Monday, January 14, 2013

Trash Cans!!

I saw a beautifully decorated trash can the other day.  I regret not taking a photo of the thing, but I welcome you to imagine with me what it looked like.

It was painted a gorgeous green and was decorated with several splendid flowers....... and, it had a bright pink ribbon painted around the rim at the top.

Source:  Pinterest

How many of you have decorated trash cans sitting in your garage?

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I love this one!

Do you think that the beauty of these trash cans make them smell any better than the old
ugly ones?  

I somehow doubt it!!

Here I go again!!!

My thinker has been a thinking.....

Lets pretend that we are at a Home Depot Store and we are told that we can have any trash can that we want to choose.  There, in the same bin,  is a mixture of some beautifully painted trash cans, cans with outstanding college logos, and ....... some ugly old cans that are just plain and simple.

Most people would choose the cans that held beauty, not realizing that inside was a whole lot of.... filthy, stinky trash.  On the other hand, for those that were last in choosing, they found that all they had to choose from were the cans with less attractive qualities.  Just so happens though.....that these cans were filled with all kinds of sweet smelling roses and a huge assortment of goodies!

Hmmmm......would certainly make one wish that they had chosen more carefully!

Isn't this just the way we are.....Without concern for what a person might be filled with inside, we always look for what is splendid and charming on the outside.

Sometimes we pass up on what is good, pure, honest and admirable..... because our eyes are only focused on what seems to be so charming.  Sometimes, charm can be disguised  by some pretty bad attributes.  Like..... anger, bitterness, arrogance, pessimism, envy, rudeness, selfishness, dis-honesty, ..........


Wow.....isn't it amazing how God can speak to us even through a decorated trash can?  love it!!

**It's sleeting here in East Texas.....**************

have a good day!!


  1. I love those trash cans!
    Mary x

  2. That little noggin never stops thinking! Love it. Great illustration of how we tend to judge others from the outside.

  3. I am off of the computer today, but saw your trash can header on my sidebar and couldn't resist a quick look. Wow, I wish I had one of these, they are beautiful!! I wonder if the city would still take it if it was not one of theirs? Very clever how you used this for the whitewashed tombs bible lesson!!!

  4. Still just RAIN here in TN--but our temp is about 31 --so I'll bet the frozen stuff is getting closer!!!!

    Interesting thoughts about trash cans... Guess we always need to look on the INSIDE when checking something or someone OUT, shouldn't we????


  5. My those are fancy trash cans! I've never seen anything lik them before. :-)

  6. Those are really attractive trash cans!!

    Good way to get your point across. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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