Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Much Needed Makeover......

~  We have a painting project going on at this house......
.............. The guest bedroom, bathroom, and a storage closet are getting a much needed makeover ~

Sorry :(    I know that some of these pictures are not clear....too much sunlight coming through the windows...

~~ sweet friends,  is the color that my niece picked out when she was living with us...    OMG-oodness,
I will be thrilled to have this lime green GONE.

At was OK and Taylor really did like the color.   However....she moved out way back in  2011 and this poor bedroom has needed a major face-lift ever since. are looking at two VERY DIFFERENT colors!!

No joke......The Tan that you think you are seeing, is really a Wheat Green color!   Major work needed here!   I'm even changing the towel holders and such ~

~  While it is true that our family room is a total Mess.....I must say that these wire rolling racks have really helped me to keep things somewhat organized while emptying the storage room.

~  Thank goodness.......this project won't be a long drawn out event...     Hopefully by the middle of next week, the painter will be finished!!  

I left a trail for us to walk through!!

I would love to be bold and go with some beautiful bright colors.......but, as you can see with the lime green room ..... I've been there and done that!  ~   Not quite ready to jump in and do it again.

So .....  

~  I suppose I will go with some kind of neutral beige color...

any of you have a paint color in the beige tones that you would suggest I look at?

Painter will be here Friday, so I guess I had better hurry up and select a color REAL soon... ~

Shug ~


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I chose a beige color called travertine a few years ago and I've enjoyed it. Depending on the light, it can look a darker color but it always looks nice and neutral. Good luck with choosing. I like beige tones better than grays. Hugs!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Shug~ I can see how well you like color in your home--
I'm learning neutral on the walls is best for us color people. Well , it is for me anyway.
do I have a suggestion. No. I'm terrible with picking out paint.
That's why I shop the Oops! Counter.
It's already been chosen for me. I just lay down my $15 bucks and am done with it! :)
I bet it all looks great when its said and done.
Have great week!

Gail Dixon said...

I've always been partial to beige or neutral walls and add color with pillows, fabrics, drapes, etc. I know whatever you choose it will be pretty. Don't forget to take pics and let us see what you chose!

Ginny said...

Our living room is Monroe Bisque, it is Benjamin Moore.Our kitchen is a similar color, Fragile Beauty by Shirwin Williams. They are both kind of old and the paint stores change their color names every few years just so we will make big mistakes and have to buy more. So you will have to tell them to look up the old color and make it. But they are very neutral and pretty, maybe you can get some paint strips to take home. If you are not sure, Lowes has little cans about a cup or so real cheap so you can paint a bit and see how it looks. Be sure and show us the before and after! I adore your red kitchen chair covers!!

Ginny said...

Shug, you asked me about my editing program. I do not use watercolor, but I do use other effects. My favorites are on LunaPic, here is a link
This link is probably not live so you can just cut and paste or go to Google and type in Lunapic and you should find it.

Pam said...

I like the new color! Good for you getting the job done. We need to do that here, keep putting it off, and I've been dreading the thought of it. You will enjoy it all when it's completed!

Betsy Adams said...

I agree... It's time to get rid of the LIME GREEN... ha... Our entire house is an off-white color.. Don't remember the name of it --but it is not too dark---is really a very very light beige (that looks almost like a dirty white--in a good way)... I have always liked it and EVERYTHING matches.


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