Monday, January 7, 2013

Tears Lesson 101......

I don't understand the way things happen from day to day, but the best I can do is to be thankful for my emotions, for the deepest part of my heart, and move right along with them.

Yesterday was such a touching day for me.  Many different kinds of thoughts were jumping in and out of this lovely brain of mine.  I had concerns for other people, and I was busy thinking about my mom.  I am 49 plus years old, and.... my mom made her journey home seven years ago, but in spite of these two points,  it still does not stop me from missing my best friend.

Perhaps my heart was full and needed to be refreshed!

Our emotions can be triggered by the simplest of things, especially if you have a tender heart.  I cried most of the afternoon!!  Yikes!!  Now, don't go feeling sorry for me.....cause my tears were not tears of sorrow.  I was thinking happy, positive thoughts.... most of the time!

Do you ever just have a need to clean out your tear ducts?  Maybe this is what I was doing.
I will admit...In my younger years, these things got cleaned out quite often, but I haven't done this in a very, very long time!

When I cry, I feel like I've just had a good clean facial.  My cheeks feel perky and for sure, the make up is all wiped away.  Who needs botox?  Just cry a little and the natural saline will lift those little lines right up.  

I would blame it all on the gloomy days that we have had lately, but the sun was shining brightly yesterday...  I am a believer that tears are like summer raindrops!!  They are very warm and... (call me unique).....but I Welcome them from time to time.  And....some are probably thinking: "What kind of person Welcomes Tears?"

A simple gal who believes that tears are heaven sent because they bring her inner peace.  A simple gal that loves the Lord and welcomes tears when she praises HIM....a simple gal that has precious memories of a mom she loved..... a simple gal that loves life!

Hey y'all....I warned you from the beginning that I think deep sometimes!!!!
This has been "Tears Lesson 101"
Woo Hoo...have a delightful day!



  1. Hi Shug! What you say is so true! I lost my lovely Mum 8 years ago, I think of her every day and miss her so much but sometimes it is nice to just 'let go' and cry. I can always hear my Mum saying in my ear "You daft duck!" when I do cry about her!! It is great sometimes to just concentrate on them as we all live such busy lives. Love your words! AnneMarie xx

  2. I'm not surprised the tears came thinking about your lovely mum - good memories
    Mary x

  3. I think of tears as raindrops and just as the grass and the world need rains - our bodies and soul need tears.

  4. Thanks for this post. You made me feel 'normal'.I sometimes feel guilty when I still cry about Jake,but it has only been 2 years.God has given us the ability to cry,so it is ok.Thanks again my friend.

  5. Shug, there is a verse in Psalms, we talked about it in says a sorrowful countenance is better than a happy one. And I think the meaning there is that our tears gives us sympathy for others. Wish I could find that verse!

  6. My heart feels your loneliness for your Mom. I miss my Dad the same way, he was so close and important in my life. I spent the morning with my Mother, watching her, memorizing her. She looked frail, pushing her walker throughout the house. Then she peels the night clothes, gets into her jeans and a warm fleece top for the day, and she looks all energized again. I want her feeling that way forever, tho I know she is slowing down, really slowing down. For now, I will continue to memorize her. We can never prepare ourselves for those tearful days. They do as you say, they give us cleansing., inner peace. Thank You for bearing your soul. You are wonderful.

  7. Shug, I cry like that sometimes too. It's such a release, is the best way I can describe my own experience. I think a good cry can do more good than an hour on a psychiatrist's couch. Call me crazy. LOL

  8. What a nice post. I believe tears are very good for our health. At least happy tears.


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