Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well spoken Words..

Warm Biscuits, sausage, and hash browns......and of course, juice!  This is what was for breakfast this morning.

My little darlings certainly loved the hash browns.....ketchup and all!  I'm not so sure about that?!
My stomach just can not handle ketchup....early in the morning.   Oh well, quit being such a whimp Shug......It makes the kiddos happy, so deal with it!!!


The crown of the home is godliness,
The beauty of the home is order,,
The glory of the home is hospitality,
The Blessing of the home is contentment!

These are well spoken words......Godliness, Order, Hospitality, and Contentment!
I believe that true happiness comes when these things are found in a home.   When the lamp of God is prevalent, great things will abound for our families and we will reap these things that make a house a HOME.

There is a magic circle in a home that is full of love....I know, that for me, our home is a sweet place where my soul can find refuge from all the things of the world.  My heart can rest, because I have the assurance that our home is full of God, kindness, joy and love.

I am indeed RICH.....not rich in money, but rich in contentment and happiness!



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes, you and I might add I are rich. Your family is so blessed to have a Mom and Grandma who serves breakfast to them like that.Riches is so much more than money.

Ginny said...

Did you make all these yummy things yourself?? When can I come to breakfast!!!

Michelle said...

You sound like such a wonderful Grandma!

Gert said...

Oh I love this are such a good grandma. So glad you feel such happiness and contentment with your life!


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Amen girlfriend!!!!
Richness is a blessing.
You are a blessing!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

What time is breakfast? :D Yes, when I count my blessings I realize how rich I am! We need to enjoy and treasure what we have, life can change in an instant.

Dar said...

Hey, A-1 Grandma Shug, you are the sweetest thing/thang. I love your enthusiasm for life....and yes, we are very rich.
BlessYourChrist-mas with the wee ones

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