Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aqua Net and A New Hair Style

This has been a day of wild winds and cool temps.  I drove my dad to the dentist this morning and couldn't believe how many trees had fallen over.  Several of the trees were up-rooted and then there were several that had just snapped off..... at the top.

Needless to say.....AQUA NET has had a serious workout today!  How many of you still use Aqua Net?
Not me....but I once thought it was the best ever!

I prefer using No hairspray!!   Makes my lungs feel clean.

Speaking of hair.....I'm needing a hair change.    Bet this news surprises everyone!  My most COMFORTABLE hair style is pulled back in a pony tail, but this look is not the most becoming.....especially on a (once again) 49 year old.

I am very HOT natured and this does create a problem for me and my hair!    Let's see if any of you have any suggestions...

Here are the issues that we have to deal with in trying to figure out the PERFECT hair style for ME, Shug.

1.   I'm Hot natured......(already said that)
2.   I don't have a tiny face.....(sounds better than saying I have a big face)
3.   I'm not a fan of going to the (Beauty Parlor) once a week
4.   I don't like short roller style curls
5.   My hair is beginning to turn W-A-V-Y .....big problem
6.   I like simple
7.   1 to 2 inch hair is out of the question.
8.   Need a hair style that looks decent when going out

There you have it....Now, I'm open for suggestions....Send pictures if you want to!!

Can't wait to get feedback on this one...

Hugs y'all....

Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Call Me a Photographer!

Thank goodness for the invention of the camera...

Can you imagine going on a vacation without your camera?  I usually have a camera within my reach at any given time.  I want to be able to capture those precious moments that I don't ever want to forget.

I must is nice to be able to pick up a light weight camera and snap a shot, without the worry of the film being ruined.  Not sure I would be able to operate the kind of cameras in the above photo.

It is extremely nice, having a wonderful camera on my iPhone 5...........honestly, the pictures are great!!
You wouldn't believe all the things that I do with my phone camera.  A lot of times, I will take a picture of my food that I order at a new restaurant.  This way, if I like it......I know what to order next time.  If I don't like it, I know what NOT to order the next time!  

I take pictures of recipes on Pinterest.  This makes grocery shopping a breeze when I am cooking a new dish.  

I take pictures of schedules so I can have them everywhere I go.  This keeps me from double scheduling   my days.   I do keep a calendar, but I have found that it is so easy to quickly look at my phone when I am making appointments.  I also take pictures of my dad's doctor's appointments.   This way, I have the time, date, the doctor's phone number and any other info right there for my convenience. 

I love using my iPhone camera when I go shopping.  If I see something I like, then I snap a picture and study it for a few days before I (impulse) buy.   Sometimes, this saves me a lot of money.
And.....this is a wonderful way to compare prices.   Take a picture of the item and the price tag....
Shop other places and see if you can find yourself a bargain!

Here is another great idea.   If you see something you like and you know full well that you can make the item to your own liking......take a picture and make one for yourself.   I must say, I do honor those postings that say NO CAMERAS ALLOWED.   If cameras are not allowed in certain stores, then I make sure that I follow the rules and avoid taking pictures.  

No one said that I was good at taking pictures, but since I take so many each day.....

I think it's fair to claim the title of 


Blessings dear friends...


Sunday, January 27, 2013

What You Can Do With Your Mind

Have you ever had what seems to be an endless supply of bad news?

Needless to say, a lot of bad news can certainly cause an optimistic attitude to quickly turn SOUR.

Your mind may tell you to give up and you might just find that your thought process is trying to steal your Hope.   You may also be setting yourself up to reinforce a negative deception of what life has to offer.

Pain sets in, worry takes over, sleepless nights come on the scene and before long you might feel that your stomach is tied up in knots.      OH NO.......You are now a slave to negativity!........

Our perception about life, about bad news, is determined by what we choose to focus on.  Did you know that WE have control of what the picture looks like, just by how we think.

Tyler Texas is known as "The Rose Capital of the World" and the great thing is, our home is only about ten miles from the beautiful gardens.     Why do I mention this?    Because I want to use the rose garden as an example to flash back to my point, that our minds can set us up for  negative deception.

When we walk through a Rose Garden, we inevitably will find a few withered rose petals and possibly a few leaves that have already turned brown and fallen to the ground.   We may even find a weed or two that has climbed amongst the stems of several bushes.

If our focus is strictly centered in on those particular points in view, then we may find that the rose garden has become a less than desirable place to visit.  HOWEVER...... If we place our focus on the entire garden, then we begin to see rows and rows of multi-colored flowers that have been designed, by God,  to bring contentment and pleasure to our hearts.  We are for real, right there in the midst of the sweetest garden ever!  

By placing our focus on what is good, we are able to enjoy moving forward and taking each step slow and easy.   See, we have just taken control of any negative thoughts.

I plan on stepping into this next with lots of optimism!   SURE HOPE YOU ALL WILL JOIN ME!

Lots of hugs.....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Missing My Friends

I MISS my blogging friends.  My mental focus has crashed and I am struggling at this moment, but I know that in due time, God will restore my ability to think....again!

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past week and a half's that none of us are perfect AND ..........that nothing goes un-noticed in a small town.

Our daughter and three of our precious grandchildren are now living here with Sam and I.   This is a result of a costly mistake made by our son-in-law.   Please don't get me wrong, he is a good guy, but he let his guard down and the enemy came running, in an attempt to steal and destroy everything and everybody.  

Without saying more, I will just tell you that it has been a very long and difficult past couple of weeks.   I am trusting GOD for HIS perfect healing for this family and I am also believing that there are GREAT things to come from all of this.   And to GOD be the GLORY.

Thank you all for your prayers.   Will be back soon and can't wait to find out about all the new and exciting things happening in all of your lives.

You all are the BEST.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Unexpected Happenings

Sometimes unexpected things happen in our lives.   Our family has recently been the victim of one of those unexpected happenings, which is why I have not been posting this week OR been able to drop by for a visit.    I would simply ask you all to please be in prayer for us this week.  Please pray for our daughter and her family.   Prayer is strong, especially when we all unite.  

Taking the rest of the week off from blogging, and hope to be back Monday.

Love you all for being my friend and for always standing in the gap in prayer.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Trash Cans!!

I saw a beautifully decorated trash can the other day.  I regret not taking a photo of the thing, but I welcome you to imagine with me what it looked like.

It was painted a gorgeous green and was decorated with several splendid flowers....... and, it had a bright pink ribbon painted around the rim at the top.

Source:  Pinterest

How many of you have decorated trash cans sitting in your garage?

source:  free photos

I love this one!

Do you think that the beauty of these trash cans make them smell any better than the old
ugly ones?  

I somehow doubt it!!

Here I go again!!!

My thinker has been a thinking.....

Lets pretend that we are at a Home Depot Store and we are told that we can have any trash can that we want to choose.  There, in the same bin,  is a mixture of some beautifully painted trash cans, cans with outstanding college logos, and ....... some ugly old cans that are just plain and simple.

Most people would choose the cans that held beauty, not realizing that inside was a whole lot of.... filthy, stinky trash.  On the other hand, for those that were last in choosing, they found that all they had to choose from were the cans with less attractive qualities.  Just so happens though.....that these cans were filled with all kinds of sweet smelling roses and a huge assortment of goodies!

Hmmmm......would certainly make one wish that they had chosen more carefully!

Isn't this just the way we are.....Without concern for what a person might be filled with inside, we always look for what is splendid and charming on the outside.

Sometimes we pass up on what is good, pure, honest and admirable..... because our eyes are only focused on what seems to be so charming.  Sometimes, charm can be disguised  by some pretty bad attributes.  Like..... anger, bitterness, arrogance, pessimism, envy, rudeness, selfishness, dis-honesty, ..........


Wow.....isn't it amazing how God can speak to us even through a decorated trash can?  love it!!

**It's sleeting here in East Texas.....**************

have a good day!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


What is there to talk about in the month of January?   Usually, people want to talk about all the things that they plan to change about their lives for the upcoming year.

And then.....there is the FOOD topic, for which I really am not up for discussing right now. about the Weather?  Oh yes, this is a great topic....
especially if you live in TEXAS.

You just never know what you're gonna get around here.  For the past week or longer, we have had nothing but gloomy skies and lots of rain.  Of course, we needed every single drop of rain that fell.  YESTERDAY....we had nothing but SUNSHINE!

Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sunshine....all day long, and to top it off....our temps reached into the 70's.  We had what I call a picture perfect day!  It was the kind of day that a girl could get used to.

This morning.....we have lots of fog and the temps have dropped.  Expecting lots of rain today, tomorrow, and all of next week.  The forcast is actually calling for some heavy thunderstorms!

January is one of those months that we can use....sitting still and reflecting upon good things...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Chick is ?????????

Listen up.....I've got something to say!

This chick is exhausted today!!  and....this has been the longest day I've had in a very long time.  

Don't get me wrong....Mylee Jo and I found much to do, and we made a whole lot of memories!

Yep....that is a "Pig" that she's holding......

Now....back to our day.  The sun was shining brightly today, so we were able to spend a lot of time outdoors.    

This is exactly the kind of equipment I needed for a day like today.  A helmet to protect my head and full body armor to keep the rest of my body safe!  

Mylee and I had all kinds of races.  A running race, skipping race, scooter race, one legged race, and a big walking race.  

Inside the house....we did a whole lot of her "homework."  WE...Sorted colors, we put all of the magnetic ABC's in order on the fridge, shampooed the hair on all seven barbie dolls, had several snacks, played games on Shug's laptop, danced a little, marched in a band, and played a few games of clapping to the song..."I dropped my dolly in the dirt..I asked my dolly if it hurt, and all my dolly said to me was Wah, wah, wah."

Oh what a fun filled day.....and BTW, Mylee informed me that she knew she was going to beat me in the race games cause, in her words "You're getting old, Sugar...isn't that right?"

I sure do love this little girl.   Gonna miss her next year!   

Probably gonna have to take a couple of Motrin tonight before bed, so I can sleep and be able to walk in the morning...


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My morning coffee

Hey there sweet friends..... Trust you've all had that first cup of coffee this morning.

Speaking of coffee, I'm sure having a difficult time with my Keurig coffee maker.  Actually, it's not the coffee maker's the coffee!

Am I the only person that uses a Keurig, who can't find the perfect brew?

I don't like STRONG coffee, but at the same time....I don't like drinking hot water either.

Most of the brands that I have used, leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Am I being too picky or......are my taste buds just not getting it?

Is there anyone else out there that can connect with me on these thoughts?

I'm open to any suggestions on your favorite brand and flavor.....

Every woman needs to be able to start her day with a sweet kiss from her
sweet hubby........  First cup of COFFEE!!


It's raining, its pouring here in East Texas.....

This woman needs to be SNORING!!

hugs y'all


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the Greatest Masterpiece

                              I took this picture back in October....It has not been edited other than placing the Text on top of the picture....Tell me now, Is GOD amazing or what!   This is a true masterpiece.

God's canvas is much bigger than any of us can possibly see or imagine.  His glory is all around us.

Texas is more than beautiful to me.....I'm very fond of Louisiana....I am in awe when I see the mountains in Colorado....The beaches of Florida call my name.....Arkansas and Missouri bring me lots of happiness....New York was, well NY.....I learned a whole lot when I was in Pennsylvania and of course Washington DC!!  I had a great time on our trip to the Grand Canyon and traveling through the states of New Mexico and Arizona.  We enjoyed the flat lands of Kansas and thought we would never quit leaning ///// while in the state of Wyoming. (strong winds there)

We saw some beautiful country in South Dakota and had a great time while visiting in Kentucky.
Got to see a wild turkey up in Tennessee before we traveled on down through Georgia and Alabama.  In Nevada, we enjoyed seeing Hoover Dam and in California....we thought we were COOL!!  In North Carolina and Michigan, we were running short on time, but still saw some beautiful rivers and lakes.  Loved, loved, loved our neighboring Country....Canada!  Had the best fried pies in Oklahoma. could I forget you?
Quickly visited  the Southern Country of Mexico.  Ooops...almost forgot about the state of Utah.  And last but not least....I can't say enough about the gorgeous state of Hawaii......Gorgeous!

So, while not being a "World" traveler....I can say that I have traveled some!  In every state...down every road traveled...I've witnessed only a small portion of God's awesome canvas.

And...just to think of all of the beauty that my eyes have not seen!!  Oh Wow!!  Glory to God for the most awesome Masterpiece every painted.  The best part of all, is that He creates new scenes for us, not just every day, but moment after moment.

Yes..... God is Amazing!

Take some time today to stop and enjoy the beauty that unfolds around you...

shug ~

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tears Lesson 101......

I don't understand the way things happen from day to day, but the best I can do is to be thankful for my emotions, for the deepest part of my heart, and move right along with them.

Yesterday was such a touching day for me.  Many different kinds of thoughts were jumping in and out of this lovely brain of mine.  I had concerns for other people, and I was busy thinking about my mom.  I am 49 plus years old, and.... my mom made her journey home seven years ago, but in spite of these two points,  it still does not stop me from missing my best friend.

Perhaps my heart was full and needed to be refreshed!

Our emotions can be triggered by the simplest of things, especially if you have a tender heart.  I cried most of the afternoon!!  Yikes!!  Now, don't go feeling sorry for me.....cause my tears were not tears of sorrow.  I was thinking happy, positive thoughts.... most of the time!

Do you ever just have a need to clean out your tear ducts?  Maybe this is what I was doing.
I will admit...In my younger years, these things got cleaned out quite often, but I haven't done this in a very, very long time!

When I cry, I feel like I've just had a good clean facial.  My cheeks feel perky and for sure, the make up is all wiped away.  Who needs botox?  Just cry a little and the natural saline will lift those little lines right up.  

I would blame it all on the gloomy days that we have had lately, but the sun was shining brightly yesterday...  I am a believer that tears are like summer raindrops!!  They are very warm and... (call me unique).....but I Welcome them from time to time.  And....some are probably thinking: "What kind of person Welcomes Tears?"

A simple gal who believes that tears are heaven sent because they bring her inner peace.  A simple gal that loves the Lord and welcomes tears when she praises HIM....a simple gal that has precious memories of a mom she loved..... a simple gal that loves life!

Hey y'all....I warned you from the beginning that I think deep sometimes!!!!
This has been "Tears Lesson 101"
Woo Hoo...have a delightful day!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

God has not given us a spirit of FEAR.

Funny thing.....I started writing this post last evening and for no good reason at all, my mind was unable to clearly concentrate on the message that I wanted to deliver here.  Why was that?

When the Lord is getting ready to do something through us, the enemy loves to run underneath and  loves to discourage us in all that we do.

Our 21 day Daniel Fast begins today and as I prepare myself for opening the doors to what God wants me to do, I know without a shadow of a doubt that satan is going to be roaming around to see what he can destroy.  I have to be ALERT!

I have a lot of good friends that are dragging through some deep valley's right now....some of them are afraid and are in need of prayer.  Through this Fast....I am seeking God to use me to the fullest  to somehow help these dear friends find comfort from the Lord God Almighty.

God's word says:  Fear Not, For I am with you!!  Isaiah 41:10

Trusting GOD is a REFUSAL TO GIVE IN TO FEAR!!  It means turning to God even in the darkest times, and TRUSTING God in the deepest, darkest valley's.  This trust comes from knowing God and knowing that He desires good for His children.

I know from experience, what is feels like to live in dark fear.  I remember, being so sick for 5 years and living in total fear of death.  I remember the tragic fear that struck me when Tucker was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) and negative thoughts raged through me like a wild tornado.
I remember the fear that stopped me in my tracks when the doctors told me and my mom that she had cancer and only had a short time to live.

I had to get myself busy, tearing down strongholds.   I had to get rid of all of those death defying negative thoughts that were keeping me so bound.   I found it almost impossible to pray during those times...... BUT...GOD!!!  Through my constant stay in God's word, and by trusting HIM, I was able to reach the mountain tops.

Fear is real and it can destroy you.  What we must remind ourselves of on a daily basis is:
GOD did not and does not give us the spirit of FEAR.  We give it to ourselves through the deceit of satan.

God gives us Comfort and Peace...HE loves you and I.

Hope you all walk in Peace today....
Please pray for Sam and I as we Fast and Pray for our Church, our Friends, our Loved Ones, and our Country.

Just a note:  * My spell check kept correcting the word satan.  Wanted me to use a capitol "S" for which I refuse to do.....

shug ~

Friday, January 4, 2013

Treasures Are Given....

God's Grace is so Big!  A Restful sleep at night and the freshness of each brand new day.....Treasures like these surround us day and night!  

God pours out His generosity and love in the simple things of our day....a smile, a singing bird, the beautiful rays of sunshine, conversations with friends, limitless HOPE,  strength, SPLASHES OF RAIN, 
a Kiss, an unexpected compliment....a never ending list of Blessings!

We have the opportunity to share God with others....every single day!  We have the opportunity to share the treasures that HE so freely gives..

Let us all be aware of these things...

Shug ~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

When I am Afraid....

Oh my goodness.....if there was ever a time to put our Trust In is today!

What has happened to "In God We Trust?"

Are we letting our "leaders" rob us of this trust?  How can this be?

Leaders....???  I do believe that we have NOT chosen our leaders very WISELY.

I honestly can not stand turning on the TV, just to listen to the mess that all of these men

and women have created.   

What this Country needs, is a "Christian Party" to guide us back to the solid foundation 

that this Country once had!   Seems to me that those that are currently representing us, 

have fallen away from "In God We Trust."  Right now, our solid foundation seems to 

be shifting to the sinking sand.

I say....take out the tables and the chairs during the fiscal battles.....Bring in the

Altars and let them be USED!  Let those late night meetings and those two week spans of arguing 
be replaced with hours and days of prayer......

Put GOD back where HE belongs, and we WILL SEE this Country turn around!!

Yes, When I am afraid.....I will put my Trust in the Lord!!

Walk in the Light!!

Shug ~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No More Ads Please

I just can't figure this out.....    My email has been flooded with all kinds of weight loss products!

Hmmmmm.....makes me wonder if there is someone out there watching me.  Is it just a coincidence that these adds would jump into the computer of someone who actually could stand to shed a few pounds?  Or, do they send these adds out to everyone?  I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Hey y'all.....this is how I see it.  If I want to know about weight watchers, then please let ME be the one that does all the investigating.  When and if I get ready to use WW, then I will jump right on it.
BUT, in the mean time, I don't need anymore reminders that my scales feelings are hurt.

Kinda crazy, isn't it?  It starts with tailgating and all those fabulous grilled foods, not to mention the delicious snack food selection.   Moves right on in to October, which delivers lots and lots of candies and more of those wonderful snacks, like sausage balls, hot chocolate, pigs, and all kinds of chips and dips.

Then, we have Feast month.   Turkey month, so to speak.  Tables are filled with ALL kinds of foods.
We eat and eat and eat!  Here in the South, instead of stuffing the turkey, we stuff ourselves!!

Great balls of fire, December is eat till you look like Santa month.  I'm not talking about foods that pack just a few calories either....I'm talking about foods that are filled with sugars and lots of carbs.

Something seems a little wrong here.  It's EAT,EAT, EAT and then it's YOU'VE GOTTA LOSE WEIGHT!

I've been sitting here this morning and already the morning shows have shown at least a dozen NEW gadgets that we can purchase to help us get that FAT off!    Minimum cost of one of these items is $60.00.

Already this morning, I've deleted at least four weight loss ads, a how to keep from being depressed ad, and a positive management ad!!   WOW.....really!!

Hey.....the way I see it is......I'm Healthy, I'm Happy, I am loved....and I love the Lord!

Love y'all

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Perfect Kind of Day

Happy New Year...............

Yum..Yum!   Black eyed Peas, cabbage, cornbread, Jalapeno Deer sausage, creamed potatoes, and Ice cold tea.  Gosh, it doesn't get much better than this.

Now that we have eaten, it's just gonna be a sit back and do nothing kind of a day.  Cool weather outside, Warm PJ's, a nice sonic Dr. Pepper with extra ice, my laptop, and some nice heat coming from the fireplace.....This is what I call the good life!

As a matter of fact, my eyes are getting a wee bit heavy right now, so.... I see no need to delay a good, warm, relaxing nap!!

Later Gator's....

Fall is my Favorite

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