Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, November 8, 2018

This is one of those days, when I just want to grab a cup of hot chocolate (piled high with marshmallow fluff and a little drizzle of chocolate) and get in my big comfy chair, with my super soft blanket and do nothing.....  

Or.....I could easily tune in to the Hallmark Channel to watch Christmas movies all day long!

The temperature is 56 degrees and it's raining outside!

It's the perfect kind of day for me to serve 
Broccoli Cheddar soup tonight for our evening meal.....


Sam and I purchased a new Christmas Tree last night.   I prefer a real tree, but in Texas, it's just not the reasonable thing to have.  
My new tree does have fake snow, and a few red berries that adds color.    

It was not my intentions to put the tree up today, but Sam brought it in from the car this morning and I figured I might as well look at the tree, as to look at the box!!!

I must say, I really do like these new click in trees.  No having to find the cords or plugging 2 or 3 different cords together.   You just simple put the three pieces in and the lights automatically connect.  

I did set the tree up, but have not decorated it yet.   A rainy day like this is not the best kind of day to go digging Christmas decorations out of the garage.   

I still have pumpkins up everywhere and I have the beautiful Fall colors spread throughout the house.   After all......WE STILL ARE GOING TO HAVE...THANKSGIVING!!!!

I've always been an early bird for putting up my tree, but this year is earlier than the norm.    ........Tyler (our Airman) will NOT be home for Christmas this year, but he will be here in just a few weeks for about 5 or 6 days.   I know he will appreciate getting to see a little Christmas around this place.       And....besides, I will have more time to visit with him instead of having to decorate for Christmas.


My heart leaps with JOY.....I hope your's does too!


Friday, November 2, 2018

                Growing up as a child, Halloween was a super fun night for my siblings, my cousins, my friends and myself.  It was all about dressing up and hitting the streets, with two goals in mind.......One was to gather as much candy as we possibly could.  The other was to use bars of soap to write on the windows of the downtown shops. 

I grew up in a very small town.  Everyone knew EVERYONE!   The owners of those shops knew every kid in town and they also knew that these kids were going to write on their store front windows with soap.  This was probably the one time of the year when the windows were cleaned.  They had to use water to wash the soap off and to their advantage, the soap cleaned the windows REALLY well.  

Never once when I was growing up, did the thoughts of evil come in to play on Halloween.   We never, ever thought about the things that seem to represent Halloween these days.  It was a night of pure fun for us kids back in the day.    Nothing, absolutely nothing about EVIL.

Halloween is the same for my kiddos Now.   Our little ones (with their parents) usually go to a church festival and play games as well as gather candy.   Our older ones come here to Pop's and Shug's house.    They love to pass out candy to kids.....they love to carve pumpkins....they love to EAT.....

Here are a few pictures of our Halloween evening....

Me and the "Chick fil a" cow.....   BVT (Breckinridge village) was sponsoring a Trunk R' Treat for the residents and the day program men and women.    BVT is a residential community for adults
with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.   My niece (Tammy) attends the day program.     

This is me and Tammy at the village....

Me again.....being a little crazy with the family...

The absolute cutest of all trick R' treaters....

Mylee Jo is the Scarecrow.....her friend, Charlsie is Dorothy and her friend Maggie is the Lion.  

They were and are adorable....

Our older grandkids......carving pumpkins....

Older grandkids and POP'S.......

It was a fun night.....we drank Orange Pumpkin Punch, 
and we ate PIZZA and chocolate cupcakes with orange and yellow

I loved the kids being here......


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock