Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, December 28, 2012

Not so sure about us two

Sam and I have been married for 40 and 1/2 years and can I tell you that I'm beginning to think we now share the same mind.   When two people think alike at the same time.......well, that can be a bit scary!

Last evening, Sam and I were taking a short drive through town, when I was on the brink of making a comment about two people that used to live here in Chandler.  This older couple went to church with us, before deciding to move to the Dallas area to be near their kids.

Before I could even make my comment, Sam said to me....."I wonder how Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are doing......

I was like...."Shut Up..."
"Are you kidding me?  I was just fixing to ask you that same question.".........

Not really like   SHUT UP.......(we don't say those kind of things to each other).   but like....Shut up, you've got to be kidding me!!

The funny thing is that we were not near any particular area that would remind us of them....

Now mind you, Sam and I rarely go out to eat Chinese food.....but today I was home alone and I thought how nice it would be to eat Chinese food tonight.     Guess what? When Sam came in from work, he said....."Let's go to Tyler and eat Chinese food."

I'm thinking......are you stinking kidding me?  

Does  this ever happen to any of you?

Hope uou all have a great evening...


Gert said...

Shug...yes it does happen with Tom & you think that's what they mean when they say people re soul mates? Maybe..huh? lol however, this can be so freaky can't it?


Betsy Adams said...

George and I have only been together for 11+ years --yet we think and act just alike at times... We truly are different ---but the longer we are together, the more 'alike' we become... Kinda neat, huh????


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,true soul mates.This is so special to see in a couple.

Chatty Crone said...

I have been married 38 1/2 years - sometimes it is like that, but sometimes not! lol

Ginny said...

It does happen to us from time to time, but I think not this dramatically!!

Kimmie said...

Happens to Heartpoet and I all.the. time :-)

I love that photo of you and Sam.

Always feel like I want to reach through the screen and give you a hug after reading your posts.


Melinda said...

Oh yea!


M :)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Haha, that's great that you two are so in sync. After 22 years I notice it happening with greater frequency with my hubby, so maybe after 40 years two minds can grow into one. :)

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

I've only been married 18 years but yes this does happen!! I'll cook salmon for dinner and guess what - he's eaten salmon for lunch! Happens all the time and not just with salmon!!
mary x

Dar said...

I was just thinking of the like thoughts that Bill and I sometimes have, and yes, it can be scary, but funny.
This happens more with my little sister than anyone else. We are sooo much alike, we even pick out the same clothes to wear on the same day, or pick up an item in the store to show one another when the other has it in her hand...that's just cool. We are constantly finishing each others sentences, mind readers. And she isn't even my twin. Doug is.
I loved and related to this entry. So, how was the Chinese?
BlessYourHearts SweetSweetPicOfU2

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