Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 13, 2018

I've been putting it off.....but yesterday, I made the decision to stop at a large business, to pick up a few things that I have been needing.

Gosh.... I do not know why I always dread going there.   Seems like I always spend a lot of money when I go....which could be one of the reasons I put it off until I absolutely have to might be that I don't like the big crowds!  This business is certainly a busy place!!!

Here's my story for today!  I got all my shopping done yesterday,  and then I checked out and paid.  As I'm headed out to my car, one of the guys who works there, said to me....."Would you allow me to make you smile this morning, by loading all of your stuff into your car for you?  That way you can go ahead and get your car cooled down."  

Now..... this guy had sweat streaming off of his face.  He was one of the guys that gathers the carts from out in the parking lot, and makes sure that there are carts in the Entrance for all the shoppers.

I told him that he had already made me smile, just by offering to help me.  I then thanked him and told him that I needed the exercise and that I would load it myself.  I told him that I certainly appreciated him offering.   

It was so hot and humid out in that parking lot.....  as I was walking away, I heard this tiny voice.  It was the other side of my brain that said...."Are you crazy?  Do you know how stinking HOT it is out here?  What were you thinking by saying you needed the exercise?  You've never worried about exercise before!!!!!"

This young man was so very kind to offer to help me......and, as I got in my car, I saw him run over to help a man and woman... I watched a few minutes and I saw him load all of their items in the trunk of their car.  He then took the buggy and went back to his job of moving carts.

As I drove off..... I thought to myself.....why is it that good things like this never get talked about?  If something bad had happened, like perhaps he had accidentally hit the side of a car with a buggy.....then a manager would have been contacted immediately!!

OR..... if he had just looked at someone wrong, then you can bet that he would have been reported to management.   

I have the phone number for this business keyed into my contacts, and I have Blue Tooth, so I decided I would call and just let the manager or assistant manager know how polite this young man was.

I called and got customer service and explained that I wanted to speak with the manager or the AM.    Before I could even say another word, the woman on the other end of the line responded in a very gruff voice..... "What's the PROBLEM...?"   I could hear total frustration in the tone of her voice.  

I said..."Mam....I would just like for them to know that they have a very kind and helpful young man working for them and I would like for the management team to recognize him for his kindness and his work ethics."

We spoke for a few more minutes and she took the description of the young man I was talking about.   She assured me that she would let the manager know that I called.   

I know that places like this are very busy, and I know that they probably get a lot of complaints.  But, from the tone of her voice, I'm guessing, that they do not receive very many compliments....!!!!

Isn't it sad, that in our everyday life, we automatically think of everything being a Problem?  I know that I don't work in the business world, and that I don't see many of the things that others see......But, I would certainly hope that if I did, that I would at least be able to look for goodness and not assume that just because someone wants to speak to the person in charge, that there is a 
always a Problem.  Did someone say...."Negativity?"

Here is the definition of Problem......
  1. 1. 

    a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

    synonyms:difficultytroubleworrycomplication, difficult situation; 

Also:  a source of perplexity, distress or intricate unsettled question.   

Because of this One question coming from the lady in Customer Service, of "What's the PROBLEM".....I almost felt defeated in trying to recognize the goodness, the kindness, and the hard work....that I had witnessed from this man.   Thank goodness, his attitude made a huge impression on me and I was determined to let his good deeds be recognized...

I hope that this small scenario in life that I have talked about today, will inspire each of us to pay attention to our own reactions, as to how we respond in our everyday life.  

Shug 🌹

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Last evening, Sam and I were doing a little shopping at Best Buy.....

He is getting ready to go on a big trip and needed a few things for his camera.  

At the end of the month, I'm going to take a class that will teach me how to use my camera correctly and how to improve the pictures that I take.  


While he was gathering his items, I was busy looking at Camera Lenses.  With each lens that I looked through, I was trying so hard to find that perfect focus.

I must have looked through a dozen lens, and to my surprise, I found several that had a good focus.....but none of them was able to capture the clarity in distance that I was looking for. 

A little later that evening, I was thinking about how I was being way too particular about the view I was looking for in each lens.   Isn't it an amazing thing how the Lord can use a simple thing like me shopping for a camera lens, to speak to my heart?

Mind you.....I did not have my glasses on when I was doing all this looking through those lens!!!!   I wasn't seeing the clear picture because my eyes where not focused.   If only I had pulled my glasses out of my purse and used them as I looked at each camera, I may have seen a different kind of light.....a different kind of picture,

In the same way, this is exactly how we sometimes view life!!  We are expecting what our minds have told us to expect......However, we fail to look through the eyes of the Lord as HE guides us to see and do what he has planned for us.   

We are expecting perfection, not realizing that our own eyes are sometimes closed to what God has planned for us.    

God has a perfect view of our Future......HE already knows each Blessing that HE has planned for us.  HE is waiting to show favor upon our lives.   We need only, to stay focused on HIM and HIS word.....We need to walk in the Light and by doing so, the vision of our future will be much more clear. 

I am reminded of a time when my vision of life was not where it needed to be.  It's almost as if I found something wrong with everything that God was sending my way.  What I didn't understand, was that there were challenges and hills to climb, but at the time, I had no clue as to the Beauty that would be mine, once I reached the top of the mountain.  

My view was the still is the BEST.  God had a future for me that I could not yet see while I was climbing.  BUT....once I stepped aside and allowed HIM to guide me, my vision became more clear and I soon realized that my life was being brushed, day by day, by the divine Master.  {It still is}        HE's the painter of the skies.... The skies proclaim the work of HIS hands.

How clearly the skies reveal God's Glory!!

I want to see all that HE has planned for me.....I want my life LENS to capture every bit of God's awesome Glory and Grace.  Each and every day, I want to see the splendor of God's Love!


Shug 🌹


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