Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aqua Net and A New Hair Style

This has been a day of wild winds and cool temps.  I drove my dad to the dentist this morning and couldn't believe how many trees had fallen over.  Several of the trees were up-rooted and then there were several that had just snapped off..... at the top.

Needless to say.....AQUA NET has had a serious workout today!  How many of you still use Aqua Net?
Not me....but I once thought it was the best ever!

I prefer using No hairspray!!   Makes my lungs feel clean.

Speaking of hair.....I'm needing a hair change.    Bet this news surprises everyone!  My most COMFORTABLE hair style is pulled back in a pony tail, but this look is not the most becoming.....especially on a (once again) 49 year old.

I am very HOT natured and this does create a problem for me and my hair!    Let's see if any of you have any suggestions...

Here are the issues that we have to deal with in trying to figure out the PERFECT hair style for ME, Shug.

1.   I'm Hot natured......(already said that)
2.   I don't have a tiny face.....(sounds better than saying I have a big face)
3.   I'm not a fan of going to the (Beauty Parlor) once a week
4.   I don't like short roller style curls
5.   My hair is beginning to turn W-A-V-Y .....big problem
6.   I like simple
7.   1 to 2 inch hair is out of the question.
8.   Need a hair style that looks decent when going out

There you have it....Now, I'm open for suggestions....Send pictures if you want to!!

Can't wait to get feedback on this one...

Hugs y'all....


  1. I love love love the pink balloon header!! What about a short pixie shag? Or something that is stacked in the back? Just shake it out and go! You have no time for fooling with a style, you need a dry and go style.

  2. Oh Shug!!!
    First of all I like your hair.
    But if bent on a change why not start out slow...
    I've always loved the short tapered back with longer sides....let the bangs grow out eventually....OR, just continue to be your beautiful self!

  3. I have no suggestions on this! LOL! I just go to Kathy, who has cut my hair for 34 years, and let her do whatever she is in the mood to do. LOL! I love not having to "figure" this out. Good luck! blessings ~ tanna

  4. I have a roundish face and have the short stacked back and longer front. It takes five minutes to style/blow dry. Good luck! Come back and show us what you did. :)

  5. I have been thinking on changing my hair style for the last two months. When I read your post I could hardly believe you are thinking along the same lines as I am. I don't want it too short, I do not like to use rollers or hairspray. Only one difference in my quest is I need bangs. I will keep watching to see what suggestions your readers make.

  6. First of all, the darlin's in your header are adorable!!!! I was an Aqua Net freak back in the day. I had a bouffant French roll that was a mile high. My hair is platinum blond, really short and spiky. I love it, easy to take care of and a little messy look. That's definitely not for everyone and I think yours looks great the way it is. Maybe try side bangs for a change, with red or blond highlights.

  7. Hi Shug, I used to use that old Aqua Net.... GAG!!!!! ha

    I don't like older women in long hair... Just my opinion... I don't know if you like my hairstyle or not --but it's certainly simple and easy.. Just wash, condition and dry --and your ready to go...

    I decided that I didn't like my hair TOO short --for my fat face... SO--I compromised and have gone a tad longer... It really is easy.

    BUT--you have to go with what is comfy for you...


  8. HI darling, I love your header it is so sweet. As for the hair, Go slow, if you are use to long hair you don't want to go short right off the bat, my problem is thin fine hair and it is starting to get some wave in it, so I had them cut it in a long shag this way it has body and I don't have to do anything with it and it looks decent. Besure to post pictures when you do get it cut.


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