Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Keep or Not To Keep

Do I keep them or not?  This is the question I am asking myself.  "Liberty Blue" dishes.  Sam and I have been collecting these for a very long time.  My dear friend (Susie) is the one who started it all.  We all like to antique and what better place to antique than in the New Braunsfel area.  Susie collects a lot of different items, but she also collects the Liberty Blue dishes as well. She purchased our very first plate and it has been non-stop ever since.  Sam and I have had so much fun looking for these dishes.  Every time we go to an antique shop, we both go seperate ways, RUSHING  to see which of us would find a new piece.  We were having so much fun with this and before we new it we became dish "POOR"....meaning that we have way TOO MANY!  Both of our daughters have a set and we have at least fifty plates, saucers, cups and etc...We also have the extra pieces like the tea pot, tea pitcher, large platter, salt and pepper, gravy bowl.......I think we have it all!!
I'm thinking, do I want to keep these dishes?  Ok, I do like them, they are "Liberty Blue" and displays some history of our country, and I have enough to have several place settings..
Now,... they take up a lot of space, I never use them, I have too much invested in them to ever get all my money back, and Sam thinks I should not keep them... Decisions, Decisions..Gives power to my brain...After all "IT" makes the final call!!


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