Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My morning coffee

Hey there sweet friends..... Trust you've all had that first cup of coffee this morning.

Speaking of coffee, I'm sure having a difficult time with my Keurig coffee maker.  Actually, it's not the coffee maker's the coffee!

Am I the only person that uses a Keurig, who can't find the perfect brew?

I don't like STRONG coffee, but at the same time....I don't like drinking hot water either.

Most of the brands that I have used, leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Am I being too picky or......are my taste buds just not getting it?

Is there anyone else out there that can connect with me on these thoughts?

I'm open to any suggestions on your favorite brand and flavor.....

Every woman needs to be able to start her day with a sweet kiss from her
sweet hubby........  First cup of COFFEE!!


It's raining, its pouring here in East Texas.....

This woman needs to be SNORING!!

hugs y'all



  1. I couldn't do without my coffee in the morning - Trader Joe's does great ground coffee at a very reasonable price - not sure if you have Trader Joes in Texas though!
    mary x

  2. I can't start the day without several cups of strong black coffee. I use the coffee maker every day, but use the Keurig when I want just a cup or 2, later in the day. I like the Columbian myself, but it's strong. Keurig makes a reusable coffee filter in which you can use the coffee of your choice---Folger's, Maxwell House, etc. Hope this helps, Shug!
    I use these filters sometimes and the K-cups other times.

    Here's the link, if you should need it:

  3. I like my coffee stong... we do Starbucks... so I can tell I don't have a good suggestion for you. ;) Hope you find one to suit your taste. There's nothing like having a great cup o' Joe in the morning! blessings ~ tanna

  4. I am on my second machine. I love strong coffee and use Starbucks - French Roast. But they have a flavor called Blonde now which you may love.

  5. What is your amazing header? It looks like stained glass windows in a barn!!! SO pretty!!! Bed Bath And Beyond have many many kinds, have you looked there? Also there is the variety box. We have a whole cabinet shelf full of boxes of K-Cups and have every kind. I KNOW you will find what you like!!

  6. Hello Shug, I love my coffee morning noon and night, I am always giving my coffee pot a workout. I use my Keurig for those inbetween times when I just need a quick cup. I like mine on the medium side, I have used Folger's, Eight O Clock coffee in the orginal is my pick for one that is not light nor strong. Walmarts does carry them in the K cups. I buy the red box as there are different types. I hope this helps.

  7. I have one, I use the middle size or the first cup size. If you use the cup size on the right, it is too weak. Howv3r, I do not like strong coffee so it works fine for me. I like Colombian Supreme or Donut House. I find Starbucks is stronger.

  8. The Keurig is good for quick brews, not for quality gourmet coffee. We're lazy so we use it every week day and save our special blends for the weekend. Have you tried Paul Newman's Special Blend? It's pretty good. I've found that Gloria Jean is too weak. Good luck!

  9. Well, I'm no help because I'm not much of a coffee drinker. Hubby drinks lots of it, but he still makes it in the Bunn coffeemaker. I haven't gotten him a Keurig yet and he'd never go buy one, he's allergic to shopping. LOL!
    Have a happy Thursday!


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