Monday, March 29, 2010

Small town baseball


I must say that there is absolutly nothing like country life!......Waking up each morning and stepping outside to smell the clean fresh air...In the early morning hours that smell is the same as it was when I was a child and we would come to visit my grandparents.  I love being able to take the kids to feed the cows and donkeys or just drive around the farm.
They all love fishing and to have the opportunity to go to the pond and fish is so relaxing. 

This past weekend, we experienced a little bit of the City life.  It was very nice also and the perks that go along with city life is great.  We went to watch Carson play baseball (in the big city league)  and it too was a lot of fun.  Baseball in the city is like playing in total comfort.  The wind was blowing so hard and the wind chill was a little more than what we bargained for, but because of the super nice facilities, we were able to enjoy the game in total comfort.  "The Field of Dreams" complex in Mansfield is beyond what our country kids would consider a dream.  They have a very nice enclosed concession with windows all around.  We sat in a nice warm area with a perfect view and watched the game.  Now that is LUXURY!!

Each field is built with the outfield resembling a major league field.  We played at "Yankee Stadium" and Carson said he felt like he was playing for a pro team....That is exciting to a child..

Living in the CITY does bring a lot of extra conveniences, but I don't think it is enough for me to change from the sweet life of living in a small town.  We don't have the stress of traffic or congestion on the highways and we only have one red light.   It's actually nice to be able to drive your tractor to town if you want to.  Not only do you know your neighbors, but we have all grown up with each other and we even know each others parents or grandparents.  Small town country life is where I want to be, so I think we will just stay put in "The City with a Heart".

As far as baseball goes, a little dirt doesn't hurt anybody and the heat in the summer gives us all something to talk about.  We will keep toting our lawn chair and bringing the umbrella (to keep the sun off of you) and enjoying this truly Sweet life of the country and small town baseball. 

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