Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just doing Homework

Mylee Jo wanted to "Do her homework" yesterday, so I ask her if she wanted to write her alphabets or practice writing her name.  She quickly informed me that she wanted to write her momma a letter.  The above picture is not the exact one that she drew, however, her picture looked a lot like this one.

She drew a Christmas tree, complete with decorations.  Miss Sassy (what her pops calls her) also drew a string of Christmas lights with beautiful bulbs and a beautiful snowman.
There were a few other scribbles on the page, for which she was the only one that knew what they were or what they said!!  Might I say CUTE!

After she had finished drawing/writing her precious letter, she asked me if she could have one of those "lick" things.....    Let me tell you, I had to do some QUICK thinking about this lick thing that she was speaking of....
It suddenly clicked in my mind, like duh, she wants an envelope.

So, envelope it was and I sure wish you could have seen her delight while placing he perfect drawing inside.  But, it was the "Lick" that cracked me up.  Inside and out, she made sure that (Her) paper pocket had JUST ENOUGH saliva on it!

A couple of hours later, I happened to walk through our bedroom, only to find that a big chair had been pulled up to my dresser.  This dresser is high enough that little hands cannot touch anything sitting on it, UNLESS they have a chair to stand in.

This is the part that made me SMILE...... The reason that Mylee Jo needed to climb up to the top of the dresser was so she could reach my bottle of perfume!  Yes, little eyes had been watching at some time or another....She knew that the only thing left to do before giving her mom the letter, was to SPRAY the outside of the envelope with some gooood smelling stuff!!

She was so very excited the rest of the day....couldn't wait for her mommy to get home!!

Sure enough.....Mylee Jo's mommy Loved it!!  I think it made her day.  (her, as in Shanda....I think it made Mylee's day too)

for reasons such as this.....I love being a mom, and a Shug!

Shine Through!!


  1. That is so sweet. Putting it on a blog means that it is preserved so Mylee Jo can read it later.

  2. Hi Shug!

    What a cute story! I love that you have taught her the, almost forgotten, romantic, beautiful, art of spraying the envelope!! How adorable, I'll bet her mama treasures that cute letter!


  3. This is a wonderful story, you need to write it down! I think I will remember things like this, then I forget. Lucky she was alright with the climbing! Last time our Granddaughter climbed, it was on the open dresser drawer, she got the sewing scissors and cut her hair.

  4. Awww, what a sweet pea! It's good that you are blogging about these things for history's sake. You have the sweetest family.


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