Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!! have got to be Kidding!!  Snow in our part of TEXAS today!! I am almost positive that I have blogged about this before, but it is so never know about TEXAS weather.
It is always exhilarating and the kids get so excited about the thoughts of going out to play in the white sometimes fulffy stuff. I like it myself and I think it is beautiful especially on the PINE TREES...

Yesterday, was the first day of SPRING...can you believe it?  I have really been having me some Spring seeing the flowers starting to bloom and giving warmth to the landscape.

The trees are budding out which are good
signs of it being Spring.  The Nursery Business {Growing Trees} causes you to be outside a good bit, and this past week Sam came in with a slightly pink face a couple of days.  It was sunny and warm and time to get out the Spring and Summer clothes that were packed for the winter.

It does sadden me to see the little daffodils laying their heads over because they are too cold.  Just have to hope for some more to open up this next week when the daily temp reaches into the high 60's and possibly the low 70's.?????????

Oh well, today we can just stay inside and get caught up on the movies we have missed.  Think I will make a warm pot of soup and Enjoy the day!!

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