Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EYE've been an observer....

Eye've been going to the eye Dr. a whole lot lately....   Not for me.....I've been going with Sam.   

A couple of months ago, he had a cataract removed and a lens implanted.....(you may remember me talking about this)
The bad news is....he still can not see very well out of his left eye.

I'm guessing he has seen the Dr. at least 8 or 9 times and the left eye is not clear yet....this is even with them going back in and doing a laser procedure.    

The next step is glasses....and after about three months he can have lasik done.

Anyways, I went with him on Tuesday to the Optical center to see about him getting the said glasses.   I was an observer that afternoon and I quickly discovered that MEN truly do primp!!

There are 3 men in this photo and I kid you not......they primped and primped for a very long.   I actually got so tickled at the guy sitting down.    Each time he tried on a pair of glasses, he had to go through the whole ordeal of looking side to side and then...the hair had to be JUST PERFECT as well....

He even asked me to look at the ones he had picked out, and to give him my honest opinion.   I did so, but evidently I didn't choose the glasses that he thought enhanced his looks.  He went with another pair.  

The other two guys put on quite a show as well....

My took him about 3 minutes to pick out his frames.   They are very similar to the ones that the guy in the above picture has on.

Who ever knew that some men primp and look at themselves in the mirror so much?  Not me!!  

It was a fun afternoon!!

Shug ....


Ginny said...

Funny! So what is the reason that he cannot see well? Did the doctor explain? I am so sorry! I got a lens implant in both eyes awhile ago. And I am still wearing glasses, though my vision is lots better. I love your cheerful flower header! Keep us posted on Sam.

Terra said...

I hope Sam finds an ideal solution for seeing clearly. It sounds like glasses are a good step.

Gail Dixon said...

After my mothers second cataract surgery she couldn't see well either. She was so disappointed. I like the glasses Sam chose. Those primping men are too funny!

Melinda said...

Yep, they do have female tendancies.

M :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh the joys of picking a frame for the glasses. I will get to do that next month.Yeah.:(

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