Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No More Ads Please

I just can't figure this out.....    My email has been flooded with all kinds of weight loss products!

Hmmmmm.....makes me wonder if there is someone out there watching me.  Is it just a coincidence that these adds would jump into the computer of someone who actually could stand to shed a few pounds?  Or, do they send these adds out to everyone?  I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Hey y'all.....this is how I see it.  If I want to know about weight watchers, then please let ME be the one that does all the investigating.  When and if I get ready to use WW, then I will jump right on it.
BUT, in the mean time, I don't need anymore reminders that my scales feelings are hurt.

Kinda crazy, isn't it?  It starts with tailgating and all those fabulous grilled foods, not to mention the delicious snack food selection.   Moves right on in to October, which delivers lots and lots of candies and more of those wonderful snacks, like sausage balls, hot chocolate, pigs, and all kinds of chips and dips.

Then, we have Feast month.   Turkey month, so to speak.  Tables are filled with ALL kinds of foods.
We eat and eat and eat!  Here in the South, instead of stuffing the turkey, we stuff ourselves!!

Great balls of fire, December is eat till you look like Santa month.  I'm not talking about foods that pack just a few calories either....I'm talking about foods that are filled with sugars and lots of carbs.

Something seems a little wrong here.  It's EAT,EAT, EAT and then it's YOU'VE GOTTA LOSE WEIGHT!

I've been sitting here this morning and already the morning shows have shown at least a dozen NEW gadgets that we can purchase to help us get that FAT off!    Minimum cost of one of these items is $60.00.

Already this morning, I've deleted at least four weight loss ads, a how to keep from being depressed ad, and a positive management ad!!   WOW.....really!!

Hey.....the way I see it is......I'm Healthy, I'm Happy, I am loved....and I love the Lord!

Love y'all


  1. Those ads are triggered from any sites you've visited or search queries you've entered in Google. That's my understanding anyway. If you haven't done that, then how weird and creepy! The winter months coupled with the holidays are rough, aren't they?

    I read an article this morning that said corn syrup is making us hungry and fat. So watch out for that!

  2. I get these in my e-mail, too. I keep telling my junk mail to add the sender to junk, but the same ones keep coming back. Another I get all the time is someone wanting me to have a Russian bride.

  3. Google trolls our e-mail, picking up words and then sending adverts that speak to those particular words.
    From what I understand, .Raegan is the only e-mail provider that doesn't troll but they charge $40/year. I'm visiting from somewhere...can't remember but I net-know Gail Dixon; she and I blog visit.

  4. I have not had weight loss adds but have heard of some people getting phone calls about this. That would not sit well with me. I know where I can find help,if and when I want it.

  5. I am with you all the way. I am sure they are doing this because of the holiday season.

  6. HA HA ---this happens every January... People eat their way through Thanksgiving and Christmas and then go on a huge weight loss program or exercise program in January. Most resolutions are about losing weight.... Crazy society we live in!!!! Lose-Gain-Lose-Gain ---the story of my life!!!!!


  7. I haven't gotten any of these in my email, thankfully. This is strange, I haven't heard of this happening before. So sorry they are bugging you.
    Hope your holidays were great. Sorry, I haven't had time for much commenting. Maybe things will slow down now and I'll get caught up.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Hi Shug!

    My thoughts exactly . . . and well said!! I told my hubby just today, that I think everyone overeats during the holidays, because their new year resolution will be to lose weight! After all, they are being bombarded with the same ads that we are . . . they are not dummies those ad people!

    Loving yourself, and being loved, is the first step to any success in life - weight loss isn't my first choice!

    Let's ring in the new year AD FREE please... :0)



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