Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, November 3, 2017

I had several people ask if I made the pies in my header picture.    

I did!   I love making pies!  Coconut, Chocolate, Pecan..
Oh my goodness!  Yum! yum!


My wish list is a mile long right now!!  Not so much for material items....Just crazy little things that I want.  One big thing on my list is a change in our weather!!!   Oh my goodness, who has ever heard of 90 degree temps in November?   

For all my Up-North friends....Please push some COLD air down to East Texas.  Send Snow....send a Blizzard....and please send the refreshing smell of the evergreens my way.

Sounds like I need to take a Winter trip....for a FEW MONTHS!!

I also Wish I could lose this datum weight!!!!!  But, you know what they say:

"No one can do it for have to do it yourself!"

And....I love this one too...

Lets see....another wish I have is:

For the pilgrims to come to East Texas and cook my 
Thanksgiving meal!!!

Wow, I'm sounding real unmotivated here, aren't I?

I love everyone being at the house, I really do......and you all know that I love to cook.....So where did that wish come from anyways?

I'll share this one other wish with you.......those that know me very well,  are not going to believe this one, but I Wish that the elf's would come decorate my Christmas tree for me!  I want it to be up by Thanksgiving, since Tyler will be here and, he won't be coming back home for Christmas....But, I'm feeling too lazy to dig that big ol' thing out, in hopes that all the lights work!!!!

The Pilgram's are gone, there are No Elf's and the "Skinny Fairy" seems to have I'm guessing that I need to get motivated and take care of details!

I love y'all...


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Can you believe it's November?  I'm telling you, the days are passing by fast.  

I have a good feeling about it being November....I received some great news last night...!!!!!!!  The eve before the first day of November.

Our Airman is coming home for Thanksgiving!!!   

This news was totally unexpected.   We were not expecting to see him until next July or even some time later, but things worked out in our favor for him to be able to come home for a few short days at Thanksgiving. Thankful I am!!   

This means that my Christmas tree needs to go up a little earlier this year!  I can do it!!  I have three weeks to get everything planned and decorated.  No problem at all, as I love decorating.  The good thing is:  I already have most of my Christmas shopping all done!  Whoop!!

I am truly thankful that God opened this door.   We have much to celebrate.  

Hugs to all.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Happy Birthday to my husband........65 years young today!

 I am so very Blessed to be able to celebrate 50 of his birthdays with his sweetheart and wife!

I love, love, love this man!!

Happy Birthday Sam Pollard!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

One of my favorite things to do, when I'm in the car by to listen to the radio.  

Just the other day, I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah and one of the statements that he made was this:

"Your character is the one lasting thing that goes in your casket...the one thing, that you should be and will be remembered for."

On this early Sat. morning....I've been thinking about this very statement.  Seems that lately, we have attended way too many funeral visitations and we have another visitation and service to attend tomorrow and Monday.  

Just think about it!  Our Character is so very important...not only while we are living, but after death as well.

Character?  your mental and moral 

Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty...these are the first things that most of us think of when considering a good character.

but...what about...Optimism, Compassion, Perseverance, Kindness, Giving...and we can't forget about Forgiveness??

"Character is doing things right when no one is looking!"
                      J.C. Watts

It is very important for us to have... and maintain good character in our lives. 

I can only hope that my family, friends, and acquaintances view my life as one with "Great" character.


Monday, October 16, 2017

My header photo......was taken in one of my favorite places of all times.    Sam and I ate dinner a few weeks ago at the Gristmill in Gruene Texas.    

There is nothing fancy about this eating place.....just an old Mill, built on the side of a big hill, with all kinds of little landings that hold old wood picnic style tables.

I have eaten there several times and with each visit, I come away with a new memory.  This place offers the most relaxing time and the meal is always wonderful.   

I remember a time about 25 years ago....I had lunch at the Gristmill with a very good friend of mine.  We must have set there, on the edge of the hill....listening to the rushing river....for Hours!  The weather that day was absolutely the best and it was the most pleasant day.   This my friends, is a great memory.   

Other times....I have been there with Sam, and the enjoyment of our time together (while listening to that same river) and being totally engaged in the beauty of the landscape....has always made me feel so very content. 

This is a beautiful place to visit.....and I'm hoping to go back soon!!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Pear Relish.....

This relish is great on fresh cooked's good on anything!!

Be Blessed today.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I didn't realize how tired I was, until I sat down to write this post.  My phone is in our bedroom, and I'm too comfortable to get up and go get the thing.   Why do I need my phone?
Because it has some photos of what I achieved today.

Just imagine with me.....In my kitchen this morning was a bushel of Pears, several bell, and a huge pile of onions.  What could possibly be on my mind?

MAKING PEAR RELISH!!   Yes, my job for the day was to make as many jars of sweet pear relish as I could possibly get out of that bushel of pears.  I sure wish I wasn't so exhausted so that I could show you pictures of my beautiful jars of good eating.

It has been a (L-O-N-G) time since I've made PR and the reason being is:  It's so hard to find Pears in our area.   At the grocery store, they run about $1.49 and up, per pound.  YIKES!!

I ended up with 16 pints!  Not bad I guess.   If you've never tasted Pear need to put in on your bucket list to do so.   It is so good!!

Hope you all had a very successful day.....


Monday, October 2, 2017

How often do you get to have a day....all to do NOTHING?   Rare in my life!  However, today is one of those days!  

I'm sitting in a hotel room.....a room with a gorgeous view!

Not only is it a beautiful is so very relaxing!

I walked the grounds earlier today and even found me a comfy chair to sit in.....down by the river.   It was just me, the swans, and the sounds of nature!!  

I'm also getting to enjoy a few magazines.  I've found a lot of new ideas for decorating and several new recipes that I plan to cook for the family.

You's great to have time like this....ever once in a while.   There are all kinds of places around here to shop, but I really just wanted to relax.

I love having the opportunity to tag along with Sam when he's on a business trip.  

God is so Good and I am so thankful for this day.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nothing like having a Beach the middle of a Hurricane!!

Sam and Joe.....they found a BIG crab out in the water and both of them were scared to death to pick the thing up.   Sam attempted, but just as he touched the pinched him!  NO MORE CRAB HUNTING!

WINDY?  oh my goodness....we have had Big winds here at Rosemary/Seacrest Beach.    The day has been absolutely gorgeous though.      Lot's of sunshine and no rain...YET!

The rain is expected to be here late tonight or in the morning, with 60 mile per hour winds!   YIKES!!

Hopefully....the outer skirts of Hurricane Irma will pass through quickly.   

We have a full week here at the beach and I really do hope that we get to see a lot of sunshine!!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

I love August...... We have 3 Birthdays to celebrate during the month of August, mine being one of them!!

Third grandson (Carson) had his B'day on the 6th.....which we have already celebrated with a trip to Allen, Texas.   We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and the family played at TOP-GOLF!!  Carson turned 16 on Sunday and got those "Driver's License" on Monday.  

Woo hoo....another teen driver!!

Today is Tucker's Birthday....Grandson #2.   Of course, he had other plans for the day.   He and his girlfriend made a trip to Dallas to do some shopping.   Tomorrow we will celebrate with a Birthday Dinner!  He turned the big 19 today!!

My day is coming up next!!   August 24th to be exact!   Sam and I have been in Dallas all week and this afternoon we were driving home.   I told him what I wanted for my birthday and his reply was:  "it's not happening this birthday! I've already got your gift!"  

Now, I'm wondering what it can be!!  He is way ahead this year on his shopping!!  Woo Hoo I guess.    His gift is probably a lot awesome than the one I was asking for!   

Three Birthday's, Trista and Ty's Anniversary, Back to school shopping, a couple of small get-aways,  sure makes for a busy month.   

What does your August look like??


Sunday, July 30, 2017

No Thank you........!!!!!

As a child, I loved playing out in the rain, and I liked playing in the mud.  Did any of you ever have mud fights with your siblings?  I can remember playing out in the bar ditches....after a good ol' rain.

It was always fun to slip and slide in the mud puddles...and perhaps, throw a little mud on my sister and brothers.  

Not many kiddos play out in the rain, ANYMORE.  

This past week....the youth group at our church had a MUD DAY.

Theses kids had a Blast......

It has been above a 100 degrees outside, so maybe this was a great way to cool down!!    

This is Carson.....getting ready for a mud pull.

Mylee jo and our youth pastor's daughter.......

When this mud gets in your hair, it is very difficult to get it off of the scalp.   

I don't particularly want to cool down by covering myself in mud, really does look like a lot of fun!!


Friday, July 28, 2017

This has been one of the fastest months that I've seen in a long while.   I guess that when you're having a GREAT time....the days pass by fast.  

As most of you ALREADY know....Tyler was home from his Tech school, from the 5th of the month until the 23rd.  Wow....what a great time for our family!  He made it to his duty station this past Monday, and I am already getting excited about the trip that Sam and I are go see him at his new base.

As a family....we fished, we fished, and we fished.  We had a great fish fry, but we didn't cook the fish that we caught!!!  LOL.   We bought the good ol' catfish that Sam cooked.  Of can't live in Texas and not have a BBQ.  So....we had a BBQ with all of the good fixings of baked beans, potato salad and good ol' Sweet 
Tea!    And....we traveled!!

You know what they say......Time passes fast when you're having fun!!   

Can I just tell you, over the past year.....I have certainly learned a whole lot about the sacrifices that are made on behalf of our military men and women.

When it comes to our Airman.....there has not been an easy "See You Later" as of yet.   It is difficult seeing them move so far away, knowing that you won't see them for a good while.   

Oh wow....I had better move on to another topic before I get all teary eyed.


Blogging has become more and more difficult for me to keep up with.   What helps is being FB friends with so many of you.   I truly miss reading about the things that are happening with each of you and your families.   If you are on FB or Instagram and we have not become friends yet.....then I would love to friend you and keep up with you that way.

As soon as the summer time is over and our kiddos get back in school....I do plan to do more inspirational writings on my blog.

Speaking of school......Sam and I will have a grandson entering his first year of college, and I'm so very thankful for SCHOLARSHIPS!!  I'm sure you all know what a Blessing it is for your child, grandchild to get scholarships..!?

We also will have a Junior in High School....a Sophomore....a Freshman, and then a 4th grader.    Am I really getting older?

I may not be getting older, but Sam P. certainly is.   My goodness, our mailbox has been packed full of mail from insurance companies, giving us all the details about "Supplemental" insurance.   Sam turns 65 in Medicare is just around the corner.   

While aging, it's best to age with great joy!!

Hope to be back on this blog site real soon.....


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July


                            Family today....Friends tonight.....

Myles bike......all decorated up for the parade tonight at the park......


Shanda and Trey....

The two 15 year olds.....
I have to work hard to get them to smile for the camera...
as you can see, they didn't smile this time!!

Me and Trey....enjoying a popsicle!!

another part of our crew....JUST BEFORE THEY THREW ME IN THE POOL !!!!! ~~~~~  NO PICTURES OF THAT!!

S0N-in-LaWs........Tom and Ty! bombing this picture of Carson and Trey.

Brisket....Ribs....Smoked Turkey....Corn on the cob....salad....Cream potatoes.....mac and cheese....rolls....tea....
and Oreo cookie pie!   Thats what was for dinner!!

Happy all of you!!!!!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Little This and That

Who doesn't love a little bit of "This" and "That" from time to time.....I've got pictures...but not a lot of stories to go with them...

Hopefully....this one won't scare you.   It's just Tori and her sweet, precious friend, Natalie.   They were shopping for their "ORANGE"
day at church camp!   Each day...has a theme and each group has a name.    I know that Trey and Carson are the "Purple porcupines"
but I can't remember the name of Tori and Nat's team.

A partial view of my backyard....just before night fall.   I love lights and I'm a firm believer....the more lights, the merrier!

This two guys are best of friends....they have shared so much together, as both are Leukemia survivors.   They have spent several summers together, going to a camp for kids with cancer.   Thankfully....they are now...healthy young men.  

These two decided last make a trip to Columbus Ohio.....  to attend a "Concert."   Yes...they drove from TEXAS to Ohio to watch this concert.   They had VIP seats!
I was shaking my head...and praying for these two rascals to have a safe trip!  They made it back home this past Saturday, safe and sound.    

This guy right here.....the one in Blue on the left side of this picture.....GRADUATES from AF TECH school.....this coming Friday!  It has been a long 9 months of school, but he has gained so much knowledge and is ready to head out to his next base.    BUT...NOT BEFORE COMING HOME!!!!!   I'm guessing you can feel and hear my excitement as I type this.  
He will be home on July 5th!!!!!   I think he has like 17 days before reporting to the new base.  

I love this flag.   I love ALL American flags!
This one was on display at a vintage store that I went to yesterday.   Gosh....why did I not buy it????

Another picture of Tori....and this time Georgia, at Church camp!   This was tourist day.....but I think Tori must really like the orange mask.   Not sure that the mask goes with Tourist day!!!

A selfie of Sam and I, on our 45th Anniversary!
We had dinner at a place called Kiepersal.   Oh my...
you can't beat a meal of steak and lobster....!  Wonderful!!

Hugs to all.....

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pig Hunting

Have you ever been PIG hunting?  I can now (officially) say that I have been on a pig hunt.

Last week.....I went with Sam to the hunt pigs!
How many did we see?  ZERO...NO PIGS AT ALL.   I'm not  good with loud noises, so most of the time, I had my hands up....covering my ears.

Traps are set all over the farm, but it's very hard to catch them in the traps....  

Sam and I didn't see anything, but the very next day.....Tucker came across these 6 pigs!  They were trapped!    OH my....I've never seen pigs that are wild.  These things were CRAZY!   They would run and ram the pen as hard as they could, over and over again.  

We...(Pop's, the daughters, the grandkids, Emily and Me)....loaded the pigs into the trailer and took them to Tucker's pig pens.   Unfortunately, the piggies did not make it.  Heat and stress I suppose!

Emily.....sitting on the gator.   I was sitting in the truck, just in case one of those wild things got loose.

Unloading the pigs at Tucker's.   

Needless to say....I sure don't want to be in the wild hog business.    It's sad to have to remove them from your land, but....these pigs can destroy a crop in just one night.   

Have you ever seen a field where hogs have been rooting all night long?   The next morning, it looks like a fresh plowed field!!   And....they eat everything.   

Feral hogs breed all year round and can have at least two litters a year.   Each litter may have as many as a dozen piglets.    You can clearly see how this can become a HUGE problem for a farmer!  

As for me....I think I'll leave the hog hunting up to the guys.  It's too hot and these things scare me.   After all...they are WILD.  


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