Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, August 17, 2012

Entertaining can be fun

Hey Y'all....I'm back at the hotel room, with my feet propped up and my computer sitting in my lap.  I have definitely enjoyed my day so far.  

I must admit that it started out a little up, got dressed and went down to breakfast with the love of my life (Sam)...Enjoyed a warm bowl of oats with toast and a nice hot cup of coffee...Headed back up to the room, where I slid back into my Pj's and spent the next few hours.....RELAXING!

I finally managed to get my face put on and get dressed so I could head over to the convention center...     Now, don't faint when I tell you this....but I actually walked over there instead of taking the shuttle.  YES, I walked about a block, out in the HOT downtown Houston... and I actually enjoyed it!

The amazing thing is, when you walk into this massive building, the fragrance from all the flowers and trees is simply takes over....There is such a sweetness in the air that just draws you in.

I want to take all the booths home with me and I can't!  Blooming flowers, shrubs and trees are everywhere.  Even "Christmas" trees!
In my mind, I have completely RE-landscaped my yard... with waterfalls, stone, and a huge assortment of flowers and palms.  NO BUDGET in mind!!  ha!

I have taken a few pictures with my iPhone and I hope to post some of them tomorrow....

Oh, I have to tell you about this kid that stopped by our booth today.
He was full of energy!!  Of course, my job was keeping him entertained while Sam sold nursery stock to his parents!  BUT....he was the one that kept me entertained.

This was actually a pretty smart kid, and I couldn't believe his vocabulary as he told me story after story.  As his parents were finishing up their order, he said to me:  "I tell some pretty good stories don't I?"  to which I replied:  "Well, yes you do.  You're pretty interesting to talk to."  

He then said:  "Well, I made em' all up....I'm good at doing that!"

I had to laugh, because he really had me going, talking about how he rode goats at the rodeo and how he won first place roping calves.  
By the way, he even sang me a song....."All my exes live in Texas."

What a great day it has been.....

As my mom would always say:  " Dress up and go to town!"
Shug ~


Dar said...

Shug, this was wonderful. I wondered if you did the conventions with your nursery business. You must have loved the visit from the youngster...he sounds just like my GrandLove, Sy, always a story to tell and so full of excess energy. If only we could harness just one days worth, I'd be young again.
BlessYourHeart and thanks for stopping

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Good for you, taking the walk instead of the shuttle. Hubby and I have been walking lately in the evenings. It's good for us and the dog is really appreciative. Plus, we're meeting so many of our neighbors.

Terra said...

Well that sounds like a really good day.

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