Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Humor

Thought you all might enjoy a little humor!!  Hmmm, I don't think I'll be dining here any time soon!

Shug !

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Kind of Blogger Are you?

What kind of blogger are you REALLY.   I know that there are all kinds of categories when it comes to blogging, such as food blogs, family blogs, history, music, art, sports, sewing, crafting, photo, and just about any kind of topic blogs one could think of.

The kind of blogger that I am referring to, is a faithful friend blogger!  

I truly have many blogging friends, whom I consider to be some of my Besties...  I enjoy their friendship and I am interested in the things that are of concern to them.  

During the past 3 years, I have met many (down to earth) friends who have shared some of their life stories with me...I, in return have shared things from my heart, with them.

We know about each others accomplishments and about each others sorrows.  We give encouragement to one another and we are dedicated to pray for each others families.

If my blogging friends come up missing in my side bar, because they have not had time to post, or because life is busy being LIFE and has taken them in a different directions for a few days, then you can bet that I am going to check on them...

I'm going to send them an email....just to say....
I don't know where you are, but I'm thinking of you today....

How many of us have blogging acquaintances, who we communicate with....ONLY and I say ONLY  IF THEY LEAVE A COMMENT ON OUR BLOG FIRST?   

I want to say to my blogging friends, that I appreciate you all so very much!  I care about you and if for some reason, I am not able to leave comments on your's not because I don't's just that some times, life is life for me as well...and I often over crowd my days by being a caregiver to so many people.

Anyways, I can assure you....that I care about each of you and I thank you for your friendship.
My goal is to always be a Faithful Friend blogger.

shug ~


I'm Not Normal.....

Hey there.    I just had to share this with you all....  I can't believe that I didn't come up with these words myself...

I'm not NORMAL, in NO WAY.  But, I love being who I am....   I like to think of my life as being FULL OF MYSTERY!  Even my SAM would agree with me. He says I live in my own world!  I'm always coming up with weird questions, he says!

I do dress normal!   Now, my eating habits are a little different...You see, I am the kind that orders a hamburger...CUT THE MEAT, AND OH YES, THE ONIONS AS WELL...
Just give me a regular ol' burger with cheese, tomato, pickles and mustard....and I am one happy camper.

Today, my word is Integrity......What exactly is Integrity?

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Have you ever NOT been completely honest with yourself?  A time when your integrity fails you?  This is certainly not a trait that is very good to follow....but, it happens!

We must be conscious of our personal integrity.  It's a must that we unite what we say with what we do. It's a must that we excel in Honesty, and that we try to make the right decisions in everything that we do...How do we know if we are making the right decision?  We pray, and we seek God for direction.

Does God expect us to be perfect?  I don't believe so....we are human and as humans we make mistake.  I do believe that God expects us to be HONEST in all things. This also means when nobody else is looking!!  After all, we can not hide our dishonesty from God.  

If you don't have integrity, you have nothing. You can't buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.
Henry Kravi

Here's Hoping that you walk in sunshine today...
shug ~

Monday, August 27, 2012

In Everything We Do....

Oh wow....I am so glad to be back on my computer....It just feels 

My morning was great...Today was the first day of school for all my precious grands, and I was thrilled to wake up early and cook a good breakfast for each of them..

Sausage, Bacon, good ol' Southern biscuits, and apple juice!  This was our menu for this morning, and they all loved it.

You know, it is by choice that I am driven to get up cook and to be able to rest assured that the kids start their day with a good breakfast.  A full tummy brings happy smiles for them and for me as well...

I know how Blessed I am to be a stay at home grandmother.  I do get to enjoy these specials moments with my grandbabies, and the best thing is that I am able to pray with them each morning, as they begin their school day.

Many people have made the statement to me, that I have a hard job trying to keep up with all of them...For me, it is not a JOB!  It is an awesome pleasure to be a part of their lives.  The best thing, is that THEY want me to be involved in all that they do.

I once read a statement that went like this:  "Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it....Autograph your work with excellence"

It would be easy for me to change those first few words to EVERYTHING WE DO IN LIFE, is a self-portrait.....We should strive daily to autograph our work with excellence...

A job for me?  NO,  but I pray that in everything I do, I will be a Godly example of love for my grandkids, for my family and for my friends.  

I hope your day has been as joy-filled as mine...
Hugs y'all..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Absence

this is shocking...especially for my family, but today was the first time in about four days that I have found any time to open my laptop.  

Honestly, I haven't had time.  We found out, toward the end of the week (last week) that Sam was going to have to have neck surgery.

He had a disc that was pinching his spinal cord and was causing him all kinds of problems.  He had the surgery on Wed. morning and he has felt miserable ever since.

The surgeon went through the front of his neck in order to replace the disc.  He has a lot of swelling and I feel sure that as soon as some of this goes away, he will begin to feel better.

How funny....the last four or five weeks, he has been taking care of me, helping me get over my shoulder surgery...
And now....I am taking care of him!

This is what love and marriage is all about.

Sure hoping that this is it for us....I'm talking about the surgeries here.

Hopefully, I'll find some time this next week to blog and to catch up on all my reading!

I'm exhausted right now, and I can hear our bed, calling my name!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Football and the BARK

Are you ready for some Football?

This is one of those things that I have mixed emotions about.
I love football.....and I love # 7 of the Brownsboro Bears.


It sure makes me nervous when our grandson (# 7) steps out onto the field.  It's the hard hits, the bruises, and the dangers of the game that really get to me...

I'm his Shug, and if he were to get hurt, then I would want to be the first one down on the field to take care of him.
Not real sure that this would look good for Tyler...You know, having your sweet grandmother, bringing her own bandages and home doctor's kit to the sidelines, not to mention her barks!

BARKS, you say.   Yes, ever since Tyler (our first grandchild) was able to recognize his hurts....WE HAVE BARKED!!  Should I say, Shug has barked!

Whenever he would scrape his knee or get a small  Boo Boo, the best medicine was a bark from Shug.   I would bend down and Bark at whatever was ailing him.  Sometimes he would want a BIG bark and sometimes all it took was a little bark.

I know, this sounds crazy, but it always made him feel better and it always brought a HUGE smile to his face.  

I have been barking ever since...All six grandkids are really in tune with the bark...It's what makes them feel better!!!
Hey, it doesn't matter where we might me... at the mall, the grocery store or just out on the grandkids expect a BARK!!

I've been praying for God to place a huge bubble around Tyler.  A bubble of protection so to speak.  Worrying will never make a difference...PRAYER WILL!  I'm giving these concerns to God and as for me....I'm going to Trust  Him.

I'm ready to enjoy some FOOTBALL!

Walk in the Light....
Shug ~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cracker Jack's

Hello's me!  This has been one "Cracker Jack" of a day.
By that, I mean it has been good....Everyone knows there is always something good in a box of cracker jacks....

I realized this morning that today, August 20 is the date that my sister passed away, some 33 years ago...It's also the date of my mom's funeral (August 20, 2005) 

 I had a choice this morning....I could have determined in my mind, that today was a day to be all gloomy, based upon the sadness that has come my way on this particular day, in the past.

But, on the other hand, I also had the choice to say, "This is a beautiful day...It's a gift and I'm going to unwrap it and ENJOY what ever comes my way."

It has been said that some people bemoan life's difficulties while others appreciate life more and more, because of what has come their way...I do appreciate every ounce of sunny success that each day delivers...

I am happy that I chose to open a box of Cracker Jack's today...

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Hey....don't you just love to bask in the glow of a brand new day?

Shug ~

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Leaving Home...

If I had known, that the only thing needed to make it rain, was for me to leave home.....I would have left a few weeks ago!

Reports from home are that the rain has really been coming down since we have been gone...I for one, am thrilled about this.  I love to hear the sound of thunder (for which I missed)...but more than that, my plants were in need of some good ol' rain water.

I'm just about to head over to convention center...hope to take some good pictures today...

Have fun this weekend!
Shug ~

Friday, August 17, 2012

Entertaining can be fun

Hey Y'all....I'm back at the hotel room, with my feet propped up and my computer sitting in my lap.  I have definitely enjoyed my day so far.  

I must admit that it started out a little up, got dressed and went down to breakfast with the love of my life (Sam)...Enjoyed a warm bowl of oats with toast and a nice hot cup of coffee...Headed back up to the room, where I slid back into my Pj's and spent the next few hours.....RELAXING!

I finally managed to get my face put on and get dressed so I could head over to the convention center...     Now, don't faint when I tell you this....but I actually walked over there instead of taking the shuttle.  YES, I walked about a block, out in the HOT downtown Houston... and I actually enjoyed it!

The amazing thing is, when you walk into this massive building, the fragrance from all the flowers and trees is simply takes over....There is such a sweetness in the air that just draws you in.

I want to take all the booths home with me and I can't!  Blooming flowers, shrubs and trees are everywhere.  Even "Christmas" trees!
In my mind, I have completely RE-landscaped my yard... with waterfalls, stone, and a huge assortment of flowers and palms.  NO BUDGET in mind!!  ha!

I have taken a few pictures with my iPhone and I hope to post some of them tomorrow....

Oh, I have to tell you about this kid that stopped by our booth today.
He was full of energy!!  Of course, my job was keeping him entertained while Sam sold nursery stock to his parents!  BUT....he was the one that kept me entertained.

This was actually a pretty smart kid, and I couldn't believe his vocabulary as he told me story after story.  As his parents were finishing up their order, he said to me:  "I tell some pretty good stories don't I?"  to which I replied:  "Well, yes you do.  You're pretty interesting to talk to."  

He then said:  "Well, I made em' all up....I'm good at doing that!"

I had to laugh, because he really had me going, talking about how he rode goats at the rodeo and how he won first place roping calves.  
By the way, he even sang me a song....."All my exes live in Texas."

What a great day it has been.....

As my mom would always say:  " Dress up and go to town!"
Shug ~

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just a Country Bumbkin....

Houston.....this shot was taken from the 11th floor of 
our hotel...using my iPhone...and it's not the best!

This is way too much city for this country bumbkin!

I'm pretty fond of those four lane highways and those 4 way stops, that we have back home...and of course, those huge, tall pine trees that smell so great!

You know though....a lot of people really love the city life.
We talked to several people today who live right down town.  They work down town and they even socialize down town.  They all said they LOVE IT!   Of course... I haven't seen any churches in the DT area, unless they're squeezed in between the high rises somewhere.  

Makes you wonder if these people are church people!

I've never seen so many ONE WAY STREETS.  Let me tell you, from experience, you certainly do not want to make a wrong turn, because it takes FOREVER for you to get back to the starting place.

Some of the sites that I have seen today have been....
Everything GOES down here!

I suppose that I am just a country bumbkin....and I can truly say that I love it!

Just a few more days and I'll be back to what we call
GOD's Country....

Happy tomorrow Y'all
Shug ~

Bask in Pure Joy

Goodness alive!  My birthday is next week and I had really planned to finally move my age up from 49 to 51.....but after my day yesterday, I might need to up that number by about 20.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to go to the TAN convention with Sam this year.  HOUSTON, Texas was the chosen city, for this year's event.  It has been a while since I've been to Houston, and I have been looking forward to this trip.  A few days away is good for anyone.  

Sam and I left yesterday, for the four hour trip, and I can promise you.....I slept almost all the way here.  And, would you believe that I went to bed at 8 O'clock last evening.  I really felt like I had been drugged with NyQuil..(but I hadn't)

Who knows what was going on with me, but if this is what getting older is all about, then I'm going to have to do something about it....Guess I'll head back to the Zumba class
and try to keep myself active.  I'd love to be as active as my blogging friend Betsy and her sweet husband George...

They travel and hike all the time.  This is great!!  check out her blog     These two are in great shape.

For the next few days, I'll be surrounded by beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees.   I think I'll just bask in the pure joy of my days.     


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A huge Dent

The weather man has certainly worked hard at trying to bring us some rain.  Rain has been in the forecast for the past two or three days, but it somehow dances all around us with not one single drop hitting the ground.  

We certainly do need some rain!!  It is cloudy outside this morning, so I'm praying "Dear Lord...shower us with blessings of rain today."

It is sure hard to believe that summer for my kids is almost over.  School Time!  Yesterday, I went shopping with Trista, to pick up
school supplies for the kids.  Oh my goodness!!!  This stuff is not cheap!!  Our buggy held all the normal back to school supplies, like pencils, folders, glue, pens, wide ruled paper, notebooks, crayons, colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc...etc...etc.

As we were standing in the check out line, both Trista and I were trying to guess what the cost was going to be.  I said $75.00 dollars, she said more....Guess what?  she was $120.00.

This expense only includes supplies....on top of that, you have school shoes, socks, school clothes, hair accessories, backpacks, and lunches!!  

Starting back to school can sure put a huge dent in the family income!

 I'm excited about seeing the kids each morning when they drop by for breakfast.  It thrills me to know that they head out my door with full tummies, which helps them have a good start to their day.

My prayers are that this will be a great school year for the kids and teachers alike.

Enjoy the blessings of this day...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prayer and Check Disease

Today....What are you asking GOD for?   Are you....receiving answers?

Is your list a long list?  

The older I get, the harder it is for me to get through my list, when talking to God...

I don't believe for one moment, that God rolls His eyes when He greets me in prayer, but I am pretty sure that there are times when He would love to say.."YOU AGAIN"

No, not really.... when we come to God in prayer, and we are busy lifting  up our brothers and sisters in Christ, God knows exactly where our hearts are...He knows the sincerity of our heart.

Have you ever found yourself to be stressed during your prayer time?  I have!!
I pray about something or someone....and then it's as if I have some kind of "Check Disease."  I find myself going back to make sure that I said the right things and that
God really understood my prayer.    This in itself can be stressful!

I am so thankful that God has patience with me...God wants me to burden Him with whatever burdens me.  HE longs for me to be in His presence and to breath in the total peace that only He can give.  It is wonderful to know that God knows the very sound of my voice and He never gets tired of my fellowship with Him...(even when I do have the 
"Check Disease")

The way I see it, is that when our list is long....this means that we are out....being busy for the kingdom of God..

Have a Good day...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

My soul magnifies the Lord

"My soul magnifies the Lord....
He has done great things for me"....

I love to sing this song....and I do love to magnify the Lord!  I can look back over any 
given day and see the glorious things that God has done for me.....

and guess what....I am not deserving of any of it..  God does great things for me, because HE loves me.  God longs for me to have Blessings.

God longs for us to sit quietly and reflect upon His goodness....and to give Him Praise
for all that HE has done.

In today's world, we can be too busy listing all of our sorrows, that somehow we forget to remember the many blessings of a day..

Hey.....thanks for stopping in today, and I do want you to know that your words, your comments, are windows to my heart!

Great Big Hugs to each of you!!


Memories of Summer Fun...

Just try to tell me this isn't FUN!

I am thrilled for the kids of today, to have such fun things to do.  Of course, when we were young  those old inner tubes brought us tons of fun as well.....

Do you remember those days....Inner tubes...swimming at the lake (I just had to play in the water because I couldn't swim)....slipping and sliding on a big sheet of plastic.  

I remember one year, my dad had these huge card board boxes and he had flattened em' out and placed them out on the lawn....We got dish washing liquid and spread it out all over the boxes...added water, and WOW...we had made some magic fun.

Then...there was this place called 
"Deadman's Hole." We spent many hours hanging out there.
It was just a place in the middle of a creek bank that we used as a swimming hole.   More fun than a barrel of monkeys....

My, how the days have changed...NOW, kids have swimming pools to swim in...clean fresh water mind you.  When they go to the lake, they have all kinds of gadgets to ride in (I haven't seen an inner tube on the lake in a long, long time)...and now, they have huge water slides to play on...

The great thing here is....I'm still a kid at heart and I can still play too!

How bout all of you have any special memories of summer fun?

Blessings Y'all....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Did you call me Weak?

It was certainly nice to hear the sounds of thunder throughout the night.....It sure made me rest well....
We just got a few sprinkles here at the house, but Sam said the farm got some much needed rain....This is wonderful!
Maybe------with fingers crossed we will get some more today.

What's on my TO DO LIST????     FOR TODAY.

Pick up our season football tickets....
Finish cleaning up my (FRIENDS) list on my Face Book page.....
Bake a Strawberry that I have been craving for weeks now!
Read my Bible Study....
Play "Draw Something" with my friends...
Do physical therapy....
CLEAN HOUSE....DO LAUNDRY....Hey, I'm getting good at sweeping with one arm!

And the list goes on and on.....

How many of you have been watching the Olympics?  I love watching ALL of it!  
The only thing is, it has made me realize  just how much of a couch potato that I really am....    I need to get up, and get with it!!  Not that I plan to be on an Olympic team, but just to get a few muscles would help.

As a matter of fact, the other day at physical therapy, my therapist made the statement that my arm was really weak!
I think she even stated that (overall) I was weak.  I was thinking....Did you just call me WEAK?

Believe it or not, this hurt my feelings....  I'm like WEAK, ME?   I'm too young to be called weak.   Truth is truth and I know it.  I suppose I better get to doing something about it.

Hoping you all have a safe and fun filled day....
Don't let anyone Dull your Sparkle!!

shug ~

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well Deserved Rant

Happy Wednesday everyone....   I still have not been able to pick up my camera yet, so this is the reason that I have no new pictures to post on any of my blogs...I'm doing good to type!

I experienced my first day of physical therapy yesterday, and today....I am so sore!  Aching would probably be the better word here....

I've had a house full of grandkids today....and I love it!  For lunch today, we went to one of our favorite places to eat...
 Dairy Queen!!  The kids can always find something on the big menu and with a kids get FREE ice cream!

While we were finishing up our meal, another family came in and sat at a table next to ours....It was one of those tables that has chairs on one side and a booth style seat on the other.....

What I witnessed today, almost made my blood pressure rise.
This particular family included a mom, and I would guess her  age, to be around 65 or so....The dad must have been close to the same age.   There was a grandmother, around the age of 80 or more, and then a granddaughter who looked to be the age of 18 - 22 (too old to be acting the way she did)

The mother and grandmother were the first two to be seated, and both of them sat on the booth style bench.  Now let me tell you...neither of them were in great shape and it took some effort for them to get seated.  About this time, the daughter/granddaughter came around the corner and made the statement that SHE wanted to sit on the booth side.  

What happened next, floored not only me, but my daughter Shanda and the grandkids that were with us!  The younger person would not sit down until the 80 year old grandmother got up and moved to the chair.  I was stunned!!

What a major act of disrespect for the elderly......   this young person, sat herself down (right where she wanted to sit) and not once ever apologized.  

I literally had to bite my tongue.  Of course, our kids were like
"Shug...did you see that?"   "How Rude!"

Ok...that's my rant for the day.....and I feel that this one is a well deserved rant...

Have a great day y'all...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Carson....

Happy Birthday Carson......

He turned ......   11   ......  today!  Eleven going on 25.

Carson is our 3rd born grandson and let me tell you, he is full of life!  He came into this world, full of life!!  When he was born, he weighed.....9 pounds 12 ounces!!!!!

He was a BIG baby boy!!  And, his very small!  

Carson was super proud of his birthday cake!!
Special order from him..... Ice cream cake!
Layers of.....

                       Ice Cream Sandwiches
                       Crumbled Oreo cookies
                       Chocolate syrup
                        Cool Whip

A Great Birthday Dessert to say the least!!

Happy Birthday Carson....May all your wishes 
come true!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rain needed....Water Everywhere!


                       Or This........

My feet would love to be feeling the fresh cool waters of the Guadalupe river, right about now....

....even though I can't swim, I'd love to be riding a 

tube through the rapids.......

Last summer was a SUPER HOT summer around here.

Some of you might even remember the pictures I 

posted of our lakes....or should I say, our dried up 

lakes.  The heat was showing NO Mercy on us....

When it comes to the heat, our area really has nothing 

to complain about this summer......However, this 

week, we have seen some 103 degree days....And we

would love to see some drops of RAIN, again!

Oh.....this reminds me.....we do have one flower bed 

that received above normal water this past week.?.?  

Water was Everywhere!!!!!!!

You know that pipe that runs from the air conditioning

unit.....the one that drains the condensation when the 

temps are hot outside????   Ours decided to stop up 

this past week.....

I went outside to water some of my flower beds, and I

I noticed water running out from where the bricks

meet the foundation.....NOT GOOD!!!

After a day and a half of having a plumber and an air 

conditioning specialist work on the is now 

fixed!  This pipe needed more than a cup of Clorox 

to fix the needed some tender care.....

This is what's been happening in my part of the 

Country....hope all is well in yours!!

Blessing to all on this wonderful day!



Thursday, August 2, 2012

They are gone!

It's a great morning going on around here........Sam drove me over to the doctor's office in order for me to have my STITCHES removed......They are gone!

Guess what?  Didn't hurt, not one bit!!  Woo hoo!! 

This doctor said I was phenomenal.......My shoulder is healing so well....As a matter of fact, I'm only going to have to do a couple days of physical therapy!!  The other good thing is that I can now drive....(think I'll wait a week or two before I give my dad this tad bit of information!  He likes for me to come get him every single day and drive him around!!!!)

 There was another patient (lady) in the room next to mine....we had the same surgery on the same day, and she seemed to be having a difficult time....Bless her!

As the doctor said:  "you just never two patients are alike....some do good and some just don't heal as well"

I was quick to ask Dr. Dennis if I needed to get back into the kitchen...(of course, I gave the doctor a little wink, cause my precious Sam was sitting there)
Dr. Dennis assured me that I needed to wait a couple of weeks before trying to cook!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!  Sam is an excellent cook!

The one thing that I'm waiting for the most, is to be able to fix my hair....Of course, the doctor  said I needed to wait another week or so before I try to lift my arm above my head!  So guess what?  Right now I am sporting the most beautiful pony tail ever....It might be a little off to the side, but what can a girl expect when her hubby is not a licensed hair dresser?

Hey y'all.....I hope your day is as good as what mine has been so far....

Hugs and love to you all!!

shug ~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sunshades Required...

This I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD'S great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.
                                                         Lamentations 3:21-23 NIV

How thankful I am that HIS compassions never fail!  God...our Heavenly Father is full of Mercy and full of Grace!

There was a particular situation that happened yesterday, that caused me to spend some time reflecting back over my life......
It wasn't my intentions to put so much thought into the hard times that have come my way, but over and over again I had these difficulties that would pop into my mind....leaving me with a mood of discouragement.  (I still can't drive...think I need to get out)

Not once was I allowing my thoughts to be consumed with the happy times that have filled me with such fortunate joy during the past 58 years.  Then, the words....."Unique Creation" ......kept pressing at me...

I am  a "Unique Creation".......I am not like any other person in this world...I am ME! I am special to God....and HE loves me. 

Honestly, I began to see colors of ink falling upon me....I was encouraged to think about, and to write down the greatness in my life....Wouldn't you know it?  God allowed me to see things in a way that would bring glory to HIM....thank you Lord!

The very first thing that came to my mind was the color of red.....The blood of Jesus Christ!  HE died on the cross for me!!
How GREAT is this???  HE loved me, HE died for me....

Suddenly, the colors were just zooming all around me....Bright Pinks, Neon Greens, Yellows in many shades and even the color of WHITE!

These colors were filled with the anointing of Jesus Christ....Each one was sent to me to give me insight as to the Blessings that have come my way.....Each color spoke something different to my heart. 
No longer was I seeing darkness, but I could match a particular color to each sad thought that I was having.....

 You see, it has been through each of those tuff times, that my soul has drawn closer and closer to the Lord.  Through the sorrows of life, I have learned to Trust in the Lord...I have learned to lean on Him and to Fellowship with Him....   My canvas is being painted through each event of my life.....

Can I truly say that I am thankful for the dark times in life?  I certainly do not wish to go back to any of those days....

My desire is that when the dark times come....The bright colors of Hope will overpower any darkness that might try to pull me down.
I sure hope that When my canvas is finished.... it will be so bright with the colors of life and that there will be a sign that reads:  
"Sunshades required to view!"

God's Mercy is New Every Morning.....Great is HIS faithfulness!!


  I don't know how many of you are familiar with the famous "Sonic Fast Food Drive Thru Places?" " Sorry....I tried to up...