Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, December 21, 2012


It was the week before Christmas and no where in the town of Nippytoe could any Christmas Spirit be found.

The towns folks all thought that bright lights and jingle bells, were just a big waste of time.
No happiness, no joy, no laughter could be found on the streets of this little town.

With only two days left until Until Christmas Day, no where could you find children at play.
 Suddenly, the reports, they came,  that snow was surely going to cover the ground.  A blizzard
they said would quickly come, and a blanket of white would cover the town.

As the people all slept, the white stuff did fall....and the very next morning, the children enjoyed it all...
To the park they went and soon began to play and it was beginning to be a fun-filled day.
A snowman was built in no time at all....He was big and round and about 6 feet tall.
A scarf made of felt and a carrot nose, now they were in search for eyes that would glow.

And what to their surprise, down the hill she ran; little Mylee Jo with two lights in her hand.
Two big bulbs that was the perfect find...for now their snowman would not be blind.

As the darkness came and the people  fell asleep....Mr. Snowman moved and began to creep.
One foot moved and the other did too and all of a sudden his two eyes SHINED BLUE!
The magic of Christmas was beginning to glow, as Mr. Snowman began to twirl in the snow.

He whirled himself down street after street, while singing a song he kept a good beat.
The OLD Christmas lights began to shine bright, as the spirit of Christmas was coming to life,
Because of the brightness all around, Everyone in Nippytoe, outside could be found.

The town folks were amazed at the beauty they could see....for once again a Merry Christmas it would be.
As they gathered together in the magic of the night, Mr. Snowman came dancing right into their sight.
He was full of goodness and had a big smile, and it looked like the Snowman would be around for a while.

All of a sudden, Mr. snowman was seen, dripping like rain and looking pretty lean.
Seems the brightness of the lights was making him melt and in a few moments to the ground he fell.
The kids all knew their Snowman needed a name, so "Nippy" it was....."Nippy" he became.

Now, every year...".Nippy" can be found....In the Christmas Spirit he brought back to the town.

by:  Tucker Thomison
Copyright of this entire blog is reserved
Do not use without permission 

Just this week, Tucker has a homework assignment that required him to write a story about a snowman....

He turned in his original and later, this story came to life.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Blessings dear friends...

1 comment:

Ginny said...

Oh my goodness, his occupation should be writing children's books!! This is written in a rather Seusian style and is wonderful!!

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