Friday, April 25, 2014

Face Book/Sunshine!

It is truly a beautiful day.....sun rays are strongly making their way through my windows.  I can only wish that the windows were CLEAN!

My heart is Blessed by the sweet mornings here in East Texas.  One step outside during the early hours of the day, makes me feel like I'm bathing in a huge pool of fragrant bliss...

If I wake up early enough to step outside before the sun comes up, then I can usually catch a memory of my childhood days.   There is no sweeter smell than the smell of living in the country.  This is what my senses capture on those EARLY morning outings.

My gorgeous roses!!

It's gonna be a great sun shiny day!!


Did you know that just by reading Face Book, you can really find out a WHOLE lot about those that are your friends.   If you look closely and read between the lines {comments} can really see what they are really like!!    Just try it sometimes....analyze their words.   Do you see more critical words and griping, you feel their love for people in the words they write?  

A simple comment can show the real feelings that people have!

Some people are using Face Book as their "RANT" column..... no problem for me....I just delete anyone who has a constant flow of negativity.  Honestly....what bothers me is when people allow the silliest things to become their claptrap!  

On the other hand.... I have many friends who are so uplifting.... on a daily basis.    Their comments are wonderful and their hearts are filled with lovely character.   This is so refreshing!!

The simplest shout out of encouraging words can really make a person's day......

I prefer to keep my Face Book page a happy place to visit!!

Hope you all enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has made...



  1. Thanks for doing your part to be uplifting and encouraging.

  2. Your roses are gorgeous, Shug!! And so is your new header, I always love checking it out. This post makes me want to run outside and stay till dark!

  3. Looks like Texas is blooming - gorgeous roses - and yes, I have noticed that about Facebook!

  4. I do the same with FB. If people get bothersome/negative....I just delete them. Life is hard enough without that kind of stuff! lol

  5. Gosh Girlie, Why are you showing those yummy foods on your sidebar????? Dang---makes me hungry and I can't have them!!!!! Dang!

    I love FB also ---and try to stay positive MOST of the time. Occasionally, I have my rants --but try to keep them at a minimum... I do love comments and pay almost no attention to who checks 'like'--since many times, they don't even read my post..... I'm the same way with blogs. I love the comments on MY blog. I never go back to one's blog to read any comments they leave on their blog... I also don't see the need for emails thanking me for coming --instead of coming to my blog and commenting on it... Oh Well.... Tis Life... (See--I'm about to rant now... ha)


  6. I am anxiously awaiting for my five lilac bushes to bloom in the gardens. The fresh scent brings back memories of my Gram and our someplace. Your roses are beautiful. To put it boldly I have found that FB can be used as the devils playground. When my son was killed there was no need to read between the lines. It was commented right out. These comments were very hurtful. Since his death I have found some are not interested in a friendship but have used it to try and gain information. I have deleted friends for this reason. My son's death is not for their gossip. On the other hand there are sincere friends also. Thank God for those.

  7. The negativity on FB is one thing that keeps me off sometimes. If I ever start turning into a negative Nelly, please let me know! FB used to give you the option to "mute" certain types of post. Now they only allow you to mute the person entirely or unfriend. The only time I unfriend is if someone starts ranting against God. My heart cannot take that. You always share something positive, Shug, and for that I am thankful. Hope you have a GREAT weekend full of blessings.

  8. I agree with A Primitive Homestead's comment. For some- FB is a devil's playground. Your roses are beautiful- I hope you are not in the path for this storm tomorrow- I'm northwest of you and I am..This weather is crazy and I need a hidey hole!

  9. Hi Shug, it was a nice day here too with both sunshine and a little rain shower. I picked a big bouquet of lilacs in my yard. Their scent transports me back to my childhood because I used to hide under a lilac bush when we kids were playing!

    I don't have FB and probably won't ever sign up because I just don't have time for it. I hear enough about FB from my daughter. lol! There are many who want to friend her but are not "real" friends. I think they just want to be nosy! I often think you can tell a lot about people by reading between the lines, too, but also sometimes by what they DON'T say as well as what they do say.

    Hope you don't get any of that severe weather they are predicting. Or us, either! Stay safe and enjoy your Sunday.


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