat, I have to show you one of my favorite pictures that was taken on our weekend shopping adventure....those of you who follow me on FB, you may have already see this one!

I think I look pretty cool sitting in this NEW $200,000.00 plus Lamborghini....'s not mine and to tell you the truth, I don't think I would want one 
even if I could afford the thing.   IT WAS KINDA DIFFICULT TO GET OUT

This car was parked in front of the IHop that we ate at on Sat. morning.  As we were getting out
of our car, this nice young man was opening the door to get In To this sweet ride....
OF COURSE,  I ask him if I could get a picture while sitting inside the car!!

Let me tell you, the inside of this Lamborghini was awesome!!


I don't have to Wish No More!   On Friday, I was sure wishing to be able to stay up with all these young ladies. MY WISH CAME TRUE, with only ONE, small melt down...

Sad to say, but Yep....I sure did!  I simply took myself a small rest at one of the shops.  All I needed was 10, as in 10 minutes to rest!  Ummmm, definitely not my best photo!

Allow me to rewind this two day shopping trip.....

Friday morning...8:30 departure,  first stop...Starbucks!  Next, it was on to an outlet mall somewhere in Dallas.  12:00 head over to the mall mall!....lunch....SHOP, SHOP, SHOP ....leave mall just in time to hit the 5:00 traffic.  Get to the hotel (which was on the OTHER side of Dallas)....check in.....head out to the Cheesecake Factory.

Wait time at the CCF....over an hour!   Eat....head back to hotel....   Enjoy a wonderful devotion by our pastor's a fun, chat, bed at 11:00.

Wake up....head to over to "Sam Moons" (the shop that women love)....leave, go to  another until 3:00.....

Stop at "Charming Charlie's".....stop at a Target SuperCenter.....Stop at Chick-fil-a.....Stop at one more outlet mall.....get home at 10:00!!


Naomi.....trying to hitch a ride!

Jennifer taking a snooze on one of the display beds at JC Penny's!!

My two sweeties, cheesing it up for the camera.....

and I wanted to post a picture of my tired little puppies, but I never took the time to take a picture of em'.

Needless to say.....all ten of my little piggies were worn out!!

We had a great time and I think that one small melt down was not bad at all!!
Just can't wear a good horse down!!


Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Ready For This.....

                         My weekend begins TODAY! 

and it's going to be a full weekend of shopping, eating and having fun!

I'm almost positive that there will be a stop at the
"Cheesecake Factory" ......maybe two!

You's great to be able to share a weekend with some of my wonderful (GURL) friends and on the extra-plus two daughters are coming too!  I can't wait!!

I doubt seriously if I'll be wearing these kind of 
shoes....I prefer my flip flops! It's complete comfort for
this lady when I've got shopping on  the mind.....

I've already taken my B12 shot... taken my vitamin D....
and drank a Spark!  I think I'm ready to do this thang!!

Hope you'll wish me luck....gotta keep up with all these gals!

and until Monday....
sweet hugs!


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