Tuesday, April 29, 2014



This is what pirates say....right?

I have no idea if Argh is suppose to be a good thing, or a sigh of anger.....In my case, argh is a word I use when I'm frustrated!!

I'm not sure as to what all might be packed into one of these here "Pirate Doctor Kit's" but what I do know is if it worked a little bit, then that would be more than what the real Dr's kit has worked last week and this week....

So, Tori was home sick last week......and guess what?   She is been home again this week.....SICK!

I took her to the Dr. last week, and......wouldn't you know it.....Her Doctor was OUT for the day.   We had to see another Dr.  who basically did nothing to help this child.    Oh wait, she did advise us to give Tori sudafed in order to help get rid of this "bug" she has had.  

Sudafed wasn't working and Tori felt bad....all weekend long.    What we did discover when Trista took her back to the Dr. on Monday is that Tori should have never been taking sudafed to start with.    Sudafed, mixed with another medication that Tori has to take.....can cause high blood pressure!!!!

Tori's pediatrician diagnosed her on Monday with a severe sinus infection and she started her on a antibiotic......

Monday night, Tori was up all most all night with a throbbing ear ache.   We called the Dr. again on Tuesday and guess what?  Tori's Dr. was out again.   Had to see yet another Dr.  

After checking her ears, this Dr. discovered that Tori's ear drum had burst!!!  Yep.......she had blood in her ear and every sound was echoing.  She is now on an ear drop and two other medications.   

Ear drops......without a coupon $150.00.....
Just so happens that our pharmacist was able to supply us with a coupon which reduced the price.    

Here's the part that got me.....to start with, Trista had to pay three different co-pays....a total of $90.00.....     This could have all been taken care of in one visit if...... at the  first appointment, she had been properly diagnosed and given the medication that she needed...

Second of all....the nurse made the comment to me that we were not giving this enough time for the antibiotic to start working....

Now, you all know that I am a smooth sailor....however, this made my blood pressure rise.   I did....in a very polite way inform this nurse that I thought a kid having to miss two weeks of school was plenty enough time.   I also told her that when a kid is up all night....crying with an ear ache.....then time doesn't matter.....

What matters is that she gets the proper care that she deserves.....

Wow.....OK.....my rant is over and yes, I do feel better.   I knew that YOU, my friends would understand my being unhappy!!

Pray that the meds quickly go to work and that Tori feels better soon!!


Hugs Y'all....
shug !

Monday, April 28, 2014

Prayers Answered

Praying that each of you are safe and are out of the path of this horrific storm.   

The weather in our area was predicted to be really BAD this past Sunday.......   All of the weather models were showing possibilities of hail that could reach baseball size, along with strong tornado alerts.   

Mylee Jo was so worried about this bad weather thing!  She heard a weather report and that is all it took to make her get upset.  Many prayers were sent up for God's protection.   Not only did we need protection for those living in this area, but when your living comes from farming......you need every single tree out in the fields to be protected as well.   Penny size hail can ruin a crop and baseball size hail would surely wipe us out.   

The clouds were heavy and dark at times, but this was about all that came our way.   Thank you Lord for prayers answered!   We did not even receive a single drop of rain!

I suppose that being a weather man is one of the few jobs that  when your wrong {Sometimes}......it can be a huge Blessing to others.

With all of this said, my heart is heavy for those whose homes have been destroyed.   Lives have been lost and many people have been injured.  

I continue to pray for these people....


Sunday, April 27, 2014

I can Feel you laughing.....

Good morning......our part of the Country is under some SEVERE weather warnings for the day!  Large Hail, strong winds, and possible tornadoes!!   Not the kind of day that I was hoping for, but I say...."Lets make the BEST of it"

Praying for NO HAIL....NO TORNADOES!!

I'm feeling a bit stove up this morning and my foot hurts like crazy!   Not to worry...it's not broken!  For those of you who follow me on FB, you know why I am feeling this way.....if you are not a follower of mine on FB, then let me explain.   

Week before last, my sweet Sam experienced one of those "Oh No" moments.   We were at one of Tyler's {our grandson} High School baseball games, when suddenly.....Sam fell to the ground.   The lawn chair that he was sitting in broke and it sent him falling without any notice.   

What did I do??   After I realized that he wasn't hurt physically {mentally....I'm not so sure} I couldn't help but laugh!!  Yes, I said LAUGH...    What is it about people falling, that makes it so funny?  

Me, Sam and the rest of the "Bear" fans had a fun time with Sam's fall.   Aside from the BEARS beating Canton 19 to 8, this was what made the evening very entertaining....

This past Friday.....I had a luncheon to attend.   This was a big luncheon with about 150 ladies in attendance.   As I arrived at the place, I noticed that the parking lot was FULL.  No problem....there was an extended parking area just down from the paved area.  A rock parking area!!!

I get out of my car and I immediately notice that the  wedge shoes that I'm wearing was not working out very well with the rocks...   Not only were my shoes wedge shoes, but they were about three inch high wedge shoes!!!

I SLOWLY make it over to the paved concrete and I remember thinking.....Wow, that was difficult!!  The next thing I know....I'm falling to the ground!  One...lost....single....rock, had found it's way onto the pavement and it just so happened to be underneath my shoe.

"High" wedge shoes and rocks do not mix well.....  I'm not talking about pea size gravel...I'm talking about quarter size rocks.     I honestly could not believe that in a matter of moments, I was spread out all over that pavement.

I was so hoping that no one saw me.....but, I was wrong.   A lady came waking past me on her walker and she never, not once looked down or said "Honey, or you OK?"

She walked right past me as if I didn't exist!!   Before I know it, here comes another lady and she is screaming....are you Ok?   I'm thinking..."No, I'm not OK and why do you have to scream.....I'm trying to be low key here."

I get up....dust myself off.....pick up everything that went flying out of my purse....and I put those stinking shoes back on.   By the time I get to the door....I quickly find that the woman's scream had caught a lot of attention!   Several ladies were feeling bad for me and I'm pretty sure they could tell that my pride was hurt the most!!

I promptly found my seat and thank goodness, it was a super nice, comfy chair.   In spite of my accident, I thoroughly enjoyed the luncheon.

I was sore Friday night....I was more sore yesterday....and to my surprise, I hurt all over last night!  Hopefully, I'll feel better today.    

My advice!!!!!   Never laugh at someone when they fall.....it could come back to haunt you!!

I can feel you laughing!!!!!   LOL.

Shug ~

Friday, April 25, 2014

Face Book/Sunshine!

It is truly a beautiful day.....sun rays are strongly making their way through my windows.  I can only wish that the windows were CLEAN!

My heart is Blessed by the sweet mornings here in East Texas.  One step outside during the early hours of the day, makes me feel like I'm bathing in a huge pool of fragrant bliss...

If I wake up early enough to step outside before the sun comes up, then I can usually catch a memory of my childhood days.   There is no sweeter smell than the smell of living in the country.  This is what my senses capture on those EARLY morning outings.

My gorgeous roses!!

It's gonna be a great sun shiny day!!


Did you know that just by reading Face Book, you can really find out a WHOLE lot about those that are your friends.   If you look closely and read between the lines {comments}......you can really see what they are really like!!    Just try it sometimes....analyze their words.   Do you see more critical words and griping, or....do you feel their love for people in the words they write?  

A simple comment can show the real feelings that people have!

Some people are using Face Book as their "RANT" column..... no problem for me....I just delete anyone who has a constant flow of negativity.  Honestly....what bothers me is when people allow the silliest things to become their claptrap!  

On the other hand.... I have many friends who are so uplifting.... on a daily basis.    Their comments are wonderful and their hearts are filled with lovely character.   This is so refreshing!!

The simplest shout out of encouraging words can really make a person's day......

I prefer to keep my Face Book page a happy place to visit!!

Hope you all enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has made...


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Are you a Night Owl

                           I don't know about you, but I  


bedtime and my nice comfy BED!!

It happens to be 9:00 P.M. here in East Texas
and you would not believe how much I'm yawning!!

What time is your Bedtime?

Do you stay up late at night or should I say, do you stay up into the early morning hours?  Are you a night owl?


are you like me?
I get excited as the clock gets close to 10:00 P.M.

I think I'll call it a day!!  


Monday, April 21, 2014

Dressing Up....

Hi Y'all.....I've been busy....how about the rest of you?
I know you have...    I'm ready to spend more time on my blog and hopefully I'll get to do just that...this week!!

I love seeing family pictures at Easter.  I enjoy seeing the new outfits that everyone is wearing....{I missed getting a picture of Shan and her family..makes me sad}

Just a little "Bunny Hop"

It has been wonderful seeing so many of our special friends and families on my Face Book page.....They have all been dressed up in their Easter Frolics and taking family photos!

This got me to thinking!!

Where did all of this start?   Why do we Dress up on Easter?  

I remember the Can Cans that my mom always had for my sister and I to wear on Easter morning....under our dress!!

Do y'all remember them?  

We were always decked out.....new dress, new shoes, hat, little purse and sometimes....gloves.

My brothers always had new outfits on as well.
Cute little pants, new shoes, dress shirt,  and Bow tie/reg. tie....

Can I tell you.....as a child, this was lots and lots of fun!!

I have not researched "Why we buy new clothes at Easter" but I do think it's something that would be interesting to read about.

I believe that one reason is because back in the days, most middle class families only bought new clothes a couple times a year and with Easter being during the Spring months....it was reason to buy new outfits.  

I do know that there once was a traditional Easter Parade held each year in NY.    Women, wore Easter Bonnets and the finest apparel that they could find.

"In Your Easter Bonnet 
with all the thrills upon it
You'll be the grandest lady in
the Easter Parade"

I don't know about you, but I have seen some gorgeous Easter Bonnets in the past....  

I think that one of the biggest differences these days is that most of us buy and wear new clothes on a regular basis.  

This makes our Easter outfit become......no big deal!!

Another thing is......Easter represents life!  New beginnings....new HOPE and I suppose  new clothes....

How about the rest of you....do you have any thoughts or input on this particular topic?

I'd love to hear what you think....

Shug ~ 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three Little Kittens.....

The Three little kittens....they lost their mittens!

How good are you at knowing all of  the old nursery rhyme's? 

I had forgotten so many of them until this past Tuesday evening, when I attended a Kindergarten play at Mylee Jo's school....

These are the cutest kittens that I have ever seen!!!

The kids were adorable!!  I loved seeing all of their expressions during each song.

                                   "Little Jack Horner"

                      Not sure what they were singer here!

Just one of the three little pigs....Isn't he so cute?

"Star Light, Star Bright"

"Mary had a Little Lamb" .....in this case, she had two!!

"Rub a dub, dub.....Three men in a tub"

so, so cute!

"The Three Little Kittens"

We have been singing this song for months now......

The good thing about having your own blog.....is being able to post lots of pictures of your own grandchild!!!!!!

I would say that these little 5 and 6 year old kids did a pretty awesome job.......and so did their music teacher!!  

See ya tomorrow!!

shug ~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We are Destined.....To...

Did you know that we are not appointed to health, nor to happiness?   We are destined to holiness and our purpose here on earth, is to serve the Lord!!

In today's busy world, we are constantly looking for ways to gain happiness through selfish desires.  This is a "Material" world that we are raising our families in.  It's a "I want, I want" kind of place.

It is so easy to get caught up in this rat race without even intending to do so.   The newest cell phone is never enough....we want to be the one driving the newest car.....
The most important thing in life,  is fulfilling our own happiness!!

Is this what the Lord intended?  Our sole purpose for being on this earth, is to serve the Lord!!  How can we do this?

The word says: "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another"  "By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"
                                               John 13:34-35

To serve God, starts with our own family.......we are to love and support one another....We are to endlessly give of ourselves to our family members.   We are to make God the center of our home.

Our hearts need to be full of love for one another!!  Willing to make a sacrifice for our children.....and children need to learn to make sacrifices for each other.

We serve God when we give of our tithes and offerings!  Our tithes (which belongs to God anyways) goes to build God's kingdom here on earth.   It helps to spread the word of God to other Countries all across this planet.  It helps to feed the hungry.

Serving God means being a friend to those who are hard to be a friend to.   We do not know the kinds of things that others have to endure....but, we can give a smile or give a hug to a person who we may pass on the street.

Talents?  We all have a talent!!  We are to use our talents in ways that will bring glory to our Lord and Savior!  

Holiness means absolute purity in our walk with God.....this means every thought that we think....every word that comes from our mouth....bringing every detail of our life to God in order that we may seek HIS will.

Asking God's Blessings to encourage you today!!

Shug ~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Experience the Seasons


We all have Seasons that we walk through in life....even in our Faith, we have Seasons.  None....not one of us are perfect in our Faith, so therefore we experience seasons that make us stronger.    


One of these seasons, is the "Harvest" season.   This is considered to be a Favorite season for all.  Should it be??  Showers of Blessings fall upon us.  We feel encouraged to invite friends to Church....we express joy in our lives.....we walk close to the Lord and we eagerly pray and seek HIS fellowship.  We serve God with a willing heart.

Next, we have the season of the "Valley."   We find ourselves walking in a deep dark valley and we are covered with fear.

If we are not careful, we can find our hearts being filled with bitterness, pride, jealousy, and a loss of Hope.

On the other hand....this is the time when many people desperately reach out to God.   In the good times, we simply ignore daily devotions and we feel that WE can handle everything by ourselves.    BUT, when the valleys fall underneath our feet....all we know to do is to call out to God.

And then.....there is the "Desert" season.   This is when a feeling of dryness consumes our whole being.  We see nothing but failures and it seems that God is far away.  What is it that causes us to find ourselves deep in the middle of dry sinking sand?  

Discontentment?  Sin?  Worldly things?  Could these be some of the reasons that we feel so distant from God?  Often, we look to self fulfilling purposes in living....OR, we find that we have no direction to go.   

I am miserable when I live in the desert season.....  God has not gone anywhere....HE is still here.  I am the one who strays away!!

Deliberate sins are the worse!!!   When the Holy Spirit convicts me, I feel pain in my soul.  I instantly feel shame and remorse..... I also feel like a complete failure.   

These kinds of feelings make me want to hide from God.   How can I seek HIM, how can I have a close relationship with GOD when I know that I have disappointed  HIM?

There have been many times when I have hung my head low when seeking God and HIS forgiveness.   But....scriptures says that we are to come Boldly to the throne of Grace.....

Thank you Lord for your Mercy and for your Grace!!

Praying that each of you are receiving showers of Blessings this day!!

shug ~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Things I've learned this week.....

"I've Been Everywhere".....an old song that Johnny Cash once sang!

I do believe that this song applies to me...for this week!  Even though I've not left the big state of Texas....I have certainly made a lot of events.   And....I have learned a lot about life!!!

I now can say that I have officially been to a "Pig Show!"
Last evening was a first for Sam and I......and I can tell you that we both truly enjoyed seeing {what seemed to be a gazillion} pigs being driven by their owners into an arena, in hopes of winning the judges likes.

First up was our "Pumpkin Roll".....this was Tyler's red pig!  Unfortunately, this pig had some issues {like a mini stroke} about three weeks ago and was still not able to walk well at the show.....SO, Pumpkin Roll will be going to the slaughter house.

Next up was "Theo"......Tori's pig.
Tyler showed her pig because Tori was uncomfortable in not knowing exactly what to do.....Next year, she will be able to show her own pig.

Well.....after a very long wait.....the judge chose Theo as the 3rd place pig in this division.

Now, Theo will go to the big sale on Saturday!!

The above picture is of Tucker, Carol {the lady he purchased his piggie from} and .......GUS.

Gus was awarded eighth place in his division and he too will be going to the sell this coming Saturday.

Our high school FFA and the 4H club was well represented at the livestock show.    It is great to see how these kids really put their all into showing their pigs and other livestock.

I find it amazing that these kids are learning so much while participating in this program.  It teaches them  responsibility and it also teaches them about the business aspect of making or losing money.

Tyler and his cousin, Jake......at the show!

Oh what a week this has been......I not only have learned all about showing pigs, but I have also learned how to drive a golf cart and keep the thing on the path.....by the end of the golf day, I even knew how to put the golf cart in reverse!!!
       {this is another story by itself}

I've learned that in Redneck Country......if your school mascot is an ELK.....you can most certainly have a STUFFED animal hanging on the gym wall......

I've also learned that kids can still have fun after school.....
eating snow cones, riding bikes, swinging, and riding an old metal horse that is 18 years old.    All it takes is for parents and grandparents to spend a little extra time giving them these opportunities to be a kid and have fun.

Life is good!!

Hugs to you all....
Shug ~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Addicted Grandma....Turtle soup anyone??

I'm kidding you not.....it was a BUSY day on Tuesday.  Who am I kidding....it was a BUSY day today!

I now know what it feels like to be in Wind Tunnel.   The first thing that I did when I got into my car yesterday afternoon, was to look in the mirror and see if I still had hair on my head.  

I'm what you call an "Addicted Grandma!"  I'm addicted to my Grandchildren!! 

I spent 5 hours on the golf course yesterday, with this handsome dude!!


I loved every minute of it!

the wind was blowing about 35/40 miles per hour and by the time  the golf tournament was over.....I felt like I had been whipped.   When I looked in the mirror, I could clearly see that my hair WAS still on my head, but it was a MESS!!!

While on the course....not only did I get to watch my favorite High School golfer play, but I also was able to enjoy the surroundings....It was beautiful out there...

I got home around 3:00 in the afternoon......just in time to shower, get dressed.....and head out to Tori's Regional Basketball tournament in Elkhart, Texas...

Her game lasted 2 hours!!!  OMGoodness....this is a LONG time for a Little Dribblers basketball game!!  Got home last night around 11:45...

It was a long day and evening...but what is time when it comes to loving our babies??

shug ~  

Anyone want some turtle soup??

Monday, April 7, 2014

Great to be a Winner....

Happy Me!   I'm a winner!!   Yes.....It is true...I won a $50.00 gift card to LaurieAnna's......located in Canton Texas.

I would invite you to visit LaurieAnna's.com and see for yourself, just how cute this shop is!   

If you get the opportunity.....Stop by and have yourself in this wonderful shop.....I promise you will love it!!

Let me show you what I came away with.....   I may (wink) have spent a little bit more than $50.00 dollars!!!!!!

Adorable!!!!!   to say the least!!

This is such a neat tray.....  I can assure you that I will be writing all kinds of uplifting words on this little tray!!
And....it's perfect for messages!!

This picture makes me want to do a "High Kick".... {that would be something to see}

Not only do I love the chickens.....but this frame is most definitely my style.....   {old looking}

Bought these gorgeous, yellow pears!!   The brightness in the color....made this corner of my kitchen "POP"

Isn't this the cutest banner?   My heart is full of joy right now!!

Super sweet!!

I love being a winner.......

Shug ~

A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...