Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Memories of Summer Fun...

Just try to tell me this isn't FUN!

I am thrilled for the kids of today, to have such fun things to do.  Of course, when we were young  those old inner tubes brought us tons of fun as well.....

Do you remember those days....Inner tubes...swimming at the lake (I just had to play in the water because I couldn't swim)....slipping and sliding on a big sheet of plastic.  

I remember one year, my dad had these huge card board boxes and he had flattened em' out and placed them out on the lawn....We got dish washing liquid and spread it out all over the boxes...added water, and WOW...we had made some magic fun.

Then...there was this place called 
"Deadman's Hole." We spent many hours hanging out there.
It was just a place in the middle of a creek bank that we used as a swimming hole.   More fun than a barrel of monkeys....

My, how the days have changed...NOW, kids have swimming pools to swim in...clean fresh water mind you.  When they go to the lake, they have all kinds of gadgets to ride in (I haven't seen an inner tube on the lake in a long, long time)...and now, they have huge water slides to play on...

The great thing here is....I'm still a kid at heart and I can still play too!

How bout all of you have any special memories of summer fun?

Blessings Y'all....

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

That all sounds like fun! My mother was so overprotective I was hardly allowed to do anything. I guess our summer vacations with my grandparents were the best memories.

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