Friday, November 19, 2021

 Here I am almost 8 weeks out from when I lasted posted.  

This evening, I'm posting a few pictures from our "Friend" trip to Branson, Mo ...... back in October.  

There were 7 of us that left on a Wednesday at noon and traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas.   We checked in to our hotel and then ventured out for dinner at "The Purple Monkey."   Our food was GREAT and the company was totally awesome!

The next day, we ate lunch at the "Skylark Cafe" in Leslie Arkansas.   Oh my goodness....the food was so yummy and the PIE was even better.   I had a blueberry cheesecake pie, but it was not your typical cheesecake.  It was BETTER!!

The first evening we were in Branson, Sam found him a lady!  Just look at the grin on his face!!

My friends......Susie and Marsha, as we waited over an hour to eat at an Italian restaurant.  Yes...over an hour.

just one of the beautiful waterfalls that we saw as we rode golf carts at "Top of the Rock."

It was the perfect day to be riding up and down hills while viewing a lot of gorgeous scenery.   This was very Peaceful.....

Me and my sweetheart.....riding the golf cart.

Other things we did.......   Ate, saw "Jesus" at the sight and sound theater, shopped, rode a zip line, went to the Amish store, ate at some great places, stayed at a hotel on the "Landing"........Watched the water and fire dance at the Landing, laughed and had a fabulous time.   

We also wore our shirts that we had made....."Old Friends are the Best Friends!"   

We had a fun time and are already looking forward to our next trip....

Shug 💗

Thursday, October 21, 2021

 October is here and is almost gone!  I may have been missing in action, but I have several things to blog about.   First on my list is the TEXAS homecoming mums!!

This Funny picture is as true as ever.  Everything is BIG in Texas....including Homecoming mums!

I have posted about these things before, but if you missed that post, you need to know what this is all about..
As per the web......Homecoming mums are said to have appeared in Texas during the 1930's.  Originally, Fresh mums were used and then this tradition transitioned into using artificial mums and lots of glitter.  

I have made hundreds of these things in the past 20 years, and none of them are ever alike!

Homecoming mums range in cost any where from $35.00 upwards to $500.00 or so.

These mums are usually only worn the day of the Homecoming game.....a few girls wear them maybe the day before as well.   

Do you dare use the same Mum year after year???

NO!  Just not the thing to do!!!

Ribbons with the girls name (and usually her boyfriends's name) are most definitely on the mum, along with MANY trinkets and lots of cow bells.  

This year....the one that I made for Mylee had a feather boa, her volleyball #31, FFA, our mascot name (Bruno) since Mylee is the JH mascot, our school name, many Blue, gold, white and silver ribbons and about 8 cowbells.   Got to have that noise!!!

Looks like we have at least 4 more years of Homecoming and Homecoming Mums for Mylee Jo.  Hope I survive!!!

Big hugs


Blogs to come:   50th HS Class reunion
                          Branson trip with friends
            Pow Wow 2021
     New Dogs 
                    Birthday Celebrations

Thursday, September 23, 2021

 Is it August still?   My calendar shows that we are already in September, but I have no idea where all of these days have gone.  We are already 23 days in to September and it honestly feels like it should just now be the end of August. 

This is what happens when one is super busy working on projects, and busy enjoying family that you haven't seen in a year.   

We enjoyed 10 great days with our Air Force family during the first part of September.  Keelan (our 6 year old) and Emma (our 18 month old) have grown so much and it was awesome getting to hug on them every day.  Tyler and Emalee We enjoyed a few evenings, getting to visit with old friends.  We had a big family fish fry and the pool was still warm enough for the kids to swim everyday.  

I've been making Homecoming mums for Mylee as well as working on decorations for Mine and Sam's 50th High School Class Reunion.   Our Reunion is this coming Saturday evening and we are super excited to see OLD Classmates and friends.  I'll show the table decorations in my next post...

We are fixing (Texas slang word) to head out to a football game where Mylee Jo will be doing her BEAR mascot cheers.  I love watching her...    Tomorrow night, we will be at "Friday Night Lights" (HS football game) and this will be special because, it is HOMECOMING!!

Reunion Saturday night........and then, I am going to take next week OFF and do nothing!!!

Just a quick update on what is happening in East Texas...


Monday, August 23, 2021 would you like to dine under the Lemons?  I truly think that I could totally be relaxed sitting here, while sipping on a nice glass of Southern Sweet Tea, with a slice of LEMON!!


Covid has been hitting really hard in our area and I know several people who are very ill.   Hope you all are staying safe!   Covid is NOT NICE!


Shug 💛

Saturday, August 7, 2021

 I LOVE POPPIES....and these that I found in Colorado did not disappoint at all.   They were so delicate and beautiful.   

The Aspen trees were/are quite stunning as well.


Isn't it so exciting how nature reveals to us the wonderful creation and power of God?

His goodness feeds my soul!

Hugs to all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 H E L L O!!!

Hey Blogging friends.....👋👋👋👋.  I know I have been missing in action and I have missed all of you very much.

I have had a super busy Summer.   Spent a few days in Jamaica during the month of May.  Our grandson and his bride had a beautiful wedding, at a gorgeous resort, in Jamaica.  

Mine and Sam's room just happened to be on the 3rd floor and there were NO ELEVATORS.  This was quite difficult, but I really wasn't sure why.   We eventually moved down to the first floor.   

I knew that I didn't feel great, but wasn't sure why.   Well, I found out a few weeks later.  I had a nuclear stress test done and guess what?  It came out great!!!!!!!!

However, a week later, my jaws were hurting and aching so bad.   So bad that I couldn't keep from crying.  Long story short...I called my doctor and he immediately sent me to my cardiologist.  While having a heart Cath, it was discovered that one of my main arteries was almost completely blocked and the back side of the blood flow, my artery was collapsed. 

The Dr. put a stent in and started me on a blood thinner.  He was very surprised that I had not already had a heart attack.  I am extremely thankful that I didn't and extremely thankful that I didn't have one in Jamaica!!!!   I strongly questioned how it was possible for the nuclear stress test to come out good.  Seems that in about 10 percent of people, these test do not show accurate results...   Wouldn't you know it, I am in the 10 percent!!

With my Doctor's permission, Sam and I, plus our youngest daughter (Shanda) her husband (Tom) and Mylee Jo, flew to Colorado.  We spent a week there, traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs and back to Denver.  We also went to Estes Park, Breckenridge and Boulder.  

We saw the most beautiful mountains and all of the scenery was more awesome than what I remembered from past visits.  We rode to the top of pikes peak on the cog train. (Gorgeous scenery) And we traveled many of the back roads.  We saw some elk, a moose and a big horned sheep.  I must add, the water falls and the rivers were amazingly beautiful.  

It has been a great summer despite just a few setbacks.


And now, for my Beautiful header picture.  This is Lucy and she belongs to Shanda.  


        Lucy has thoroughly enjoyed the pool this Summer!   I think she thinks she's human!!

Just a short story about Lucy.  Shanda and the family were looking for a Dachshund puppy, so they went to a local shelter to find one.   Sure they said.."we have a dachshund puppy."

They adopted Lucy......and a month later, they realized that Lucy was NOT a dachshund!!  This dog has grown and is now A Big dog!  Shanda had a DNA test done and turns out that Lucy is mostly a doberman.  She does have some lab and a small amount of beagle in her.  

So.....what all has been happening with the rest of you this Summer...??

Until Later...


Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Well.... as you can see, I am still having problems with my header photo.  Why did blogger have to change?  I am not a huge fan of change, especially when it comes to any kind of technology.  

Oh well.....hopefully, I will be able to conquer this and move forward.  

Where has the summer gone?  It is already time for Trista and Shanda to go back into the classroom and I am not ready for them to do so.  I love the part of Summer when they have a break from teaching and when NO SCHOOL makes for a lot of fun.

I do have a lot to post, because I have been so absent from the Blog world, but this probably won't happen until school starts and I am here by myself again.  

Hope you all have a fabulous day!  Rejoice in the Lord!


  Here I am almost 8 weeks out from when I lasted posted.   This evening, I'm posting a few pictures from our "Friend" trip to...