Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, March 5, 2010

Give To Save a Life........

My emotions have been so crazy these past couple of days...I have been listening to the "St. Jude's Radio-a-thon"  to raise money for children's cancer research.  KNUE 101.5 has been doing an excellent job broadcasting this event in order to help raise dollars for the cause.

I have heard this week about children with ALL kinds of cancer and it brings home the battle we have faced with Tucker...
Not every story has a happy ending and I can hear the pain in the voices of these parents and grandparents as they share their  story...  Some of them have lost a child, but their goal is to help other children win their fight and they continue to work doing all that they can to help raise the funds.  My eyes swell with tears when I hear from not only those that have lost a child, but also from families that are experiencing exactly what we have experienced for the past 3 years.

To see a child that is in so much pain, or to hear them cry because they are so sick, is so heart wrenching.  We have been there and it would be impossible for me to relay the heaviness that you bear in your heart when you know a child is hurting.

One thing that we all can do is GIVE!  Every dollar counts.  Please call, Please give to save a life...
We have so many ways to give...Here are just a few.

Children's Hospital in Dallas
St. Jude's
Wipe Out Kids Cancer
Relay for Life -  Our team is "Team Tucker" and we will proudly walk a mile for your donation......"Coming up soon"
Light the Night
Cancer Society 

I would like to say Thank You to the radio station KNUE for all that they are doing.  101.5

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Mom on the go said...

These words are so true. Every penny is counted as a blessing to some family with a child in need.

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