Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Are you a Night Owl

                           I don't know about you, but I  


bedtime and my nice comfy BED!!

It happens to be 9:00 P.M. here in East Texas
and you would not believe how much I'm yawning!!

What time is your Bedtime?

Do you stay up late at night or should I say, do you stay up into the early morning hours?  Are you a night owl?


are you like me?
I get excited as the clock gets close to 10:00 P.M.

I think I'll call it a day!!  



  1. It is 7:30 p.m. here in California as I read this, and I start to read at about this time. Then at 9 or 10 I enjoy talk radio, often Coast to Coast a.m. with George Noory as host. My dh and I watch a recorded tv show before we read. Have a peaceful night's sleep.

  2. Hey,it's a rare day that you will find me up much after 10pm.Its early to bed and early to rise for this girl.

  3. WELL, now that you asked...ever since I was a kid, I loved to stay up late and felt bad in the morning. My mom had a fit getting me up for school. I really feel that lots of the time, our internal clocks are set as a child. I cannot go to bed before 2:00 A.M. and I sleep past noon. I feel just awful in the morning. Of course this causes many problems at times, but it is just who I am!!

  4. We are creatures of habit here. We stay up and watch the news --and head to bed about 11 p.m. Then--we are usually up about 7:30 a.m. at the latest....

    I used to be a HUGE night-owl ---and could easily stay up much later... NO MORE.... ha


  5. I love my comfy bed an it starts calling my name at 11 o'clock, then some nights i am a night owl who cannot turn the mind off, up half the night, lol, I know its morning now, I hope you slept well, my friend,

  6. Nope--too early for me even though I work full time.
    If I go to bed before 10:30, I am
    probably awake again at Midnight and then I am wide awake and NOT
    very happy about it.

    M :)

  7. I like to be in bed by 8 or so. I have never been a night owl by any means. (except for the wide-awake problems I am having between 1-3 am right now)

  8. Sadly, I've started getting ready for bed by 9PM, sometimes 8. But I don't actually go to bed until 10. I do look forward to climbing in the bed every evening. Never thought that would happen since I used to be such a night owl. Hope you have a nice, restful sleep tonight, sweet Shug!

  9. I'm asleep between 10-10:30PM and up no later than 5:30 AM. Love the early morning!

  10. Me too! I get tired early. Probably because I get up so early. I love mornings, and hearing the robins start singing. I do wish I could sleep without waking up so much tho!

  11. I have always been a night owl and rarely get to bed before midnight. I used to be able to get up by 7 at the latest, but now I find I'm sleeping in longer if my bladder will let me. haha! If I've had a particularly hard day, work-wise, I go to bed earlier. I've been known to stay up very late if I'm in the middle of a good book I can't put down!

  12. I am definitely not a night owl, in bed around 9:00 so that I can get up before the crack of dawn and drink my coffee and read before the day starts. My mom always said I got up so early because I was afraid I would miss something! Have a great evening, Shug!


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