Monday, March 1, 2010

Sami, Bella Jo, Sasafras, P.

My new puppy (Bella)...Just got her yesterday....I am so excited because we have not had a dog in years...I wasn't planning on getting this one, but Sam and I went to First Monday yesterday and while I was shopping in the pavilions, he went to the dogs..Well not like HE went to the dogs, but he went to shop at Dog Alley....Sam sends me this text that says he found a dog...Not only did he send the text, but he sent a cute little picture of it!

This got my interest stirred just a bit..  I told him to do whatever he thought...Not really wanting a dog, but kinda wanting one too.
Later that afternoon, he talked me in to going back to see the dog.
I loved the one he had picked out and I had decided that maybe we did need one.  The grandkids would love it!  I told Sam to just let me look a little more and that was fine with him...

I made up my mind to go back and get that particular puppy...
Just as we walked up to get it, a couple had just ask to hold the puppy.  Wouldn't you know, they bought the dog... My heart was a little sad, but then I saw Bella...After I held her, I knew she was the one. 

I am so proud of Bella... she has gone to the potty outside everytime...  (Sami, Bella Jo, Sasafras, P.)
I guess you could say I am hooked...Never thought we would have another dog, but here she is!  A Shih Tzu!!

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