Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We are Destined.....To...

Did you know that we are not appointed to health, nor to happiness?   We are destined to holiness and our purpose here on earth, is to serve the Lord!!

In today's busy world, we are constantly looking for ways to gain happiness through selfish desires.  This is a "Material" world that we are raising our families in.  It's a "I want, I want" kind of place.

It is so easy to get caught up in this rat race without even intending to do so.   The newest cell phone is never enough....we want to be the one driving the newest car.....
The most important thing in life,  is fulfilling our own happiness!!

Is this what the Lord intended?  Our sole purpose for being on this earth, is to serve the Lord!!  How can we do this?

The word says: "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another"  "By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"
                                               John 13:34-35

To serve God, starts with our own family.......we are to love and support one another....We are to endlessly give of ourselves to our family members.   We are to make God the center of our home.

Our hearts need to be full of love for one another!!  Willing to make a sacrifice for our children.....and children need to learn to make sacrifices for each other.

We serve God when we give of our tithes and offerings!  Our tithes (which belongs to God anyways) goes to build God's kingdom here on earth.   It helps to spread the word of God to other Countries all across this planet.  It helps to feed the hungry.

Serving God means being a friend to those who are hard to be a friend to.   We do not know the kinds of things that others have to endure....but, we can give a smile or give a hug to a person who we may pass on the street.

Talents?  We all have a talent!!  We are to use our talents in ways that will bring glory to our Lord and Savior!  

Holiness means absolute purity in our walk with God.....this means every thought that we think....every word that comes from our mouth....bringing every detail of our life to God in order that we may seek HIS will.

Asking God's Blessings to encourage you today!!

Shug ~


  1. Yes Shug, I agree! People who say they have no gifts, well of course they DO. We need to pray and ask God to somehow show us. Our goal is to be like Jesus! Well, we never can, but as close as possible.

  2. Always such encouragement from you, Shug!

  3. Shug, I always told my girls when growing up they were created to bring glory to God.. He needs nothing else but for our lives to bring glory to Him with the exception of our Praise..Jesus was the ultimate example...he served the poor the needy the hurting..He had no earthly family nor did Paul...Luke 4:18-19.. Is Jesus life literally in written word...You are so right, we base our lives as Christians on the world...does not work that way.. we are to base the way we live our lives on how Jesus lived...thanks for reminding me to strive toward holiness...Blessings!

  4. Oh how this speaks to me! Not bragging, but I recently went shopping with a certain someone who challenges my nerves. I had other things to do and really did not want to go, but I obeyed what I felt was God's urging. And you know what? It was a delightful day. Sometimes we just need to be obedient and put aside ourselves. Thank you, Shug, for the reinforcement to do what is right and good for others.

  5. it is so true - it is SO easy to get caught up in all that "stuff" and forget the most important things.
    Mary x


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