Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the Greatest Masterpiece

                              I took this picture back in October....It has not been edited other than placing the Text on top of the picture....Tell me now, Is GOD amazing or what!   This is a true masterpiece.

God's canvas is much bigger than any of us can possibly see or imagine.  His glory is all around us.

Texas is more than beautiful to me.....I'm very fond of Louisiana....I am in awe when I see the mountains in Colorado....The beaches of Florida call my name.....Arkansas and Missouri bring me lots of happiness....New York was, well NY.....I learned a whole lot when I was in Pennsylvania and of course Washington DC!!  I had a great time on our trip to the Grand Canyon and traveling through the states of New Mexico and Arizona.  We enjoyed the flat lands of Kansas and thought we would never quit leaning ///// while in the state of Wyoming. (strong winds there)

We saw some beautiful country in South Dakota and had a great time while visiting in Kentucky.
Got to see a wild turkey up in Tennessee before we traveled on down through Georgia and Alabama.  In Nevada, we enjoyed seeing Hoover Dam and in California....we thought we were COOL!!  In North Carolina and Michigan, we were running short on time, but still saw some beautiful rivers and lakes.  Loved, loved, loved our neighboring Country....Canada!  Had the best fried pies in Oklahoma.    Mississippi.......how could I forget you?
Quickly visited  the Southern Country of Mexico.  Ooops...almost forgot about the state of Utah.  And last but not least....I can't say enough about the gorgeous state of Hawaii......Gorgeous!

So, while not being a "World" traveler....I can say that I have traveled some!  In every state...down every road traveled...I've witnessed only a small portion of God's awesome canvas.

And...just to think of all of the beauty that my eyes have not seen!!  Oh Wow!!  Glory to God for the most awesome Masterpiece every painted.  The best part of all, is that He creates new scenes for us, not just every day, but moment after moment.

Yes..... God is Amazing!

Take some time today to stop and enjoy the beauty that unfolds around you...

shug ~


  1. The beauty of creation is all around us. God is good.

  2. For me, the best thing here today is your AWESOME tree header!!!! It is amazing, and you have framed it perfectly too, kind of mirrored. I think this may be one of your husband's trees, and it is certainly one of my favorite headers you have ever made.

  3. I do miss the dramatic skies of Texas. This is wonderful, and I'm tickled that you included Louisiana in your list. :)

  4. I am always awed by sunsets but they are so different from state to state.
    Such a beautiful picture!

    M :)

  5. So true, Shug... so true! He gifts us with majesty!! blessings ~ tanna


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