Monday, April 21, 2014

Dressing Up....

Hi Y'all.....I've been about the rest of you?
I know you have...    I'm ready to spend more time on my blog and hopefully I'll get to do just that...this week!!

I love seeing family pictures at Easter.  I enjoy seeing the new outfits that everyone is wearing....{I missed getting a picture of Shan and her family..makes me sad}

Just a little "Bunny Hop"

It has been wonderful seeing so many of our special friends and families on my Face Book page.....They have all been dressed up in their Easter Frolics and taking family photos!

This got me to thinking!!

Where did all of this start?   Why do we Dress up on Easter?  

I remember the Can Cans that my mom always had for my sister and I to wear on Easter morning....under our dress!!

Do y'all remember them?  

We were always decked dress, new shoes, hat, little purse and sometimes....gloves.

My brothers always had new outfits on as well.
Cute little pants, new shoes, dress shirt,  and Bow tie/reg. tie....

Can I tell a child, this was lots and lots of fun!!

I have not researched "Why we buy new clothes at Easter" but I do think it's something that would be interesting to read about.

I believe that one reason is because back in the days, most middle class families only bought new clothes a couple times a year and with Easter being during the Spring was reason to buy new outfits.  

I do know that there once was a traditional Easter Parade held each year in NY.    Women, wore Easter Bonnets and the finest apparel that they could find.

"In Your Easter Bonnet 
with all the thrills upon it
You'll be the grandest lady in
the Easter Parade"

I don't know about you, but I have seen some gorgeous Easter Bonnets in the past....  

I think that one of the biggest differences these days is that most of us buy and wear new clothes on a regular basis.  

This makes our Easter outfit big deal!!

Another thing is......Easter represents life!  New HOPE and I suppose  new clothes....

How about the rest of you have any thoughts or input on this particular topic?

I'd love to hear what you think....

Shug ~ 


  1. even though we were brought up in different countries miles and miles apart sounds like we grew up the same, Easter clothes were a big part of Easter an I do remember still wearing a at when I was 6, we still dress up for church Easter Sunday, but no gloves or hats, you have a beautiful family, I just love love the bunny hop photo!!

  2. Lovely picture! they look so happy and gorgeous all dressed up!
    Mary x

  3. Your family pic is great, love the bunny hop!

    I've never heard of can cans, we always called them crinolines and always a new one at Easter. :-)

    The "new clothes thing" could be a symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus, about rebirth, new clothing along the same kind of thinking--a renewal of life, a time for celebration.

    Have a great rest of the week, Shug, and stay busy!!!

  4. By the way, you really know how to hurt a person! I am drooling over those cookies. My gosh! I'm ticked because I can't reach in and grab 2 or 3!!! :-)

  5. I remember Mom getting me and my sister new outfits for Easter,or I should say,sewing us new outfits.The shoes,new white socks,hat and gloves were a must on Sunday morning.I didn't like the hat back then and I still don't like wearing a hat,even a sun hat.

  6. Times have changed so much --and people don't dress up much anymore for church.. I love seeing them all dressed up on Easter....

    I used to always have a new dress, shoes, hat and GLOVES.... AND--I had a flower to put on my dress... I remember some years that it was too cold for my new dress --but I usually wore it anyhow (and froze to death)... ha ha

    These days, I have so few 'church clothes' ---so just alternate them week by week... I just don't spend money on clothes anymore.


  7. Well, Paul does speak about putting on new clothes, and represents changes and feeling like changing clothes. LOVE your pretty family pictures! And your pretty yellow and red.

  8. Beautiful family! I remember always looking forward to a new Easter outfit and back in those days, we also wore a hat and gloves. My two brothers always had new shirts and dress pants and a tie. Most people have so many clothes now that buying something new isn't much of a treat, is it? Have a great week!

  9. Easter brings back memories of my mother sewing outfits for her, my sister, and me. We all matched. Patent leather shoes and purses, too. Your family photos are so great. You've been getting lots of use out of your camera, I see. :)


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