Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cast a NO vote

Well......I read this morning on my facebook page that the small town just about 8 miles away is going to have a vote in regards to making the town WET..
This is the same town that I was raised in and also the same town in which our elementary, intermediate, Jr. High and High School is located.

I really try to stay away from controversy because it causes my blood pressure to go up, but I can not step aside and not voice my opinion on this one...  I do NOT drink, but yet I have a lot of good friends that do.  I myself choose not to the same as I choose not to do illegal drugs.  Most of the people that I know who do drink are very good people and if they choose to drink, then I am ok with it as long as they know their boundaries.
After all, I can not live anyone else's life but my own.

My vote would have to be NO on this particular matter....The statement has been made that we already know people in this town drink, so why shouldn 't they be able to get it close rather than to drive to another area to get it.....I also know that in big cities it is available even in grocery stores.   Kids will be kids and if they want to drink they will find it, but my thoughts are why allow that temptation to follow them.  Everything has gone well for as long as I can remember without the sales of alcohol in that small town that houses our school district,  SO what is the purpose.  If you want to purchase it, then surely YOU as an adult can find it in yourself to drive a little extra to have it...

If you have ever known anyone that has an addiction to alcohol, you might would think as I do.  You might would vote NO to this vote if you could see into the future and realize the harm that can be done. Lives that are lost due to alcohol and the families that are no longer together.   We can not protect our children, grandchildren or family members from everything there is in life, but we can prevent this one thing that is not necessary from being so easlily accessible to them....

It is too bad that I can not vote NO for this since I live in a different town, but if I am asked, I will give my opionion and will try to make it loud and clear....Please cast a NO vote.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tossing and Turning

I have no clue as to what is going on with me.....
I do know that I have lost a lot of sleep this week as well as last week....Why?  Because of my hips and my hands.  I am a side sleeper and it seems that just as I get comfortable, I start having this terrible pain in my hip.  When I turn over, it's it the other hip....Used the heating pad and it doesn't help.  Took motrin and it might have helped some....I feel like all I am doing is tossing and turning.'s my hands!  Aching, Hurting, Numb, Tingling, and they feel swollen....I know that it probably is Carpal Tunnel but it still worries me.... I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have some kind of test done on my wrist to check the nerves.  Sounds kinda painful but they assured me it's not....I would calling sticking needles in your wrist painful!  We shall see...

I am very active and I really do not have time to stop and take a rest from my daily happenings. I do know my hands are probably screeming for me to give them a rest.   And as far as my hips (IDK)  I am refusing to let (Mr. A) come for a visit and try to make his home in my joints.  He is not welcome! 

I hate complaining, but I really do need to get some sleep....
Who knows, Tonight just might be the night.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Small town baseball


I must say that there is absolutly nothing like country life!......Waking up each morning and stepping outside to smell the clean fresh air...In the early morning hours that smell is the same as it was when I was a child and we would come to visit my grandparents.  I love being able to take the kids to feed the cows and donkeys or just drive around the farm.
They all love fishing and to have the opportunity to go to the pond and fish is so relaxing. 

This past weekend, we experienced a little bit of the City life.  It was very nice also and the perks that go along with city life is great.  We went to watch Carson play baseball (in the big city league)  and it too was a lot of fun.  Baseball in the city is like playing in total comfort.  The wind was blowing so hard and the wind chill was a little more than what we bargained for, but because of the super nice facilities, we were able to enjoy the game in total comfort.  "The Field of Dreams" complex in Mansfield is beyond what our country kids would consider a dream.  They have a very nice enclosed concession with windows all around.  We sat in a nice warm area with a perfect view and watched the game.  Now that is LUXURY!!

Each field is built with the outfield resembling a major league field.  We played at "Yankee Stadium" and Carson said he felt like he was playing for a pro team....That is exciting to a child..

Living in the CITY does bring a lot of extra conveniences, but I don't think it is enough for me to change from the sweet life of living in a small town.  We don't have the stress of traffic or congestion on the highways and we only have one red light.   It's actually nice to be able to drive your tractor to town if you want to.  Not only do you know your neighbors, but we have all grown up with each other and we even know each others parents or grandparents.  Small town country life is where I want to be, so I think we will just stay put in "The City with a Heart".

As far as baseball goes, a little dirt doesn't hurt anybody and the heat in the summer gives us all something to talk about.  We will keep toting our lawn chair and bringing the umbrella (to keep the sun off of you) and enjoying this truly Sweet life of the country and small town baseball. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

little overheated

What a day....After putting the final touches on the table for the women's TEA, and after going to a family baby shower, Trista, Tori and I decided to finish the day shopping for EASTER

I was desperately trying to find some kind of outfit to wear to church.  Frustration...Frustration.   I would find the perfect skirt, but could not find the top...either wrong color, wrong style or didn't have my size...
Then I would find the perfect top and nothing to match it....
One big issue is that I am very HOT natured and it makes me hot to even think of wearing a long sleeve this time of year....That is mostly all I could find

Speaking of HOT, every single store or shop that we went into today must have not be listening to the  weather man this morning as he gave his report for today..they must have been expecting a blizzard.  The stores were extremely hot...Nothing like undressing and then trying to wiggle  your way into a dress that doesn't fit.  Then trying to pull the thing off and it getting caught on one of your extra rolls.  After doing this about ten times, can cause a woman to become a little overheated!  ME and being overheated??  Bad  NEWS.

How many stores did we go into?  All of them (except those weird stores in the mall)  but still that is quite a few...I came out of the mall empty handed.  Oh no I didn't....I bought these YELLOW shoes that I thought I loved.   (They are going back on Monday)
Then of course, we had to make our way to Target.  Can't go to town without going to target..By this time my feet were killing me and Trista and I both were getting tired.  Then ...........Trista discovered that Tori had put a hole in her brand new shirt that Trista had purchased the night before....Oh geez, it was time for us to head home...

Got home around 5:00 and Sam could tell that I was not happy about my shopping woes...He encouraged me to go back to town and finish my shopping...I did take his advise and finally came home with S O M E T H I N G...Am I going to keep it, Probably not!  Not to worry though.  If worse comes to worse I can still pull out the good ole Black slacks, throw a blouse on and be on my way...This would be a whole lot stressful and I bet no one would even notice!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is in the air....and, Easter is just around the corner...
This is a favorite time of the year for our family....

The flowers and trees are adding color everywhere, and for me it is seeing God's handprints all around me......  Easter is such an important time of the year.  We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.....HE was crucified, and buried for 3 days.   But, the grave could not keep him.....He is Alive!!

What a sacrifice!  HE had no sin.  HIS life was Freely Given for us ALL....  Praise God!!

It truly is a wonderful time of the year.  Our family does celebrate the True meaning of Easter and at the same time the kids get to enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny.....
Each year I have a big egg hunt for all the kids...Including the grown kids.....

What makes this egg hunt special is that we don't hunt until after Dark.....That is right...They all bring their flashlights..
After dinner we all go out to the field and when Pops says GO, they take off...Who will be the fastest?  Who will find the most eggs?  And then of course....there is the Prize Egg!  Only one prize egg and {it's not the egg they want}, it is what's inside!
One year it was hidden under a sundial that was hung on the fence...
They looked everywhere and finally....Tucker found it....

This truly is a lot of fun and something they all look forward to all year long...Let's just see who this year's winner will be.....
Ty, Trista, Tyler, Tucker, Tori, Tom, Shanda, Carson, Mylee, Trey, maybe even Taylor......One thing I know for sure, It won't be easy to find....

If you see a lot of lights flashing everywhere...You will know it's just this bunch Hunting Eggs this year....

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have many ramblings today.....Needless to say, my life is full...Especially with 6 grandchildren and a 17 year old neice that lives with us!  I really can not believe that it is already Thursday...What happened to Monday?  We have a big calendar where I post all the happenings for the month.  Seems that I need more days in this particular week.

We have had doctor's appointments, Prom Dress Fitting, Track meet, baseball game, softball game, orthodontist appointment, decorating for a women's TEA, and last but not least everyday LIFE itself.......

Am I YOUNG enough to keep up with all this?  Most certainly Yes!  What choice do I have?  I certainly do not want to be one that just sits back and complains about all my aches and my woes. 
I want to be that grandmother {Excuse me, I mean Shug, Sugar, not grandmother} that makes it to every activity the kids have.  I think it keeps me going and going and going.  But,  I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Since I am rambling, I have to tell you about the Prom Dress Fitting..  First of all, Taylor is absolutly Beautiful in her dress.
Then there is Mylee Jo.....She loved the store, she loved the stage with all the mirrors, and she REALLY loved all the purses.
I took numerous pictures of her sporting all kinds of purses on her shoulder......

Then there was the baseball game...MY favorite sport.  Love watching all the kids play ball and they LOVE ME watching them.
Mylee was decked out in her rubber boots {because it had rained the day before} and as she stood there with her little hands clutched into the fence, I was overjoyed with the pleasure of that moment.

I can not forget to mention Tyler's track meet.  The Sun was shining, but a very windy afternoon.  I think Tyler did a great job on both the hurdles and the high jump....Reminded me of myself a while back.  Can you believe that at the height of 5'4", I jumped in the HIGH JUMP?  What on earth was that coach thinking??

One more thing and that might be it for the day.  My wonderful mother-in-law!  She volunteered to decorate a table for a women's tea at HER church.  {This it not even the church that I attend}.  She calls me up a couple of weeks ago and wants my opinion about something she was planning for the table.  Within 2 minutes, not only did I give my opinion, but I am now decorating the table..Not sure how that happened, but no problem, I have it taken care of....Besides that, She is the BEST in the world.  That kind of thing is right up my ally and I loved doing it.
{NOW, I just hope she likes what I have done}

Well, I guess that is enough Ramblings for the day.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog....
It is great therapy and I love sharing about all the people in my life.
Hope you will come back and hopefully become a Follower..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is It Really a BALD EAGLE?

Yesterday, Sam had the priviledge of seeing something rare in our part of the country.  We have seen one before but never this close up.  What was it?  A BALD EAGLE!  I know that people do see them here, but it certainly is not an ever day event.
He was down at the farm checking on irrigation and something unusual caught his attention...

Sitting at the top of a pole less than a 100 yards away was this Gorgeous Bald EagleWouldn't you know it, He did not have his Camera with him...When Sam called, he was so excited and wanted me to get his camera ready.  He was driving in to get it a hopefully the eagle would still be there when he got back.

I had the batteries charged and the camera waiting when he pulled up and then he was off to capture a rare shot.  As he left on his adventure he was almost positive that the bird would be gone.   When he approached the lake he could see that the eagle 
was still perched upon the pole.  His plan was to quietly open his truck door and get in position to take the shot....{photo shot}
           {Whew, I better make this clear....NO GUN}

He managed to open the door and just as he was stepping down, his foot his a water puddle.  Isn't it amazing how quick these birds are and how precise their hearing must be.  The bird turned it's head and took off.  Sam was so impressed with the W  I  N  G
S  P  R  E  A  D 
of the eagle.  He had his camera in position and clicked to take that PERFECT picture of the bird in motion...

Let me show you exactly what he got.......Do you see it?  Do you see the Bald Eagle?    I didn't either, but Sam says it is there!  He took the camera back with him today in hopes that the ALL TIME FAMOUS BALD EAGLE will be there.......We will just have to wait and SEE!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Selective Hearing

This past week I found myself somewhere out in La, La Land while I was engaged in a conversation with a friend.
Later that day I had to  ask myself, Am I a Good Listener?  I thought I was but evidently I am not.  I could not remember much of what we talked about.

  Most of us think we are good listeners, but in reality our minds are actually in several different places and we only hear about fifty percent of what is being said.  I suppose it is called Selective Hearing.  If I am the one initiating the conversation, I can usually stay on track with what we are talking about.  I know that a lot of times I am guilty of preparing my response rather than focusing on what someone else is saying.

Is this rude or is it just part of being human?  I can certainly tell when a person is not fully in tune with what I might saying. To me it is the same as if they are saying "I'm busy, This conversation is not important to me,  I'm just not connecting with you".

There have been numerous times when I am introduced to someone and within seconds I can not remember their name.  Might I add that this can be very embarassing.  It's not that I don't care to know who they are, I am just not listening!

I have learned that if I will repeat that person's name as soon as they are introduced to me, I am more apt to remember them.  A lot of times I have to relate them with something else in order to remember their name.  As for as a conversation, if I will look them in the eye, my mind seems to stay more focused on the topic for which we are talking about. 

Listening is a gift we give to others as well as ourselves.  Many times God speaks to us through other people.  We must...I must have attentive ears to hear those important words that GOD wants me to hear.  I certainly do not want to miss out on what HE may be leading me to say or do.....

I hope that I will take the time to work on my listening skills and be a person that gives more than 50 percent.  If I practice it will not be hard and I am sure that those around me will be glad I did...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Water Woes

Everywhere I go, I see people with bottles of water.  All different kinds of water.  I even see them drinking water from these new thermos style containers.  They are cute and I can understand why you would want to tote one around all the time.  But:  I have some type of peculiar actions going on when I drink H2O.

It looks good and the taste of water can be very refreshing if you are really thirsty.  I know that it is recommended that we drink 8 glasses a day to keep us hydrated plus we reap great benefits for the organs in our body...  Plain and simple, it is healthy for us!

I must be weird in some way because I can drink a glass of water and in just a short time I am sick at my stomach...Sounds strange I know, but that feeling makes me miserable.  I know it is great for your skin and in general a person feels better when they ARE
hydrated.  It was once recommended that I put lemon in my glass of water to see if that would help...NO, it did not help...I still had a nauseous feeling...I have tried the flavored waters and I can not drink those either. 

Is this all in my head?  Why would it be?  Is it because my mind thinks a coke would be much better for me?  No, I really don't think so...I actually checked into this and what I have learned is that people REALLY can get sick drinking water.  Some people have an acidic condition and it is advised that you drink your water very slowly or take a pinch of sea salt along with your sips.  This will help neutrilize stomach acids that can cause the nausea. 

I am going to give this a try and hopefully I too can soon purchase me one of those cute little water containers.  Will let you know if this works..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!! have got to be Kidding!!  Snow in our part of TEXAS today!! I am almost positive that I have blogged about this before, but it is so never know about TEXAS weather.
It is always exhilarating and the kids get so excited about the thoughts of going out to play in the white sometimes fulffy stuff. I like it myself and I think it is beautiful especially on the PINE TREES...

Yesterday, was the first day of SPRING...can you believe it?  I have really been having me some Spring seeing the flowers starting to bloom and giving warmth to the landscape.

The trees are budding out which are good
signs of it being Spring.  The Nursery Business {Growing Trees} causes you to be outside a good bit, and this past week Sam came in with a slightly pink face a couple of days.  It was sunny and warm and time to get out the Spring and Summer clothes that were packed for the winter.

It does sadden me to see the little daffodils laying their heads over because they are too cold.  Just have to hope for some more to open up this next week when the daily temp reaches into the high 60's and possibly the low 70's.?????????

Oh well, today we can just stay inside and get caught up on the movies we have missed.  Think I will make a warm pot of soup and Enjoy the day!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy, Crazy Me.........

What is it about taking medicine that drives me crazy?........................I don't like taking medicine in the first place and then when you have one Little pill that has to be taken first thing in the morning and all by itself, that is very annoying. 

THYROID medication:  I know how important it is for me to take this pill in order to keep my body running....When I miss a dose, my body becomes sluggish and unable to accomplish the things I need to get done.  Especially if I miss a few days or even a week of taking it. 
For best results you need to take it as soon as you get up in the morning (by itself).  I guess I have other things on my mind in regards to starting the day and taking medicine is not high on the chart.

Then there is the all important BLOOD PRESSURE medicine. 
My excuse here is that it comes in a blister card and it requires more time to peel back the label and pop it out.  Would you consider this being lazy or just too difficult? 

After a few months now of not having the ENERGY that I need to keep this family going, I have decided to make an effort to do better about taking my medicine.....ESPECIALLY THE THYROID!  Yes Friends, you heard me right...I am going to become more organized!   I broke down and bought one of those pill boxes...You know, the kind were I can effortlessly open the Monday section and take what I need for that day..  Then the following day I can take Tuesday's, and then Wednesday's and so on.......Now I really feel old!!

I know that this is going to make a dramatic difference in the way I feel.  I am even going to start a vitamin pack.  I am guessing that by the time "Relay For Life" gets here, I will be able to walk a mile!!!  No, seriously I am hoping to have the energy to walk several miles.  I could possibly be the new Forest Gump!!

I do know that it is very important to take care of myself and right now, starting today I am going to do just that.  

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Baby Camdyn

{Welcome Baby Camdyn}.......................
Camdyn decided to make his grand entrance into the world yesterday afternoon...He weighed 7 lbs. 11.5 ounces.  21 inches long.  Our Neice Jiffy and her husband Sam along with their other two sons, Aiden & Beau, were thrilled to welcome baby Camdyn ....  What a Beautiful Family.  Congratulations!!

Thinking about having one myself....LOL   Wouldn't MY Sam be shocked??   Thought I would just throw a bit of laughter in there.
I can see my girls faces right now as they read that sentence! 

REALLY THOUGH.......................

LIFE  is so sweet and it is even sweeter when you hear the cry of a newborn baby....So very precious.   .

How awesome is our GOD!  This is a new life that has GOD'S handprints and LOVE all over him...AND you know .........
there is something so wonderful about the breath of a newborn...To me, it's like smelling the sweet, fresh breath of God. 

Isn't it Amazing how the moment you touch your newborn baby, all the fatigue and pain that you have gone through for the past nine months seems to fade away....THE moment is there for you to Love and Embrace the Miracle of a New Life.

What a Blessing!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

24 Hours

When I think about LIFE, I am so reminded that the steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases.  God's mercy and grace is the
essence of our daily life.  We wake up each morning and because of his Mercy and Grace, we are given that first breath that we take each and every day....The hours in our day are given freely to us to make choices for our everyday living.  When I say given to us freely I know in my heart that JESUS CHRIST paid the price for me. 

It is very important what I choose to do with these 24 hours of each day.  How many of us use even one hour Praising God
for this wonderful gift.  It is most definitely a gift.....If I had all the money in the world I still would not be able to buy time, not one single hour.  Each day is a Priceless Treasure and I want to use my treasure Praising God and living for HIM.  How can I do this?  I can live to serve HIM, I can give my time helping others and having a heart that loves people.  I can HONOR HIM by
choosing to seek HIS will for my life and by living a life that is pleasing to a HIM..

I don't want my 24 hours of each day to be wasted...Not one single minute.  I want to live life to the fullest and I want to be able to be a Blessing to each person I come in contact with. 

"As for Me and My House, We Will Serve The LORD"  Joshua  24:15

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change is GOOD for the soul!

Change is good:
 As I have said before, I am definitely a person of change.  You might could say that I am addicted to it.  Not like needing to change husbands or anything of that magnitude.  It is the simple changes that make me content.  Things like changing my furniture around (as I have memtioned before) or like changing my hair, changing the flowers and landscape outside, changing the everyday dishes we use to complete the colors for holidays or certain events.  This is just ME!

Yesterday I did what I had not planned to do for a couple of months.  I decided around 4:00 to re-arrange the furniture in the living room.  For those of you that know me well, I don't just change the position of the furniture.  No, I have to change the pictures on the walls, the flowers, all the special things I have collected that make our Home our Home....

I am married to the greatest guy ever...Sam is so Pliable and that makes me love him more..  All through his TV programs (The Biggest Loser and Lost) I was busy moving stuff all around him...He is not one that has to have HIS chair in a certain place.   If I was married to one of those guys, it would not be good!

I am not completely finished, but at least all the major pieces are in place.  Today I will spend some time putting the decorating touches to the room.  This is what I love to do.  Change is good for the soul and it is also good for making sure your house is free of that dust that likes to collect in unexpected places.  Spring is almost here, so I want my house to be fresh and look cheerful.  I know that the family truthfully likes  the changes I make and they are glad that I take the time to make a warm, comfortable HOME for them to enjoy.  I am sure it will be at least a couple of months before the change mood hits me again. 

Today my kitchen is red, but who knows about tomorrow.  It is possible that it could be yellow or maybe Blue.
I know that I am not the only person that does this or likes to have change in their lives.  If you are one of those people, then I invite you to leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Change

OMG...Today I am not very attentive or alert.  My body seems as if it is completely inactive and in an extremely inoperative mode.  What is the cause for me being so torpid?
2 words........Time Change...

I am not usually good at time change, but this particular one is even harder.  WHY?  1.)  Spring Break was last week and I had the opportunity to sleep an hour longer, which is now equal to me losing two hours of sleep instead of one  2.)  Got up early yesterday morning (like 5:00 which was really 4:00) in order to have Tucker in Dallas by 9:00.  3.) Even though I am getting up earlier, I am not going to bed until later. 4.) I took a 1 mg. Melatonin before I went to bed thinking It would help me rest and that I would be full of energy this morning

I am familiar with TIME CHANGE and I do understand that it takes a week or two for the body to adjust but today it feels like I need an extra caffeine boost to refuel my energy level.  My new coffee pot is ready to be put to some good use or, I guess I could take some time for some extra ZZZZZZZZZ's this morning.

It's a cloudy, kinda drizzley day and I can not think of anything better than my warm comfortable bed.  Soooooooooo, I am out of here!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 13, 1968

Yesterday, March 13th..what a GREAT day...

Sam and I have been together 42 years as of yesterday...We have not been married all this time, but we have been together...When we were in school it was called GOING STEADY...that meant you only dated one person and that person was your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Today they call it GOING OUT.   I get so tickled when I hear Tyler and Tucker say they are going out with a girl...I'm like where are ya'll going?  They don't think I'm old, they just think I'm crazy!

On March 13, 1968 Sam and I started going STEADY.  We were Freshman's in High School and we have been together ever since.  Not one single break up, at all!  I guess you might could say we are crazy in Love with each other....What a great day that was even if   I WAS THE ONE TO ASK HIM TO GO WITH ME!  I was very shy, but somehow found just the right nerve to ask him.

Our kids are like, how can you remember that?  I remember most everything about our relationship.  I still have ALL the letters Sam wrote me in high school.  I have every card that he has ever given me.  I'm not a pack rat, just sentimental about the things that are so very important to me.

Oh well, I am very glad I did and I am happy that he said YES.  No, I was not the one to ask him to marry me...HE ASK ME and I am EXTREMELY happy that I said YES!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Frustration #2

Hey, I got some excellent advise from Craig in regards to my RANT yesterday...Thanks Craig...I will put your advise to good use.  Thanks for taking the time to share it with me and thanks for being a reader..

I have one more little thing that I need to vent about and I promise I will move forward after this...I feel sure that I will be back to my "bigger than big" outlook on life as soon as I get this out of my system.

I mentioned a few days ago that Sam and I have our neice living with us.  It is so unfortunate that her father died at the early age of 28 from a massive heart attack..Taylor was only 3.  Her mother passed away five years ago when taylor was 12 of cervical cancer.

My frustration:  Medicaid..  You would think it would be automatic for a child in this position to be quailified for medicaid.
{No questions ask!!! }  I have filled out paper work, filled out paper work again and have been waiting for some time to get her qualified so she can have some kind of coverage in case there was an emergency...I am so thankful that this past Friday, I finally received a letter of acceptance for her..

Our government???   Many kids {that have both parents living} are on medicaid.  Something here seems wrong to me.  The system is so far out of whack that even those that are running our government can not possible conceive what is happening in this country.  My IQ in politics and government affairs is certainly not high, but even I know that the system is not fair...

Sam and I are doing everything that we can possibly do to make sure Taylor is taken care of and I will continue to fight for what she deserves, not only with medicaid but for everything else that she should be entitled to.

Ok, I am through...forgive me if I am sounding my frustrations to harshly, but my heart goes out to this beautiful young lady.  She deserves to be HEALTHY in order to someday have her own family and get to see HER children grow up. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rant for the Day

I am usually a totally upbeat person, but every now and then we all have to vent.  Today is a RANT day for me.  I guess I just need to get it out of my system before I can go on and have a fabulous day.

We all have our Favorites....Like our favorite movie, food, people, book, phone, clothes...and the list does go on and on.

I have several favorites myself and one of them is a little shop in our area that has the cutest clothes and accessories.  These are things that I like to take my time looking at when I am shopping.

I absolutley love to look at all the unique items in this particular store, but my shopping is dampened by the sales people that continuously follow their customers around. { Can I start you a dressing room, Have you seen this, What size can I get for you, Are you looking for something particular, We have this, Let me help you.}  Makes me want to S C R E A M.. 

I have noticed that it's not just me that they follow around, it is every customer that comes through their doors.  I can not decide if they are over eager to sell or if they just do not trust customers.  It is my belief that WE, {the ones that shop there} would probably purchase a lot more if they would allow their customers to have the enjoyment of looking and deciding on their on what they want.

Most of the merchandise that this shop carries can not be found in most other stores and the prices are very good.  So I ask myself,
should I let them know that I don't like to be followed around, do I talk to management or do I just take my business elsewhere? 

Ok, you have heard my RANT for the day....Do I feel better?
Yes I do....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Princess

Yesterday was Prom dress shopping day!    Geez, I have not done this in years and I might add how different it is now from back in 1995 when Shanda was a senior.  Everything is so different!  For instance the dresses.  Today they reveal a tad bit more than I remember way back then.  Did I say the cost?

I don't think I have mentioned Taylor.  She is my 17 year old neice that now lives with Sam and I.  Both of her parents are deceased, so Sam and I have opened our home to her.  Taylor is a very Sweet person and she is so appreciative of everything.  She has lived with us now for about 10 months and we are getting to experience life again with a teenager.  You know like the dating scene and shopping and school work and sometimes drama.  lol.

This is her first Prom and she is so very excited.  We started out yesterday morning around nine for a day of shopping.  We are limited on the shops in our area that sells prom dresses, but we did find a couple.  The first store had a lot of selections, but most of it had to be ordered.  They did not have her exact size to try on and with that she had no way of Knowing what it would look like on her.  The expected date of arrival if she ordered one was the second week in April.  Prom is the second week in  May and that would not allow her enough time to reorder if the dress did not fit. 

We grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to the next shop.  As we walked in I could see her Face.  It was as if she had walked into a fairytale land.   She tried on one dress and decided it was too short for the dress code that our school has.  Then I saw a huge Grin on her face.  She had spotted it!  The dress she had been dreaming of.
It is a beautiful dress and when she tried it on, we both knew that (IT) was the one.  It had her name written all over it and so we purchased the dress.  We still have a few other items to get to make her wardrobe complete for this special occasion. 

I am happy to say that the experience was very easy and I am so proud of her.  Can't wait to see Taylor and her date all dressed up for this special occasion.   She deserves this happiness and I know that she will look just like a Princess!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toesy Woesy

This may sound a little crazy and some could think I have lost my ever loving mind, but enough is enough.  When something brings tears to your eyes and it happens twice in one week, then it is time to let your mind have the floor!

Sam says that I am a Very deep thinker.  I say he is a guy and doesn't have the ability to think as deep as me........

Back to the subject which is my little did read that right, my toe!  Such a small thing and I'm not even sure what it's purpose is.  The only possible purpose that I have seen or experienced with the thing is that it continues to make me Cry.  Yes, cry!

It's not just one of them, but both of my little toes try to Cling to whatever I walk by.  Coffee table, chairs, doors, you name it and these little fellows are out there grabbing....
In other words, I Stump them all the time and it's time for some action to take place.  I don't want to give you the wrong picture her.  My toes are normal looking toes and they don't stick out enough to be causing this problem. I do believe I could still walk without them and I would be in a lot less pain.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not fixing to have them Removed because that would be so painful and look a little odd, but I have considered Duct Tape. After all duct tape comes in all colors now.   I know, I know that I just need to start wearing shoes to protect the little babies but I am a barefoot kind of person.

I am almost positive that I am not the only person that this has happened to and all of you out there can not tell me that you have not wanted to cry when you stumped your little
Toesy Woesy.  So see, I am normal and this topic is not crazy.  I wouldn't even call it deep thinking, it's more like talking about the humor of life that sometimes makes us Cry!

Any comments?  leave them for me at the bottom of this post were it says Comment.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Think I'll Be the Boss

I have always heard that when you turn 40,  your vision starts to change and glasses become a necessity.  Your close up view of things becomes some what blurred.

My mind keeps leading me to believe that I am younger than 40, but my vision is telling me I passed that age several years ago.  My vision is getting weaker all the time, but I do not have the time to constantly be grabbing for glasses.

The first time I really noticed my vision changing was on a shopping day.  I found a dress that I really liked and the price made me like it even more.  A good buy was what I was thinking.  Only $100.00 and I knew Sam would love that!
When I get to the register to check out, the saleslady said it would be like $179.  and some change. At that point I was too embarrassed to not take it.

I really need  glasses because those 00 have a tendency to change to other things, but I am constantly losing them.  I thought why not get one of those chains to go around my neck to hold them.  I would always have the glasses available if I need them. That will solve the problem, but everytime I stop to look at one, Trista and Shanda go nuts and are like mom NO you can't wear that!  I have tried the one contact thing, but it is out of the question.  Can't see far off then.

So I ask myself this question....Do I keep squinting my eyes when I'm trying to focus and look like I have no eyes because of the weird face it makes when you squint or just admit that I am getting older and wear the blooming chain holder?

Think I'm going to have to go against the girls and let them know WHO IS THE BOSS...   Shuh! ...Don't tell them, but I have already purchased one and I am wearing it right now!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick Trip........

Made a very quick trip yesterday with Sam to the coastal area of Lousiana.  Picked up a load of FIG cuttings.  This is a trip we make every year, but it usually takes us a couple of days.  This time it was a one day trip....350 miles one way.  WOW!

It doesn't normally bother me to get up early and head out on a trip, but this time it was a bit more difficult.  I guess the past two days of sitting at the hospital with Tucker was a little more exhausting than I thought.  We got up at 4:00 and was out the door by 5:00.  Glad Sam was driving this time, because I could not keep my eyes open. 

I do love to make this trip each year.  We always stop and eat at one of our favorite resturants ( PRE JEANS ) cajun food....
 The CORN BISQUE SOUP is so YUMMY!!  It is so rich and filled with corn and crab meat.  This is a must try!!

We picked up a huge load of FIG cuttings, stopped to eat and then headed back.  Got home at 8:45 last night.  Very tiring trip, but one that I wouldn't want to miss....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who Needs it Anyways

Not much time to blog the past couple of days..
Have spent two whole days at the hospital.  Tucker's appendix decided it wanted to act ugly, so it was time to get rid of the thing.  Who needs it anyways??

Yesterday, I stayed in the ER helping Trista withTuck...He was hurting so bad and very sick at his stomach.  The night before he was up all night long.  Since there is a stomach bug going around at school, one would automatically think it was that.
After a long day of blood test and much waiting, a CAT SCAN was ordered.  The outcome was that he needed an appendectomy.
Since he has been a cancer patient and he still has his port, The doctors decided that he needed to go to Children's in Dallas for the operation. 

Tucker was care flighted immediately and Trista was able to ride with him in the helicopter.   The doctor had given him pain medication just prior to take off so Tuck was able to somewhat be excited about the ride.  They took him in for the surgery around 8:00 pm and when Sam and I left the hospital last night around 10:30, he was resting peacefully. 

Drove back to Dallas this morning and waited most of the day for him to be released.  Finally got home this evening around 7:00.
One good thing is that Tucker was already scheduled for surgery on Monday to have his port taken out and it worked out for them to not only remove the appendix, but the port also.  PTL

Tucker is very, very sore but I am so thankful that the surgery went well considering that some of his platlets and blood counts are a little low.  Spring Break is this next week, so what a Blessing that he will have this time to recoup!

Think I will spend some time tomorrow resting and I hope that Tucker, Trista and the rest of the family will be able to do the same. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Give To Save a Life........

My emotions have been so crazy these past couple of days...I have been listening to the "St. Jude's Radio-a-thon"  to raise money for children's cancer research.  KNUE 101.5 has been doing an excellent job broadcasting this event in order to help raise dollars for the cause.

I have heard this week about children with ALL kinds of cancer and it brings home the battle we have faced with Tucker...
Not every story has a happy ending and I can hear the pain in the voices of these parents and grandparents as they share their  story...  Some of them have lost a child, but their goal is to help other children win their fight and they continue to work doing all that they can to help raise the funds.  My eyes swell with tears when I hear from not only those that have lost a child, but also from families that are experiencing exactly what we have experienced for the past 3 years.

To see a child that is in so much pain, or to hear them cry because they are so sick, is so heart wrenching.  We have been there and it would be impossible for me to relay the heaviness that you bear in your heart when you know a child is hurting.

One thing that we all can do is GIVE!  Every dollar counts.  Please call, Please give to save a life...
We have so many ways to give...Here are just a few.

Children's Hospital in Dallas
St. Jude's
Wipe Out Kids Cancer
Relay for Life -  Our team is "Team Tucker" and we will proudly walk a mile for your donation......"Coming up soon"
Light the Night
Cancer Society 

I would like to say Thank You to the radio station KNUE for all that they are doing.  101.5

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Keep or Not To Keep

Do I keep them or not?  This is the question I am asking myself.  "Liberty Blue" dishes.  Sam and I have been collecting these for a very long time.  My dear friend (Susie) is the one who started it all.  We all like to antique and what better place to antique than in the New Braunsfel area.  Susie collects a lot of different items, but she also collects the Liberty Blue dishes as well. She purchased our very first plate and it has been non-stop ever since.  Sam and I have had so much fun looking for these dishes.  Every time we go to an antique shop, we both go seperate ways, RUSHING  to see which of us would find a new piece.  We were having so much fun with this and before we new it we became dish "POOR"....meaning that we have way TOO MANY!  Both of our daughters have a set and we have at least fifty plates, saucers, cups and etc...We also have the extra pieces like the tea pot, tea pitcher, large platter, salt and pepper, gravy bowl.......I think we have it all!!
I'm thinking, do I want to keep these dishes?  Ok, I do like them, they are "Liberty Blue" and displays some history of our country, and I have enough to have several place settings..
Now,... they take up a lot of space, I never use them, I have too much invested in them to ever get all my money back, and Sam thinks I should not keep them... Decisions, Decisions..Gives power to my brain...After all "IT" makes the final call!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something a Girl Could Get Use To!!

Honey Hawaiian Facial.....I had my very first homemade facial today!  So realaxing!  Skin so smooth!  This was simple and my face has a glow that I haven't seen in a while..

It was made of 2 Tbls. green tea, 1/2 ripe papaya, 1/2 cup fresh pineapple (diced), 2 Tbls. honey..........

Steep the green tea in boiling water and set aside to cool...Peel the papaya and remove the seeds.  In a blender or you can use a food processor, blend the papaya and pineapple until pureed.  Pour into a bowl  and combine honey and green tea.   MIX WELL..

Apply to face with fingertips.  Recline and rest for 10 to 15 minutes (BEST PART).     Remove completely with tepid water and a soft facial cloth.  Use a covered container and store in the refrigerator for up to one week.  Makes 2 treatments.....

I will say it is something this GIRL could get use to!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sick Bell...........

is a BELL that is used at Shug's house when the grandkids are not feeling well..This particular BELL has been around for about 14 years.  The BELL itself is not sick...We all know that BELLS can not be sick.   Or, can they???  This one has been sick before.  We have had to replace the string several times.  I suppose that is a good indication that the BELL has been used a lot!

My grandkids actually get excited to come to Shug's house to stay when they are not feeling well.  All they need is the "SICK BELL".  If I hear that BELL ring, then I know they need me.  It doesn't matter if they need something to drink, something to eat, if they need to tell me their head hurts, or if they just simply need a HUG....Shug will be there in seconds.
Tyler was home yesterday and is still not feeling tops today..
He has had a sinus infection and has not been feeling great.  Who better to teach Mylee how to use the BELL?  After all he was the first one to ever use it...

All of the grandkids LOVE this BELL...It has many memories for them and I myself have a lot of them too...I have seen so many precious smiles that have warmed my heart and it is all because of a BELL that rings!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sami, Bella Jo, Sasafras, P.

My new puppy (Bella)...Just got her yesterday....I am so excited because we have not had a dog in years...I wasn't planning on getting this one, but Sam and I went to First Monday yesterday and while I was shopping in the pavilions, he went to the dogs..Well not like HE went to the dogs, but he went to shop at Dog Alley....Sam sends me this text that says he found a dog...Not only did he send the text, but he sent a cute little picture of it!

This got my interest stirred just a bit..  I told him to do whatever he thought...Not really wanting a dog, but kinda wanting one too.
Later that afternoon, he talked me in to going back to see the dog.
I loved the one he had picked out and I had decided that maybe we did need one.  The grandkids would love it!  I told Sam to just let me look a little more and that was fine with him...

I made up my mind to go back and get that particular puppy...
Just as we walked up to get it, a couple had just ask to hold the puppy.  Wouldn't you know, they bought the dog... My heart was a little sad, but then I saw Bella...After I held her, I knew she was the one. 

I am so proud of Bella... she has gone to the potty outside everytime...  (Sami, Bella Jo, Sasafras, P.)
I guess you could say I am hooked...Never thought we would have another dog, but here she is!  A Shih Tzu!!

A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...