Sunday, April 27, 2014

I can Feel you laughing.....

Good morning......our part of the Country is under some SEVERE weather warnings for the day!  Large Hail, strong winds, and possible tornadoes!!   Not the kind of day that I was hoping for, but I say...."Lets make the BEST of it"

Praying for NO HAIL....NO TORNADOES!!

I'm feeling a bit stove up this morning and my foot hurts like crazy!   Not to's not broken!  For those of you who follow me on FB, you know why I am feeling this way.....if you are not a follower of mine on FB, then let me explain.   

Week before last, my sweet Sam experienced one of those "Oh No" moments.   We were at one of Tyler's {our grandson} High School baseball games, when suddenly.....Sam fell to the ground.   The lawn chair that he was sitting in broke and it sent him falling without any notice.   

What did I do??   After I realized that he wasn't hurt physically {mentally....I'm not so sure} I couldn't help but laugh!!  Yes, I said LAUGH...    What is it about people falling, that makes it so funny?  

Me, Sam and the rest of the "Bear" fans had a fun time with Sam's fall.   Aside from the BEARS beating Canton 19 to 8, this was what made the evening very entertaining....

This past Friday.....I had a luncheon to attend.   This was a big luncheon with about 150 ladies in attendance.   As I arrived at the place, I noticed that the parking lot was FULL.  No problem....there was an extended parking area just down from the paved area.  A rock parking area!!!

I get out of my car and I immediately notice that the  wedge shoes that I'm wearing was not working out very well with the rocks...   Not only were my shoes wedge shoes, but they were about three inch high wedge shoes!!!

I SLOWLY make it over to the paved concrete and I remember thinking.....Wow, that was difficult!!  The next thing I know....I'm falling to the ground!  One...lost....single....rock, had found it's way onto the pavement and it just so happened to be underneath my shoe.

"High" wedge shoes and rocks do not mix well.....  I'm not talking about pea size gravel...I'm talking about quarter size rocks.     I honestly could not believe that in a matter of moments, I was spread out all over that pavement.

I was so hoping that no one saw me.....but, I was wrong.   A lady came waking past me on her walker and she never, not once looked down or said "Honey, or you OK?"

She walked right past me as if I didn't exist!!   Before I know it, here comes another lady and she is screaming....are you Ok?   I'm thinking..."No, I'm not OK and why do you have to scream.....I'm trying to be low key here."

I get up....dust myself off.....pick up everything that went flying out of my purse....and I put those stinking shoes back on.   By the time I get to the door....I quickly find that the woman's scream had caught a lot of attention!   Several ladies were feeling bad for me and I'm pretty sure they could tell that my pride was hurt the most!!

I promptly found my seat and thank goodness, it was a super nice, comfy chair.   In spite of my accident, I thoroughly enjoyed the luncheon.

I was sore Friday night....I was more sore yesterday....and to my surprise, I hurt all over last night!  Hopefully, I'll feel better today.    

My advice!!!!!   Never laugh at someone when they could come back to haunt you!!

I can feel you laughing!!!!!   LOL.

Shug ~


  1. I did read this on FB ---and really, did NOT laugh at you... BUT--I've done what you did: laughed at someone else and then the same thing happened to me... I got paid back BIGTIME... SO--these days, I 'try' not to laugh at others --and 'try' not to CRY when I'm embarrassed like that... Hope you are okay, my friend.

  2. I go for comfort in shoes, no three inch soles or heels for me. I am glad you are healing from that nasty fall.

  3. No,I'm not laughing now or as I read it on Facebook. I can feel your soreness.It seems to hurt more and take longer to heal as the years add up.Did I just say that? Oh well,I refuse to grow up no matter what the numbers say. Have a great day my friend.

  4. I am defiantly NOT laughing because I have had several BAD falls. SO glad that yours ended up being not really bad. If it still hurts in a week, you should go to a doctor... speaking of that, Phil ran the car up over a HUGE rock the other day and I thought we were goners. People stared with their mouths open and stopped their cars. A trip to the garage tomorrow is in order. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE coming here and seeing what your gorgeous new header is and reading about your adventures!

  5. well I hope you heal quickly, sometimes we hurt more a few days later, we don't fall as well as once did, I think its because we don't bounce!We just sort of splat!

  6. Oh no! Glad that you both survived your falls!

  7. Oh, I'm not laughing...I know what it's like to do that and yes,,embarrassing! And those misplaced rocks should be outlawed! They have caused so many problems over the years, we watch for them ever since we saw a dear friend fall. Glad your hubby was ok too..

    Blessings and get better real soon...

  8. I'm laughing, but not at you, just the way you told the story. And yes, karma often comes back swiftly for her payback. Sorry that happened, but glad nothing is sprained or broken.


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