Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Running Behind

 Running Behind..........  WHY.    ↓↓↓↓

You know......some weeks are just a bit more full than other weeks, and this has been one busy week for me.  My mind and body, are just now on Monday, but yet, it is already Wednesday. 


for one thing......I have spent a lot of time in my flowers....(since we finally have some sunshine) AND as you can see from my header photo and the one above, my flowers are looking BEAUTIFUL.


What happens when you lose weight?  You can no longer wear the clothes in your closet!!!
I am not complaining about this at all.   I have dropped about 35  pounds and now my Spring/Summer clothes are all tooooooo Big for me!!

I spent one day this week shopping for clothes.  Hey, did you know that most all of the clothing stores are now stocked with these SHORT tops, which are not too flattering on older people???  


These are adorable!

Just not for someone my age.



 I decided to try my luck on AMAZON...   I ordered 6 tops and I received them this morning.  This did not work!!!!  All of them are being RETURNED.  

Not only are they cheap looking, but the sizes are totally not what they are supposed to be.

Guess I need to learn to SEW.


On Monday......My Girlfriends and I....."The Gypsy Queens" had our monthly lunch date.  

This time, we went to "Bubba's" and we split appetizers.  We all ordered something  different and I will say....this was the way to go.   

When we get together, we are as happy as clams at high tide!!


Spicy Shrimp!!  Loaded Fries!! Spinach Dip!! and Garlic Knotts!!  Plus...we each had a salad.  


These little lunch dates are so important and we usually spend about 2 hours just eating and catching up!!   Love my Friends.



Sam and I voted today!!  We have lived in our little "City with a Heart" for 52 years and actually......Sam has lived her for 71 years.  

Never, ever, has there been Any kind of issues with the mayor and City council of this small town......until now.
We have a newly elected Mayor and WOW .... there has been a lot of turmoil for the past 8 months or so.  
We also have a lot of new people that have moved here, and I'm guessing they must have come from BIG cities, cause the strife and demands are ridiculous.   The new mayor is also new to our town.  
Our little town has always been more like a "Hallmark" kind of town and I really prefer it to stay this way. 

Let me end with something Positive....

"Good, better, best.  Never let it rest.  Until YOUR good is better and your better is BEST." 


Saturday, April 20, 2024

Fun with Old Photos

 Fun with Old Photos....

What do you do on yet another RAINY day?  You look at Old photos!
We have had rain all day and with it being Saturday, I have been super lazy!

I have actually been looking for my old prom know, the one I blogged about last week.   Mine and Sam's senior prom picture.....the one that I don't really like. 

What I came across was a few old photos.....the black and white days of photography.

The photo above was of me when I had my flower shop....way back in the 70's.  I love flowers and these were some really wonderful days of doing what I like to do......arrange flowers!

This one was way back in about 1971.....Sam and I were dating back then...

1959......Sam and his younger brother.  I love how his jeans are rolled up about 6
His mom intended on those pants lasting for a few years.  

My mom......and most likely one of her cousins.  Not sure!  I think I favor my mom.... a lot...

My maternal grandparents and three of my uncles.  My youngest uncle in this photo is only 3 years older than me.  He and my sister were close in age.  Can you have favorite uncles?  He is mine!

My grandfather's OLD barn...leaning just a bit these days...

Sam playing baseball back in the early 70's.  Big difference in the playing fields back then, from what they are today...  No astroturf, no fancy lights!

Our little town back in the 70's.   The building on the right was the local barber shop.....The "Men's Hangout!"  Most all of these buildings are no longer here.  We now have a RED LIGHT and cross walks.  

It has been a fun day.....looking at all of the 100's and 100's of photos that I have.   

My header photo is from an app that I used to capture myself back in the yonder years.   


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Grand Mother's Flower Garden

 I am a fan of anything OLD, especially when I know that something came from a sweet relative.  

How much sweeter can it get when you are able to have flowers growing in your own flowerbed, that once grew in your Great-Grandmother's flower beds?

These Irises were dug up out of Sam's grandmother's garden.  I have some of them, and then I passed some on over to my daughter's, Trista and Shanda.

The above photo was taken at Trista's home just last week.  Her Iris are all yellow, while mine and Shanda's are a light lavender color.  There is just something so very special about seeing them bloom. 

An heirloom garden is so special, especially when you think about the roots of the flowers you now have, came from plants which were planted 50 or so years ago.  

I have posted on this topic before, when I wrote about the hen and chicken plant that I have of my mom's.  I got her plant when she passed away 20 years ago, and it is still absolutely gorgeous and healthy.  
I know she had it for MANY years before it was given to me.  
I shared starters of this same plant with my girls as well.  

 Old things deserve to be held on to, for as long as they still have life.  I love that the circle of life in these plants are still bringing smiles and happiness to our family.  

Hey.....just wanted to say that I appreciate each of you and I thank you for dropping by to visit my blog whenever you can.  


Running Behind

  Running Behind..........  WHY.    ↓↓↓↓ You know......some weeks are just a bit more full than other weeks, and this has been one busy week...