Saturday, August 30, 2014

This and That......

Hi y'all......

It has been a great Saturday indeed....

Sam and I made a quick trip to Canton, one of my all time favorite places.......First Monday!!!!

"Huge"...... is an understatement in trying to describe just how big this place is..

If there is ANYTHING you are looking for.....I can almost promise it can be found, somewhere in the pavilions or on the grounds at FM.

One of my most favorite shops is Laurieanna's!!   Oh my.....I could spend hours in this store!!  

I borrowed a few photos from LaurieAnna's.......

Borrowed Photo....
Borrowed photo.....

So much to see......and to buy!!

I don't know about you, but I'm not a very good shopper when I know that my husband is following me and is SO READY to get out of there.  

He offered to go sit in the car......while I shopped more, but I didn't want him to do that.   

We didn't stay long....(it was beginning to get Hot) but......I can't be positive that I won't go back tomorrow!!!

I always enjoy seeing the new Fall stuff that is out......
My mind is so full of thoughts.....right to how I need to get this and that and how cute these THIS and THAT's would look in our home!!!  OR....or either of our daughter's homes!!


We also went to an Estate Sale this morning.....what did I find??
Nothing!!  Maybe next time.

Hope your Saturday has been as wonderful as mine!!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Thank you Lord for the sweet rain this morning!!  I do believe that all nature around me, is singing Praises, for this refreshing drink!

As I drink my coffee this morning, I am listening to the "Today" show.  I just want to say.....are you kidding me?   The money woes of the rich and famous are simply ridiculous.   

Enormous sums of money spent on divorces.....!
REALLY!!      We are talking $,$$$,$$$,$$$.00

My rant for the now over!!


~~......I want to officially make it known that "I am not a painter!"  Painting projects in the home, are not for me!!

As most of you know, last week, I had a guy come and paint a couple of rooms in our home.   Well....painting is not cheap, so I decided that I could paint the bathroom myself, and save some money!!    

On Tuesday morning....I started this lovely project.   Yesterday, I called the same guy (who painted the other two rooms) to come FINISH my project!   It's horrible and I can only hope, that he can clean up my mess!!

What was I thinking??

Hoping you all have a safe and exciting Labor Day Weekend!!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gum Balls Rolling, Popcorn Popping!

I am in the middle of a mental transitioning, once again!   This always happens to me during the first week of school.

It takes me several days to adjust to the house being totally quite AGAIN!!  No constant sound of the Refrigerator....opening and closing.   No cartoons like "Tinkerbell" or movies like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".......showing on the TV.

It's not normal for there not to be any Popcorn ..... 'popping' or for 
there not to be an occasional sound of gum balls rolling out of the gum ball machine.

I have a lot of things that need to be done, but it is during this particular week, that I find myself  a little lost!   It's kinda like going through a dose of "Empty Nest Syndrome" all over again!

I sure miss these precious sounds, and I miss the "Blessings" in my life, being in our home everyday......BUT....I know that life goes on and I know that each one my {Grans} are spending their days exploring new things, meeting new friends...... and they are opening their minds to so much wisdom.

Another week will pass and then another.....and I'll soon be comfortable with my days.   My mind will be transitioned !!

In the mean time, I plan to do what I do best when I'm lost.....
Cook, Eat, and let my mind wander!

A little "Hobby Lobby" retail therapy should, where are my keys?  How fast can I get over there?  

I simply "Love" life....

Shug ~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

~~  One small "Positive" thought in the morning, CAN change your whole day!  ~~

Have A Blessed Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Only In Texas.....

Only in Texas!!!

A good friend of mine, posted this yesterday on Face Book.....
Are you able to see what it is?    Believe it or not.....those are tortilla's.....and they are out in a parking lot.....Drying!  

I kid you not!  This picture was taken in Tyler, Texas at a Hotel Parking lot!!

One person commented......"I wonder if this is a NO Fly zone for birds or flying insects?"

I need to clarify that this is by no means the typical Hotel that you would find in Tyler Texas....  There are some very nice hotels in Tyler.   

Could that possibly be Bed Sheets that the tortillas are drying on??

Oh MY!!!!

Shug ~

Monday, August 25, 2014

Worms and more....

We now have an official UT Tyler "Patriot" in the house!!  Yea!!

Here is the College guy......just this morning!!

I haven't seen the other's kids today, but I'm sure hoping that they had a Fantastic day!!

Shanda sent me this picture this morning of here three.....before they headed out for school.

Carson 8th grade
Mylee Jo.....1st grade
Trey....6th grade

This is the picture that Trista sent me of Tori and Tucker before they left for school....

Tori   7th grade
Tucker   10th grade.

Let me share this funny with you......This past weekend, Sam was talking to Mylee about school.    He was playing around with her and he said:  "Now Mylee.....if your stomach ever gets to hurting at school, just tell your teacher you have pin worms!"

Of course......she had no clue as to walk he was talking about!!!

Well.....Today at school........after lunch.......she tells her teacher,
"Mrs. Eaton......I have a stomach ache.....I have pin worms!"

OMGoodness......we have sure had a chuckle!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Paint Job is Done!!

The paint job is complete!!  

This is the color that I used in the bedroom and the storage room and I must say......I love it!

I was so worried about it last night......just wasn't sure that I had picked out the right color, but honestly.....this color is so rich and I can see so many other colors mixed into the decor!!

I'm actually excited!! put everything back in it's place!!

Whew.....see y'all Monday!

Tomorrow.....August my special day and I will be celebrating with family and friends!!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Had myself a Rigger!!

Gee Whiz........The temps are in the upper 90's around here and when I step outside, I feel like I'm in a desert.

We have so much humidity around here, which causes it to be REALLY Hot.   

I so need to be one of those people who has two homes!!  A Summer home up in Alaska, and a Winter home here in East Texas.
Haven't won the lottery yet, so I guess the two home deal isn't likely to happen.   Of course, you can't win the lottery if you don't play!!

Everyday this week, I have to go into town (Big City of Tyler) for some kind of reason, like taking grandkids to the doctor, or shopping, or  to get their hair done before school starts, OR to buy a new car.   (Yep, Tyler bought a car)   He gave his truck to Tucker, who will be driving in just a few weeks!!

Anyways.......(to get myself back on track here) it is best to get out early in the morning and get things done before the evening heat sets in!!  The temps are not bad until around 1:00 in the afternoon!  Then it is blistering Hot!!

I came home today and the very minute that I walked into the house, I knew something was wrong with the air conditioner!  What was wrong was that Sam moved the thermostat up to past 75 degrees!!

Lands......I nearly had myself a rigger!!!    I sent him a message and told him he needed to buy himself a coat!!  Don't be messing with the thermostat!!!  I think I must have been having a "Power Surge"

Men.....?   I think that during the hottest week of the year, they should get to experience what it's like to have Hot Flashes!  Over and over again!!!

No, not really.....I wouldn't wish that on anyone!!   REALLY!!

OK.....I'm cooled down and my rant is over!!   lol.

Y'all have a good one!!
Shug !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Much Needed Makeover......

~  We have a painting project going on at this house......
.............. The guest bedroom, bathroom, and a storage closet are getting a much needed makeover ~

Sorry :(    I know that some of these pictures are not clear....too much sunlight coming through the windows...

~~ sweet friends,  is the color that my niece picked out when she was living with us...    OMG-oodness,
I will be thrilled to have this lime green GONE.

At was OK and Taylor really did like the color.   However....she moved out way back in  2011 and this poor bedroom has needed a major face-lift ever since. are looking at two VERY DIFFERENT colors!!

No joke......The Tan that you think you are seeing, is really a Wheat Green color!   Major work needed here!   I'm even changing the towel holders and such ~

~  While it is true that our family room is a total Mess.....I must say that these wire rolling racks have really helped me to keep things somewhat organized while emptying the storage room.

~  Thank goodness.......this project won't be a long drawn out event...     Hopefully by the middle of next week, the painter will be finished!!  

I left a trail for us to walk through!!

I would love to be bold and go with some beautiful bright colors.......but, as you can see with the lime green room ..... I've been there and done that!  ~   Not quite ready to jump in and do it again.

So .....  

~  I suppose I will go with some kind of neutral beige color...

any of you have a paint color in the beige tones that you would suggest I look at?

Painter will be here Friday, so I guess I had better hurry up and select a color REAL soon... ~

Shug ~

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Morning....

I got up early this morning!!   Like, before 6:30.....

I know this is not early to a lot of you, but lately, I've kinda been enjoying sleeping until about 7:30 in the morning.

I received a phone call last Friday.....reminding me of my fasting blood test today.   DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING BEFORE YOUR LAB WORK!!   These are the famous words that they always say.

The lady taking my blood this morning was having a somewhat difficult time finding a vein in my arm.  She quickly asked me...."Did you drink your water this morning?"

I'm thinking, like well.......the message clearly stated to not drink or eat ANYTHING before having lab work done!!

I said:  "No mam"..........

She said:  "Well, you were suppose to drink a TALL glass of water this morning before you came"

If I'm suppose to drink a tall glass of water, then the message should say......."Drink a Tall Glass of Water!"


After getting my lab work done, I went to Walmart.....

This is super unusual for me, because I detest shopping at Wally World.    Rarely, do I ever shop there.  

I ended up spending a $151.00 dollars on groceries......  Can I tell you, it is very sad when you spend this much on groceries and come out of the store with such few bags.   

I came home and I made a super delicious tasting "Tator Tot Casserole."

Honestly, this is the very first one I have ever made.   

Browned, ground meat
cream cheese,
Velveeta cheese,
Shredded longhorn style cheese 
and Tator tots......

Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes...

Wow Wee.....tasty!!

This was my morning........what did you all get done?


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Glad to be Home....

I can tell you that it feels GREAT to be home!!!  I walked a whole LOT.   Not sure how long it has been since I have walked as much as I have this past week.   

~Walking the Riverwalk is so nice and there were several times when I found myself far away from our hotel.   A one way trip down the river is not so bad, but just knowing that you have to walk back can sure make you tired.....real fast!

......No doubt about it, I am one hundred percent, a country girl.  I just couldn't possibly see myself living in or near the big cities.  I'm pretty sure that most of you who read my blog would follow my vote.....but there may be a few who do, enjoy living in a large (BUSY) city!!

~The country life offers me much peace and tranquility.....   So much to enjoy!!

How about the rest of you?  What is your preference.....for real?

Shug ~

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Uncanny Things

It is truly a beautiful morning!  I still have on my Pj's and I'm enjoying a wonderful cup of Starbucks coffee!!! 

Here is a sweet picture of my love, standing in front of the vehicle of his dreams. (check out the excitement on his face)   We had just finished setting up the booth at the Nursery Show, and this particular display is in a booth located on the same isle as us.  I knew I had to get a picture of Sam and this truck!

Sam is at the show this morning and I'll be joining him shortly.   
I need a little extra time to get dressed and to do all of my face booking as well as blogging.  Hey....this girl has to stay in the know of things!!

This is the kind of beauty that I'll get to see for the next few days.   Lots of unique plants......some that I have never seen before!
I so enjoy being surrounded by all of this beauty.

Last evening, Sam and I ventured down by the Riverwalk to find some good authentic Mexican food.  We found a place called "Rita's" and we had the choice to sit out by the river or to sit inside.   It was still very warm and humid, so we chose a nice table in the comfort of an air conditioned dining room.  

Sitting across from us was a guy that seemed to be enjoying his dinner quite well.   I was very amused by his behavior!   He would eat a few bites and then he would pull out a bottle of clear fingernail polish and apply it to his nails.   

Just that fact that he was polishing his nails in a restaurant was rather zany, but another quirky behavior was that he must have applied 8 or 9 coats of this polish to his nails, during the time that we were eating.

I must say.....he was one eccentric dude!

If any of you are people watchers, then this is the place to be!!

Can't wait for the uncanny things I might see today...

hugs y'all....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You would be Amazed.....

Good morning.....

The above photo is one that I took this morning with my iPhone.   This was our breakfast view!  

Sam has a big convention this week in the city of San Antonio and I chose to make the trip with him.   He actually needs my help and I do enjoy visiting with the MANY customers that come by the booth.

I always enjoy visiting the downtown area of San Antonio.   The riverwalk  is so pretty and full of wonderful restaurants.


Back to yesterday's post.......   I wanted to clarify that I no longer suffer from depression.....    Praise the Lord!!

Back 30 years ago was when the nightmare of my life first began,   life was going great for Sam and I.  Our girls were 9 and 7 and they were full of life.   We were in the process of building a new home, and I had a job that I loved, working at the bank. overnight......I became a sick, very sick person.  
Sam took me to the ER clinic and I will never forget the doctor that was on call.....   He must have been at least 75 years old and to me at that time....this was really old.

This doctor immediately diagnosed my problem.  He wanted to give me a hormone injection, but Sam and I were not sure about this and we chose for me NOT to take the injection.   If I had....I possibly could have saved myself a lot of pain and agony.   This older Dr. did suggest that I see my gynecologist  to discuss my situation.   

The next week.....I did go to see my gynecologist......who informed me that I needed to see a psychologist.  At this point....a 5 year nightmare was just ahead of me.

As I said yesterday.....Sam did much research and found a Doctor that could help me.    His first step was to give me a series of injections for 3 months straight.   These injections were so expensive but it was the Hope that we had been looking for.   

These injections would shut down my pituitary gland and by doing so, the doctor would be able to tell if his diagnoses was correct.   Sure enough....during those three months, I gradually began to be the old me.   I had a complete hysterectomy and was placed on HR therapy, immediately.   

I have so much to be thankful for and what I missed telling you yesterday is that without the prayers of our church family, without my relationship with the Lord and without God's wisdom......I really do not know what the outcome of my life would have been.

Many women suffer from this problem and some never get the help they need.   Not only did my old gynecologist insist that I needed to see a psychiatrist, but many other doctors did so, as well.   We sometimes have to be smarter than the doctors!!

If my message helps only one person, then it is ever bit worth the posting of my story!!  Honestly....I wish I had the time to go into detail how God worked in favor of my situation.  You would be amazed!!  Hopefully, someday, I can write a book that will be a huge inspiration to other women who suffer from this problem.   


Ok folks.....I'm fixing to get up off of this bed and head down to the convention center....   Can't wait to see what the next few days hold.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nobody Knows the Troubles

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen".........These words reign true for so many people.   And, the truth is....we do not know of the troubles that others carry on their shoulders.  

It was sad news to read about the death of Robin Williams.  It is always sad when a person takes their own life.  

 How many would love to have the fame that he had?  How sweet it would be to have the abilities to act and to have the Blessing of making others laugh.    However.....the death of Robin Williams is just another example of how outside pictures have a unique way of disguising the truth of the hurt and pain that a person may be feeling on the inside...

The word "Depression" is used so often in our lives and it has become a common word among so many doctors.  Does this mean that we have allowed the sadness in our lives to qualify us as being depressed just because a doctor diagnoses a problem as such?

Real depression is sometimes very difficult to diagnose correctly.  The reason why is because most people get down and out at times and their life seems so blue.  This kind of feeling has a way of masking real depression.   There are times when we feel tormented due to our sadness over life or over certain situations that we have no control over.    When we talk to others.....the first words are USUALLY...."You are just Depressed!"

Depression is REAL......I've been there and I have truly experienced real depression.   Five years of living a life that was not mine.   I was a prisoner in my own body and there was nothing that I could do to change my situation.  Doctor's, candy coated my situation and even though their medical documentations were coded as depression, the only hope they offered me was in a pill.

I experienced the feeling of NO HOPE...until my husband took things in his own hands.   He searched and searched until he found a Doctor that knew how to treat my depression.    But first, he had to treat my illness in order to cure my depression.  

I had a huge hormone imbalance that was practically killing me.  I needed surgery to correct the issue and I needed to be treated with proper hormone replacement.  I had the surgery and within just a few weeks, I was back to my old self.    After living five years of not understanding my life, and sometimes, not wanting to live, I was finally healed!!!

My husband was the only person that knew just how sick I was.  My parents, my siblings, my friends......none of them knew what was going on.   I worked hard to hide my sickness, and there were many times when I failed.   It was during the times when I failed that most friends and family just assumed that I was a person who needed meds.   

There were many times when I would try to hide what I felt inside, from my husband.....   I'm so thankful that he saw through me and knew I needed help.

As we all know, many cases of depression have very sad endings and this is just one of the reasons that it is so important for us all to know the symptoms of this horrible disease.  Depression is a big thing and it goes far beyond what many people can fathom.  I, in no way, claim to be an expert in dealing with depression.....I only know that it is real. 

Enjoy the Blessings of this day!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back way road

Having spent a few hours in town this weekend......may have caused me to go into road-rage-mode...... if it were not for the BACK WAY ROAD...
It cost me to travel the back way, as this is a Toll road....but it was definitely the safest route and the most stress free route for sure.

My coping skills were lacking, as I encountered several jammed intersections, with the absolute worst speedsters, who believed that they were in control of the road.

As most of you know.....It was Tax Free Weekend......

I did not venture out to be a participant in the $10.00 savings club, but I sure found myself being stuck, right in the datgum middle of it!!  

I honestly think this is a good thing and I know that many families benefit from the Tax Free Weekend....   I also know that I need to mark this particular weekend on my Calendar for next year, so that I will know NOT  plan any outings for those particular days!!

I need to stay home and stay COOL!!

How was your weekend??

shug ~

Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrating this month...

August.....such a full month!!

We now have a new Teenager in the house..... Carson turned 13 on the 6th.  Our family celebrated his Birthday, at "The Olive Garden" and then back to Shug's for cake and ice cream!!

Next week....on the 12th, Tucker will be 16!!  He has been driving for a while now, but on the 12th, he gets the REAL license!!   

Ty and Trista will be celebrating their 21st Anniversary on the 14th, and on the 24th....I get to celebrate ME!  I'll be turning 53 again!

Hmmmm.....what is it that I want for my birthday?
Well, I do declare....I think I have a nice bag picked out at Chandler Feed and Seed Country Store.   Sounds like I'm wanting a feed bag, doesn't it?

Take a look at this sweet bag.....just my kind of liking.

It's a Consuela bag.... do you know about these?

Check them out online...

I want the one on the Right hand side..
Isn't it a cute bag for the Fall and Winter Seasons?

We have a lot of celebrating to do this month....and I can't wait!

shug ~

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The days are clicking away!!

do any of you remember these?

My friends and I spent many hours, playing on one of these at recess.
Of course, that was way back then, when recess was a REAL thing.

When I was in elementary school, we had three recesses a day.  I'm not talking about ten minute breaks......we had at least 30 minute play times.  Long enough for the girls to play Miss America, and dress up while doing so.    (Yes...we even had sashes)

Those were the days when kids had respect for their bus driver!
No bus monitor was needed....if the bus driver had to discipline one of us....we would quickly find ourselves in the Principle's soon as that bus was parked. (and kids were usually spanked at the end of the day, by their parents)


Every child had one of these!!
My grandfather owned a "Filling Station" way back then.  As soon as school was out for the Summer, my sister, brothers and I would start telling Papa to be sure and save us a cigar box!  

Papa, had the whole Summer to sell enough cigars to be able to have at least four empty boxes for us kids to use, the next school year.

and oh yes......the much needed
"Big Chief" tablet.  This was all a kid needed, back in the day!

I went to Target yesterday and oh my.....the school supplies isle was filled with people and shopping carts. 

Red pen, blue pen, black pen, markers, specific erasers, certain kinds of glue, pocket folders, composition notebooks, and even a digital scan disk for a camera!!!

The school list are huge!!  The school Supply list is quite PRICEY!!!!

I know that the world has so much more to offer for students, but I must say...."I liked things the way they were, back in my elementary days"  

The days are clicking away for this Summer break. 

Shug ~


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EYE've been an observer....

Eye've been going to the eye Dr. a whole lot lately....   Not for me.....I've been going with Sam.   

A couple of months ago, he had a cataract removed and a lens implanted.....(you may remember me talking about this)
The bad news is....he still can not see very well out of his left eye.

I'm guessing he has seen the Dr. at least 8 or 9 times and the left eye is not clear yet....this is even with them going back in and doing a laser procedure.    

The next step is glasses....and after about three months he can have lasik done.

Anyways, I went with him on Tuesday to the Optical center to see about him getting the said glasses.   I was an observer that afternoon and I quickly discovered that MEN truly do primp!!

There are 3 men in this photo and I kid you not......they primped and primped for a very long.   I actually got so tickled at the guy sitting down.    Each time he tried on a pair of glasses, he had to go through the whole ordeal of looking side to side and then...the hair had to be JUST PERFECT as well....

He even asked me to look at the ones he had picked out, and to give him my honest opinion.   I did so, but evidently I didn't choose the glasses that he thought enhanced his looks.  He went with another pair.  

The other two guys put on quite a show as well....

My took him about 3 minutes to pick out his frames.   They are very similar to the ones that the guy in the above picture has on.

Who ever knew that some men primp and look at themselves in the mirror so much?  Not me!!  

It was a fun afternoon!!

Shug ....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I did it......

I sure did.......I completed 48 (long) hours
of not opening my computer!  

This past Saturday, my girls were giving me a hard time about being addicted to my computer and to facebook!!

I had to prove them wrong!!!!!

I decided that I would challenge myself.....No Camera, No Computer, and No facebook or safari on my phone for the full 48 hours.

I would have included talking on the phone, but I have to have it nearby, just in case I get a call from my dad.

Has anyone out there missed me???

I'm happy to be back, but just to set the record straight.....
I am not addicted to technological devices!!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Free Stuff......

I'm am so excited about this!!  What a wonderful way to reach out to our community and to help others.   At this health fair, kids...... kindergarten through the 12th grade, can receive FREE eye exams, hearing test, dental checks, hair cuts, socks, backpacks filled with school supplies, and a free meal. 

We have 500 backpacks, filled and ready to be given out.  I can't wait to see the smiles on so many of the children's faces as they are given these wonderful gifts.  

A lot of hard work has gone into the planning of this event,  and a lot of people have made monetary sacrifices in order to supply these free gifts......

But........I must say, this is really the easy part.

It's so easy to get out there and to tell people about free items being given away.....and when it comes to free stuff, the news travels fast.'s more difficult to spread the news of God's FREE love, than what it is to spread the news of free worldly things.  

We are hoping that through this Health Fair......that each of us will be able to share with those who attend, The love of Jesus Christ.    Spiritual Food and Prayer are always FREE!!  We only need to be willing to spread the news!!

Hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend!!

Shug ~  

  Sunflowers are flowers that can brighten ANY day!! They bring such a sunny attitude and they make me think Positive thoughts!!! I guess yo...