Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wrappings and Tags

Merry Wednesday everyone!

I read this the other day, and I thought it was cute enough to share with all of you...

Four Stages of a Man's life:

1.  You believe in Santa Claus
2.  You don't believe in Santa Claus
3.  You ARE Santa Claus
4.  You ..... LOOK LIKE .... Santa Claus!

How many of you are almost finished with your Christmas shopping?    If your answer is NOT ME....then don't get all stressed out!  You still have at least 20 days left to find that perfect something to put in those beautiful boxes or bags.

Speaking of boxes or many of you are consumed with your gift I am?

I just can't help it.....Really!  I love to wrap packages and I love for them to be beautiful and eye catching for the recipient of the gift.  

I'm guessing that it's because I love to unwrap beautiful wrappings, myself!

I usually choose 3 different rolls of gift wrap for the Christmas season..... I select ribbons that will match each of the wraps.  I then, mix and match the colors and the tags. 

I also love making my own tags....(for which I have not done yet)   
I really receive as much JOY in wrapping the gifts as I do in buying them.... as I'm wrapping, I try to think about each person and their own little personality....this makes it easy to add something special to the ribbon to personalize the gift.

found this picture on pinterest and I think the gifts are adorable!

Do any of you have any "Particulars" when it comes to your gift wrappings??

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way......


Katharine said...

Well, I have only one gift bought...but when I do finally get them, I love the wrapping part! You'll have to post pics of your wrapping style!

Ginny said...

One year I bought rolls of plain white butcher paper and made my own with stenciling in silver. The ones pictured are gorgeous, I just don't have the vision to make them look as pretty! I want to see yours when they are wrapped!!!

Pam said...

Your gift wrapping must be beautiful and that's a great plan, with the 3 different rolls for the gifts. Unfortunately, that is something I consider a chore and try to get it over as fast as I can. I will be taking inspiration from you for this!

Michelle said...

I'm with Pam. I don't like the wrapping.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, I do love beautiful packaging but mine or not as beautiful as they once were. I've gotten lazy. I always have matching paper that goes with my tree but my bows are not what once were.

But, you are right, opening a beautiful package is as much fun as the gift.

Christmas blessings!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I don't have much to do as we've already given our children some of their Christmas already. I do love beautiful gift wrapping, but it's not as important to me as it once was. It's that age thing, I guess. :) Enjoy your wrapping!

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