Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sparkle, Sparkle

A few months ago, Sam and I traveled to McKinney Texas for a day of antique shopping.  If you love to shop antiques.....this is a must go place.  The shop owners are very sweet and they go out of their way to find those unusual pieces that one doesn't find just anywhere.  A lot of unique antiques!!

"Don't let anyone DULL your Sparkle"

On this particular downtown McKinney......I found a sign with these words painted on it!  
It was adorable.....a wooden plank, painted, and decorated with the cutest of diamonds!
Not real diamonds.....but they sure did sparkle!

I contemplated buying the sign......but then was distracted by the clock.....the time said it was well past eating time.....PLUS, a cute little sandwich shop that was just next door.

Guess what I chose to do at that moment?  That's right......grab a sandwich!

We finished eating and as we left the sandwich shop....we automatically turned the opposite direction from where I had seen the sign.  So, guess what?   No Sign was purchased!

I know why I really liked this's because I know that in today's world.....that is full of negativity....we must stay focused and never let anyone steal our Joy....It reminded me of what God has given me, which it the ability to shine like a STAR.

We are designed to sparkle!  God has given us all that we need to be able to shine!  We can choose to smile.....we can choose to laugh.....we can choose to bring out the Best of others.  We have the ability to discard DRAMA in our lives and we also can choose to see good in everything.
Remember the song....."This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine!"    Most of us learned this as a child and we need to keep it etched in our brain....TO LET OUR LIGHT SHINE!

I want to be reminded each day, not to let anyone DULL my sparkle.......SO, I think I'll start myself a new project...


I hope you all have an AMAZINGLY GOOD DAY and that you won't let anyone Dull your Sparkle!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outside my kitchen window......

Outside my kitchen window this morning......

The weather is quiet chilly this morning, but I do see some signs that Spring is about to chase us down.
After two or three days of the wind blowing like CRAZY.....I am thrilled to see some kind of calmness outside.  I can take the cold weather and the rain, but when the wind is blowing with a fierce personality......then all I want to do is to stay inside.  Honestly, the wind makes my head swim!

These little jewels are still holding their heads up high.  How?  I do not know.  At times, I thought that the wind was going to snap them right into.  Their petals were not even damaged.

On the other hand.....this poor tulip tree just could not hold all of it's delicate blooms.
A few were left clinging to the branches, but underneath the looks like a sea of lavender.

The howling winds had NO hold on this school bus....I love living in a small town and being able to see the school buses as they travel down the streets, to deliver the precious cargo to each campus.

I can see the wild pear trees in full bloom......(The winds didn't harm these blooms)
And this my sweet friends is how I know that Spring is on it's way.
When the country side is painted with white....then, you just know that it won't be long until the grass turns green and the trees begin to break open with new life.

Do you see it?  Touches of green are already blanketing the bar ditches....

I love it!  Spring is on it's way!!

Have a fun day!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stronger Than Ever

Woo Hoo......My decorating skills are coming excitement is stronger than ever and I can't wait to make the changes that I want to make!!

For the past few months, I haven't had the desire to be all.  This is so not like me!  I can truthfully say that decorating makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!

I am so happy with the choices I made when re-doing our kitchen....I know that I posted about it when the kitchen was first completed, but yesterday was actually the first time that I have utilized my abilities to change things around in the kitchen.

Most of the cabinets are not attached to the walls....They are each separate pieces that I can move around in order for me to change my kitchen up... if and when I need to.
I just did not want the same old, same I opted to use different pieces of furniture!

I seriously have a problem with liking to change things up and this is the exact reason that I decided to go with the pieces of furniture in my kitchen...This works great for me!

The other side of the kitchen....

Love my round table!!

As you can see....I like Red!  I'm trying to decide on another color to add to this living area....Will it be shades of turquoise or shades of green?  Not sure yet...

I really want to paint this wall....should I or should I not????

I have much that I want to do and I can't wait to see how it all turns out....

I'll keep you posted on the changes I make!!

Warm hugs...


Friday, February 22, 2013

Another One Down.....

For Real......No hugs if you have bugs!!

Got another one down with the FLU bug...

First it was Carson, then Mylee Jo and now Tucker...this big ol' bad bug is making it's way through the grandkids and it really is having no mercy on any of them.

When the kids came by this morning for breakfast, Tucker's cheeks were totally flushed and he said he was aching all, he had fever.  This meant a trip in to see the doctor and sure enough, the test results were positive.......he has the flu.
Tucker had his flu shot back in early November, but evidently it didn't work...

I checked with the doctor to see if someone could catch the flu twice in a season, and.......he assured me that you could depending upon the strain of flu that a person had and what other kind they were exposed to.    YIKES!!  

Tucker started his tamiflu pack today and hopefully this will reduce the length of time and the severity that the flu bug seems to be punching out. 

Hope you all stay well and that you are all staying warm...
I know a lot of you have several inches of snow on the ground right now.  


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bag Department

I can not fib....I am definitely a Purse lover!  My grandsons are always telling me....." don't need another purse!"   Of course, I always think that one more won't hurt anyone..

My thoughts are.....why not have one in every color...
Not the same bag in every color, but all different colors of different kinds of bags.

I'm not always super great at keeping my tote real clean....As a matter of fact, I'm terrible at it!

I see some ladies that are so organized with the stuff that they carry around each day in their bag.....NOT ME!!
I want to be, be for some reason....I am so messy when it comes to my purse!  Go figure....

Our home has to be neat....but not my purse???

Am I the only person that has a problem with this?
Honestly, the inside of my purse (right now) looks like a tornado just went through it....

I'm gonna try to work on this and see if I can't do a better job at keeping myself organized in the bag department.
Any suggestions??


Monday, February 18, 2013

Going to the Roundup

Listen....Up....    I love awesome places to shop, I love awesome  things and I love awesome prices!!

For a couple of weeks now, I have been so excited about the "Funky Junk Roundup" that was coming to Tyler, Texas...on February 16th, which was this past Sat.

Isn't this a great name, Funky Junk Roundup?  This roundup was a one day event that offered it's buyers a combination of unique items as well as antiques and vintage items.  For me, this was going to be a dream shopping day.

Wouldn't you know it.....on Friday morning, I receive a text from Sam, telling me that we were going to be making a road trip this past Saturday to check on some grape vine cuttings.
Yikes!  This meant that I would not be able to go to the event that I had so patiently been waiting to go to for several weeks now.  

I told myself that it was going to be OK......just go and enjoy this road trip with Sam.   On Saturday morning, I gathered all my things that I usually take on a small trip (things like my camera and bag, my pillow, the iPad, makeup bag, and CELL PHONE) and loaded them into the car.  

We had been gone about an hour when Sam received a phone call from Shanda....She was having a small problem with her car.   Sam told her what to do to fix the issue, and then he and I stopped at a McDonald's for a biscuit and cup of coffee.   After we got back on the road, we drove about 5 miles and then Sam suddenly turned into a business drive and circled around to head back towards home.  ????  I'm like....What's up with this?  

He said he didn't feel good and decided to make the trip on another day!  Of course....I know what the real issue was.......He wanted to make sure his daughter was OK!!!!!!

I ended up getting to go the ROUNDUP........and YES.....I did make a purchase!

Check it out....

Isn't it lovely, dirt dobber nest and all??  I could not wait to see if I was gonna like it, so I had to put it up there and fill in the boxes with a few items...

Now....for the fun!!  I'm gonna paint it up and make this baby look more than lovely!!  This one single purchase made my day.  Imagine with me all of the things that one can do here.

It can either stand up like it is now, or it can sit flat on a table..
I can just see all kinds of goodies packed into this thing..
Flowers, napkins, unique bottles, cooking utensils....just name it!!

This is great and as it turns out....I had a great Saturday and I'm one happy lady!!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flew By like a Rocket!

Oh Wow.....It is Sunday evening....and I just now realized that I haven't posted in DAYS!....

Not sure where this past week went, but I think I missed part of it!      Oh....I remember now....I had the crud a few of those days.  All Better now!!

Just like this past Sunday afternoon flew by like a rocket as well!    Went to church this morning, grabbed a salad at "Wade's Place" for lunch, went to Mylee Jo's birthday party at 2:00, went to the hospital to spend some time with some dear friends  whose husband and dad  is very ill, came home and made a sopapilla cheese cake to take to church, took my dad to buy groceries, came home and got ready for a church meeting and now I am home!!  Whew!!  BTW...the sopapilla cheese cake was WONDERFUL.

I love party bout the rest of you!!

Mylee Jo, finally got to enjoy her birthday party today.

There were no FLU bugs in sight today....thank goodness!
(as most of you know....two weeks ago, she came down with the flu on the day of her scheduled Birthday Party...SO, it was cancelled....until today)

The theme was.......CHEER!

These precious girls were more than excited to get
to wave a few pom poms!

Hmmmm.....let's make a face photo!!

a.....let's cheese it up photo!

and of course....a blow out the candle photo!!

She had a great time at her party.....playing with lots of friends...

As for me......I've had a busy day, with a busy week ahead...

Bring it on!!


Night to all....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

People Are Watching Us!

The sermon of your life in tough times ministers to people more powerfully than the most eloquent speaker......Bill Bright

How true this is.....     People ARE People watchers!  Some will admit how much they love to sit and watch other people....while some pretend that they don't ever notice other people, much less give them the time of day...

I can assure you that when a storm is raging in some one's life.....there will always be a huge line of on-lookers peaking around the corner.  When they see the waters stirring and huge waves a pounding.....this is when the audience is a SOLD OUT EVENT!!

This is why we must be at our best when it comes to trusting God... in the middle of a storm.  People are watching us and they want to know what our reactions will be in the tough times.   

People always need something to talk about, so why not let them talk about how amazing it is to see the "SON" shining in our lives......especially....when we are deep in the middle of a storm!!   What a way to give God the Glory in all things.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Hearts..... it's Valentines week.   Candies, flowers, cards, chocolates, gifts, pink hearts and Red hearts are all the things that make this week so special.  OH....and Friendship and LOVE!

HEARTS.....These are the things that really catch my attention.

About a month ago.....while sitting in church.....I look over at the wall that is just to the right of where we sit each Sunday.  We have sat on the same pew every week, for MANY years and this particular Sunday was the very first time that I noticed a heart, right there on the wall...

The Heart is a natural heart in the grain of the wood!

Isn't it Beautiful?  I love it!!

It was hard to believe that I had never seen it before.....


What are some of your favorite things about Valentines??

Enjoy the simple JOYS of life today...


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Makes My Heart Go Pitter Pat!!

I really do have this thing for Art!  Not just any art though....

I tend to lean more toward mixed media art....and I can not wait to get into it this next year...

Yes....this is my plan!!  I have been a stay at home wife/grandmother for 17 years now, and with no other grandchildren to keep....I plan on doing some things that I want to do this next year...

I want to share a couple of pieces of art with you, that Tyler worked on in his art class at school...
(Geez, I wish they would let me go back to High School and take some of the classes there!)

This photo is just a bit blurred and for this reason, I'm very sorry....because it's difficult to see the detail in the paper work.

I'm sure this particular art has a name, but I don't know what it is called. 

Tyler took strips of black paper, rolled and bent the pieces in order to make the designs that you see in the hand.  I for one, love this piece!

This is just one piece of white card stock paper that has been folded a certain way to make the most gorgeous piece of art!!

I can't wait to see both pieces after they are framed and ready to hang on my wall......

Maybe I'm prejudice....but I really think that Tyler has a bit of talent...PRETTY SURE HE GETS IT FROM ME!!  HA!

Mixed Media art and Mixed Media journals just makes my heart go pitter pat!!


Hope you all stay warm...and please pray for our friends that are in the middle of this blizzard type weather...


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Journey of Courage!

Update on Tucker......

 Isn't he precious?  This is Tucker (our second grandson) just a few months after his diagnosis of
Leukemia back in 2006.   His thoughts were.....WHO NEEDS HAIR WITH A SMILE LIKE THIS?

"Wipe Out Kids Cancer" had sponsored a fishing tournament and in the above picture, Tucker is showing off his 2  trophies.   He was so thrilled....
I remember this day like it was Yesterday!  I remember how excited he was to be able to fish.

Tucker........getting stronger in this photo!

His hair is growing back and he now has an appetite.

Almost as tall as his Pops, who is 6'1"

One of my favorite pictures!!

Showing all these pictures to say::::::::

Tucker had his 6 month check-up in Dallas, just a couple of weeks ago.
He had gained 16 pounds and he grew 2 1/2 inches tall, in a matter of 6 months.
16 pounds sure sounds like a lot, but for Tucker.....this is a Blessing.

God has worked miracles in Tucker's life and we
are so very thankful.

Today, Tucker is healthy and growing like a weed......He is very active and He LOVES life!!

This is Tucker's "Beads of Courage" necklace and I know for
sure that he will always have it close by.  For kids who have endured the many battles of having cancer, a bead of courage necklace is a simple reminder that God was with them every step of the way.

Hope you all have enjoyed seeing this process of healing post....
By the way:  Tucker's check up yielded him.....Two Thumbs Up!!

Have a Blessed Day.....


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Great Achievement

This past evening, our family attended the "Chandler Chamber of Commerce" banquet and I can tell you that it was certainly an exciting event for our family.

Shanda was chosen as the "TEACHER OF THE YEAR" for our school district.  Way to go Shanda Kay!

She is so deserving of this award.....Shanda is the kind of teacher that we all want our children to have.   I can honestly say that she goes beyond the duty of a teacher to make sure that her students are getting the education that THEY deserve.   For Shanda, the job doesn't stop there.  Her work goes beyond the walls of the school building.  She diligently works hard in the community, organizing all kinds of programs to help ensure that kids can reach their goals in life.

Our district is made up of six different campuses including.....Chandler Elementary, Brownsboro Elementary, Chandler Intermediate, Brownsboro Intermediate, Brownsboro Jr. High, and Brownsboro High School.   Each school selected a teacher of the year for their campus, and then out of those candidates, there was one teacher voted on as "THE TEACHER OF THE YEAR." I said:   this years recipient was none other than our ("AGGIE" graduate) daughter....
Shanda Kay (Pollard) Booth....      

Shanda receiving her award from our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Chris Moran.

Shanda and the principle of her campus......Ms. Tina Eaton

Shanda and her childhood BEST FRIEND......Hallee Joan (Ashley) Delaney

A bit of excitement!!

This is a great achievement and we are so very proud of her.....


Hope you all infuse your spirit with wisdom of happiness today...


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out!!


It Is Time........Baseball time, that is!   I love BASEBALL and I sure love watching my grandson play!

Not sure if I posted this photo last year or not, but I think it is so cool.  This was not a planned photo.  Just happened that way......  8 - 7 - 6!     Guess who #8 is?   That's Right! grandson, Tyler!

I love singing "Take Me Out to The Ballgame."  I don't think it's the lyrics that intrigue me, it's the beat of the song!!  I really enjoy everything about Baseball season!  The thrill of winning, the cool weather, the warm weather, the sound that the bat makes when the ball hits it, the roar of the umpire when he shouts STR-I-K-E  (against the other team) and listening to the fans yell when we have a runner coming in to home plate.

Baseball is a game with a lot of history and it is a game that has puts stars in a lot of young kids eyes!!
I remember growing up playing baseball at the "Pig Pen."   Not a pig pen where pigs hang out, but the pig pen was a place where kids could gather and play baseball, all day long!

Baseball is certainly a game of well one can hit the ball, the ability to throw a ball (not just anywhere) but right into the glove of a teammate.  It's also about being able to SLIDE!!  This is a tuff one, and it takes a lot of kids several seasons to really learn the right way to slide into a base.  You have to know when to slide underneath the catcher's glove!

Not only is this game a game of physical skills, you also have to be able to make a lot of good mental decisions in this game.  You have to know where every player is at all times and you most definitely have to think like your opponents are thinking.  Are they thinking "Steal" or are they risk-takers at all?  What spin is the pitcher planning on putting on that next ball?

See.....there is just so much to love about this game!  Guess you could say that I'm a hopeless romantic for the game of Baseball.....especially when my grandchildren are playing!!

Hope you all have a "Home Run" kind of day......


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frog Eyed Sandwiches

I just love old people!   I love the good ol' days......I love how things were so simple back in the days.

The other day, I was thinking back to some of my childhood days when I would go to visit my grandmother and would find myself amazed at how much food would be on the table.   And, when dinner was over....the food would still be left on the table, COVERED UP with a dish towel....waiting for us to eat supper.   I will never forget the big bowl of quartered onions that was a main staple on the table.    Did I mention how much I DISLIKE onions and the smell of onions?

The fascinating thing was the kind of foods we ate......and the names given to each tasty dish.   How many of your kids have ever heard of HOT  WATER cornbread?   The younger generation has no clue as to how tasty this stuff is.   How about sauerkraut and wieners or fold overs?    Then there were mutton chops and poor man's pudding.

I know that sauerkraut and wieners is not all that strange, but my kids have never had it, nor have they ever had spam.

This past evening, I was reading one of my friends post on FB and she commented on what her grandmother used to call a  "frog eyed sandwich."     How many of you have ever had one of these?
How many of you even know what I'm talking about?  

The truth is, I had never heard of a frog eyed sandwich before.   This is a fried egg sandwich!   How cool is that?

What kind of dishes do you remember having as a kid, and did any of them have any strange names?

I might just serve up some "Frog eyed sandwiches" this evening!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Cancelled Party

Oh Y'all......our sweet little Birthday girl.....Miss Mylee Jo, has the FLU!

Bless her heart!  Her big 5 year old party was scheduled for tonight and it has now been
canceled.  I knew something was up with her...

She and I went to town this morning and we made a stop at the Target store....while shopping in the TOY department, she suddenly said: "Sugar, I'm ready to go home!"   I knew something was wrong immediately.  We came home and when I took her temperature, it clearly said FEVER.

The only way she knew to explain her headache to me was by saying "I have a brain freeze!"
She has had those before while eating snow cones and she knows they hurt really bad.

My heart was breaking for her.  The bad thing is, Motrin just was not doing a great job at bringing the fever down.  Shanda took her to the doctor and the FLU was the verdict.  They gave her some Tamiflu, so hopefully this will help her feel better real soon.

As for the Birthday Party.....It will be rescheduled for a later date.  Mylee was a little disappointed, but she was really too sick to get upset about it.

Strange thing is, that earlier this morning she didn't seem to be sick at all.  As a matter of fact, she and I shared a medium orange juice at McDonald's.  She played about 10 minutes in the play section and then we left and drove straight to Target...(about 3 minutes away)

Strange how fast fever can come on and make a little one feel so rotten....

I'm just hoping that the Flu bug hasn't found it's way into my system!!

Maybe next week I can post pictures of a FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR OUR LITTLE PRINCESS!!

Enjoy your weekend...


A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...