Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nobody Knows the Troubles

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen".........These words reign true for so many people.   And, the truth is....we do not know of the troubles that others carry on their shoulders.  

It was sad news to read about the death of Robin Williams.  It is always sad when a person takes their own life.  

 How many would love to have the fame that he had?  How sweet it would be to have the abilities to act and to have the Blessing of making others laugh.    However.....the death of Robin Williams is just another example of how outside pictures have a unique way of disguising the truth of the hurt and pain that a person may be feeling on the inside...

The word "Depression" is used so often in our lives and it has become a common word among so many doctors.  Does this mean that we have allowed the sadness in our lives to qualify us as being depressed just because a doctor diagnoses a problem as such?

Real depression is sometimes very difficult to diagnose correctly.  The reason why is because most people get down and out at times and their life seems so blue.  This kind of feeling has a way of masking real depression.   There are times when we feel tormented due to our sadness over life or over certain situations that we have no control over.    When we talk to others.....the first words are USUALLY...."You are just Depressed!"

Depression is REAL......I've been there and I have truly experienced real depression.   Five years of living a life that was not mine.   I was a prisoner in my own body and there was nothing that I could do to change my situation.  Doctor's, candy coated my situation and even though their medical documentations were coded as depression, the only hope they offered me was in a pill.

I experienced the feeling of NO HOPE...until my husband took things in his own hands.   He searched and searched until he found a Doctor that knew how to treat my depression.    But first, he had to treat my illness in order to cure my depression.  

I had a huge hormone imbalance that was practically killing me.  I needed surgery to correct the issue and I needed to be treated with proper hormone replacement.  I had the surgery and within just a few weeks, I was back to my old self.    After living five years of not understanding my life, and sometimes, not wanting to live, I was finally healed!!!

My husband was the only person that knew just how sick I was.  My parents, my siblings, my friends......none of them knew what was going on.   I worked hard to hide my sickness, and there were many times when I failed.   It was during the times when I failed that most friends and family just assumed that I was a person who needed meds.   

There were many times when I would try to hide what I felt inside, from my husband.....   I'm so thankful that he saw through me and knew I needed help.

As we all know, many cases of depression have very sad endings and this is just one of the reasons that it is so important for us all to know the symptoms of this horrible disease.  Depression is a big thing and it goes far beyond what many people can fathom.  I, in no way, claim to be an expert in dealing with depression.....I only know that it is real. 

Enjoy the Blessings of this day!



Terra said...

This is a wonderful honest post that will surely help people who read it. Your husband is a hero to push til he found the right treatment for you and you are a hero for finding healing.

Vickie said...

Great post Shug! I've been there too. I feel ya, friend. It's a deep dark hole that you can't get out of. I kept thinking that God would just make me well and get me out of the pit. He didn't do it that way, but He led me to a Dr that did diagnose correctly that I had clinical depression. I wanted to die. I understand (almost) how someone could feel so desperate and miserable that they wanted to end their life. I did not EVER think about doing that to myself because I'm a Christian and I have a loving supportive family. But I did tell the Lord that if my life was to continue this way, then He might as well take me now. God said no. Perhaps Robin Williams didn't have that family around or the Lord in his life. So very sad... I don't know how people get through anything in this life without the Lord.

My husband helped me a lot, too. It was hard on both of us. I know you are SO thankful for your husband!!! Bless you, Shug!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I too,know the reality of depression,of wanting to end life and of trying desperately to hide all this from as many people as possible. Praise God I have found a reason to live and rejoice.I'm not perfect and have days of sadness,but the dark cloud that used to hang over me is no longer there.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

A friend of my daughter ended her life this summer. She was a beautiful young woman with a wonderful husband and loving children. But she battled severe depression which she took medication for. No one would have known from the outward appearance what she was going through. It is so sad to hear about anyone who is hurting so much that they feel like they can't go on living. I'm sorry for her and for Robin. But, I'm very happy that you found the help you needed, my friend! Good for Sam for helping you find the answers you needed!

Gail Dixon said...

Extremely tragic situation. That is why we shouldn't judge. You never know what another person is going through.

Shug, thank you for sharing such a personal side of yourself. It makes me love you even more. I've struggled with depression my entire life and am on meds now. I'm not cured by any stretch but I no longer think of suicide every day. One thing this condition has triggered in me is a desire to get closer to God, which I have.

Ginny said...

Some people think you should just snap out of it, but that is so wrong! It is an illness and most of the time it is physical, something is really wrong! Chemical imbalances in the brain. Phil takes Prozac and now has his fun life back! So sad that a genius comedian died of sorrow. Your story is amazing and inspiring! I am so glad you shared it, maybe it will help someone.

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing this, Shug. Depression is such a difficult thing to talk about.

Melinda said...

Sorry to. hear that you have gone through this. Good for Sam for recognizing that you need a different kind of help!
Bless you for sharing with us.

M : )

Betsy Adams said...

Very good post, Shug. I did not realize that you had gone through depression. Glad you found some answers.

Poor Robin had so many problems. They say he was addicted to cocaine even before Mork and Mindy---many years ago. Then he had an alcohol problem so I hear. AND--the mental health problems (depression) have just apparently have taken over his body/mind and won that war. What a shame.

Maybe since this has happened and is getting so much publicity, our crazy Govt and country will FINALLY realize that we need to do more to learn about Mental Health problems and do more to help those who have these addictions/problems.

Why can't we put as much emphasis on things like this rather than on what name a football team chooses. GADS!

Depression is truly a sickness. I have a good blog friend whose daughter committed suicide due to depression (and other problems) a few years ago. That family and that mother still struggle... If the suicide person had their right mind about them, they would NEVER do this to the families who love them. BUT--they are not in the right minds... It's all so very very sad.

God Bless Robin's family and loved ones.


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