Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have many ramblings today.....Needless to say, my life is full...Especially with 6 grandchildren and a 17 year old neice that lives with us!  I really can not believe that it is already Thursday...What happened to Monday?  We have a big calendar where I post all the happenings for the month.  Seems that I need more days in this particular week.

We have had doctor's appointments, Prom Dress Fitting, Track meet, baseball game, softball game, orthodontist appointment, decorating for a women's TEA, and last but not least everyday LIFE itself.......

Am I YOUNG enough to keep up with all this?  Most certainly Yes!  What choice do I have?  I certainly do not want to be one that just sits back and complains about all my aches and my woes. 
I want to be that grandmother {Excuse me, I mean Shug, Sugar, not grandmother} that makes it to every activity the kids have.  I think it keeps me going and going and going.  But,  I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Since I am rambling, I have to tell you about the Prom Dress Fitting..  First of all, Taylor is absolutly Beautiful in her dress.
Then there is Mylee Jo.....She loved the store, she loved the stage with all the mirrors, and she REALLY loved all the purses.
I took numerous pictures of her sporting all kinds of purses on her shoulder......

Then there was the baseball game...MY favorite sport.  Love watching all the kids play ball and they LOVE ME watching them.
Mylee was decked out in her rubber boots {because it had rained the day before} and as she stood there with her little hands clutched into the fence, I was overjoyed with the pleasure of that moment.

I can not forget to mention Tyler's track meet.  The Sun was shining, but a very windy afternoon.  I think Tyler did a great job on both the hurdles and the high jump....Reminded me of myself a while back.  Can you believe that at the height of 5'4", I jumped in the HIGH JUMP?  What on earth was that coach thinking??

One more thing and that might be it for the day.  My wonderful mother-in-law!  She volunteered to decorate a table for a women's tea at HER church.  {This it not even the church that I attend}.  She calls me up a couple of weeks ago and wants my opinion about something she was planning for the table.  Within 2 minutes, not only did I give my opinion, but I am now decorating the table..Not sure how that happened, but no problem, I have it taken care of....Besides that, She is the BEST in the world.  That kind of thing is right up my ally and I loved doing it.
{NOW, I just hope she likes what I have done}

Well, I guess that is enough Ramblings for the day.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog....
It is great therapy and I love sharing about all the people in my life.
Hope you will come back and hopefully become a Follower..

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock