Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Change

OMG...Today I am not very attentive or alert.  My body seems as if it is completely inactive and in an extremely inoperative mode.  What is the cause for me being so torpid?
2 words........Time Change...

I am not usually good at time change, but this particular one is even harder.  WHY?  1.)  Spring Break was last week and I had the opportunity to sleep an hour longer, which is now equal to me losing two hours of sleep instead of one  2.)  Got up early yesterday morning (like 5:00 which was really 4:00) in order to have Tucker in Dallas by 9:00.  3.) Even though I am getting up earlier, I am not going to bed until later. 4.) I took a 1 mg. Melatonin before I went to bed thinking It would help me rest and that I would be full of energy this morning

I am familiar with TIME CHANGE and I do understand that it takes a week or two for the body to adjust but today it feels like I need an extra caffeine boost to refuel my energy level.  My new coffee pot is ready to be put to some good use or, I guess I could take some time for some extra ZZZZZZZZZ's this morning.

It's a cloudy, kinda drizzley day and I can not think of anything better than my warm comfortable bed.  Soooooooooo, I am out of here!!

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