Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, August 25, 2014

Worms and more....

We now have an official UT Tyler "Patriot" in the house!!  Yea!!

Here is the College guy......just this morning!!

I haven't seen the other's kids today, but I'm sure hoping that they had a Fantastic day!!

Shanda sent me this picture this morning of here three.....before they headed out for school.

Carson 8th grade
Mylee Jo.....1st grade
Trey....6th grade

This is the picture that Trista sent me of Tori and Tucker before they left for school....

Tori   7th grade
Tucker   10th grade.

Let me share this funny with you......This past weekend, Sam was talking to Mylee about school.    He was playing around with her and he said:  "Now Mylee.....if your stomach ever gets to hurting at school, just tell your teacher you have pin worms!"

Of course......she had no clue as to walk he was talking about!!!

Well.....Today at school........after lunch.......she tells her teacher,
"Mrs. Eaton......I have a stomach ache.....I have pin worms!"

OMGoodness......we have sure had a chuckle!!!



Ginny said...

How funny! They are all so lovely on their first day, great pictures!

Dar said...

Oh that Sam ~
You certainly have a wonderful bunch of Grandloves, Shug. I can't believe the kids are all heading back to school already...and congrats on a college boy already.
You and Sam are much too young to have college age grands. :)
Thanks for the concern and hand is healing wonderfully. It's sooo good to feel my fingers again.
Have a blessed week !

Dar said...

oh, my awesome pickle jar was a gift from one of my brothers...I love it!

Ruth Hiebert said...

That's too cute.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Haha! Pinworms! I would have loved to have seen the teacher's face.
Sweet photos of the kids first day of school!

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