Sunday, January 6, 2013

God has not given us a spirit of FEAR.

Funny thing.....I started writing this post last evening and for no good reason at all, my mind was unable to clearly concentrate on the message that I wanted to deliver here.  Why was that?

When the Lord is getting ready to do something through us, the enemy loves to run underneath and  loves to discourage us in all that we do.

Our 21 day Daniel Fast begins today and as I prepare myself for opening the doors to what God wants me to do, I know without a shadow of a doubt that satan is going to be roaming around to see what he can destroy.  I have to be ALERT!

I have a lot of good friends that are dragging through some deep valley's right now....some of them are afraid and are in need of prayer.  Through this Fast....I am seeking God to use me to the fullest  to somehow help these dear friends find comfort from the Lord God Almighty.

God's word says:  Fear Not, For I am with you!!  Isaiah 41:10

Trusting GOD is a REFUSAL TO GIVE IN TO FEAR!!  It means turning to God even in the darkest times, and TRUSTING God in the deepest, darkest valley's.  This trust comes from knowing God and knowing that He desires good for His children.

I know from experience, what is feels like to live in dark fear.  I remember, being so sick for 5 years and living in total fear of death.  I remember the tragic fear that struck me when Tucker was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) and negative thoughts raged through me like a wild tornado.
I remember the fear that stopped me in my tracks when the doctors told me and my mom that she had cancer and only had a short time to live.

I had to get myself busy, tearing down strongholds.   I had to get rid of all of those death defying negative thoughts that were keeping me so bound.   I found it almost impossible to pray during those times...... BUT...GOD!!!  Through my constant stay in God's word, and by trusting HIM, I was able to reach the mountain tops.

Fear is real and it can destroy you.  What we must remind ourselves of on a daily basis is:
GOD did not and does not give us the spirit of FEAR.  We give it to ourselves through the deceit of satan.

God gives us Comfort and Peace...HE loves you and I.

Hope you all walk in Peace today....
Please pray for Sam and I as we Fast and Pray for our Church, our Friends, our Loved Ones, and our Country.

Just a note:  * My spell check kept correcting the word satan.  Wanted me to use a capitol "S" for which I refuse to do.....

shug ~


  1. Good luck with your fast, I remember you doing this last year!

    M :)

  2. You have been through so much - will pray for you and Sam for your fast :)
    Mary x

  3. I totally agree, Shug, I taught a bible class on fear quite awhile ago. What had you been sick from? I love looking forward to your frequent header changes. This is wonderful, is it inside one of your cabinets?

  4. Good luck with your fast - I am starting a diet tomorrow. I have a couple friends right now who have family members going through the valley of the shadow of death - it has to be scary - but prayer is the answer.

  5. Shug, I had to laugh at your refusal to capitalize satan! I would do the same as you. The evil one doesn't know who he's messing with. lol

    Thank you for sharing your faith and biblical wisdom here. I look forward to seeing what God has put on your heart each day. I will be praying for y'all as you go through the fast. Stand firm and be strong in the Lord, as I know you will. God bless.

  6. You made it through this last year and I'm sending you all the best in your journey this year, too. blessings ~ tanna

  7. Hi Shug, I will pray for you all as you go through the FAST. I'm sure you will do fine... May God Bless You.


  8. I know I'm one who has to remind myself quite often that God didn't give me a spirit of fear. I worry too much and what good does it do?
    Blessings to you as you begin the fast. I will say a prayer for you.


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