Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, April 21, 2017

Do ya'll see the cute little cafe in my header picture?  Oh my goodness....they have the BEST breakfast!   Grits, omelets, toast, beignets, and COFFEE!    I have eaten there 2 times in the past six weeks and I sure hope I get to go back again....SOON!!

Over the Easter weekend, our family visited Tyler and was able to spend three days, enjoying our visit with him and the area where he is located.  

Our accommodations were so nice!  Plenty of room for all of us...

Of course....Bowling is something I haven't done in YEARS.
do you see that score of 26?  That is mine!  My score did get a little up to 33.   This was a family bowling event and we all had a blast.   The next day....I was pretty sore!

The kids had a wonderful time riding these go-carts!  I think we stood in line for about 45 minutes....just waiting for their turn.  

As you can probably tell....I took these pictures with my phone and they really did not turn out very clear.  

A good game of "Chicken foot" always brings lots of laughter to this group of folks.   They are all so competitive and determined to win.

This was our hostess at the Ihop.   Isn't she adorable?  
This place was very clean, but the service was not so great. 

I ordered unsweet tea and guess what....they were out!!!
I then ordered water and it came out after my pancakes!!

We had so much fun....the entire weekend.  Some of them went swimming and some got thrown into the pool.   And YES, the water was cold.  

I'm ready to go again!!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Prayer is strong and the power of prayer can change things.   I have a dear sweet friend, whose daughter is in need of our prayers.  
She has MS and is now fighting an acute episode.   Difficulty in walking, vision problems, and a slurred speech are just a few of the symptoms she is having.

Hal fell this past weekend and fractured a couple of her ribs (toward the back) and is having pain when she moves.      

Not only is she a daughter to one of my best friends.....but she and my daughter (Shan) were BFF's growing up.  These two girls were inseparable as kids and even through High School.  They were always together....getting into the best of mischief.   Even though they now have their own families....they still remain the best of friends.  

Let me use this little analogy.....   If we all throw a single pebble at a stone wall....the wall will remain standing.   It will not fall.   However, if all of our pebbles are pressed together as tight as a wrecking ball, the minute the big ball hits the wall, it will come tumbling down.   Now....lets apply this to prayer.   

"Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.   For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  Matthew 18:19-20

Prayer is strong and when we all pray together, trusting God....mountains can be moved.  (Walls of illness can come tumbling down)   Hal is in need of a healing....please join me in prayer for her needs.   

I pray that each  Dr. that treats her, will God for wisdom in knowing what to do to help her.   God is able!!

Thank you in advance for joining me in prayer.  


Sunday, April 9, 2017

I love to pour out my heart.....There are just so many things about life that I absolutely LOVE!  So very much to be thankful for.   

First of all, I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband!  He is simply the BEST.  Sam has such a loving heart and he is such a good man.   He loves me with all of his being!  He even spoils me...wink wink!!

I could fill a hundred pages and even more about the goodness of this fabulous Christian man that I am married to.  

We have such a precious, loving family as well.  If I didn't have anything else in the world but these Blessings, then my life would still be full of goodness and be complete.         

Smiles and laughs are a part of my every day!  Is it because I have no problems?   NO...far from it!  My life is just like any other...I have up and down days.  I have issues that come up...I have disagreements with others....Shoot, I have days when nothing goes well at all.   But, no matter what happens in my day...someone always delivers a special smile and it changes the entire outlook of any kind of bad day.

Most of us.....myself included....we usually post things on FB, Instagram, and even on our Blog about the good and the glamorous  things that happen to us.   As a reader myself...I sometimes view other peoples lives as being perfect.   No shadows are cast...only pure joy, contentment and sunshine.  Rich lifestyles so to speak.

This kind of perfection blinds us from what is really happening all around us.   We fail to recognize that many of our friends are really lonely and sometimes sad.   .....many of us are so busy and we are always working so hard to try to convince everyone that our lives are so full of adventure.  Don't get me wrong.... I'm not saying that when we have difficult days, that we should post that either.   NO one wants to constantly read about depressing thoughts and days.

However....I do believe that we sometimes paint a picture where we attempt to make others jealous.    We humans are built that way I suppose.   :(    :(     :(

I can post all of the pictures that I want to post that depicts a life of pure goodness.....but the truth is, a whole lot of "life" happens between all of my cool pictures, words and videos.  

I do have FB friends who only post with a PURPOSE!  what does this mean?  It means that they are not interested in their friend's cute pictures of grand babies.....and they could care less if so-in-so's child was accepted into a Division 1 college.   They certainly are not interested in finding out that I just bought my grandson a new pair of "Willie Nelson" socks.

These FB friends are strictly there to let others know where they stand on politics, community affairs, or perhaps gain a step ahead in their business deals.

All in all.....I would say that most of us are very selective when it comes to what we post.   It's our own gain that we are looking after. 

Next time you look at your social so with the attitude of      "I refuse to allow myself to be tortured by the wondering of why my life does not compare to the perfect looking life of my friends!"

As a bonus I will add this..............there are dozens of Apps out there that will give you a fabulous looking tan....or can reshape your face and body to make you look like a model.    Some people (not me because I'm not that tech savvy) know how to use these Apps to their advantage!    I suppose I need to work on expanding my wisdom to know how to use these Apps!!   LOL.

These are just some of my thoughts for the day....did you pay attention to my first couple of paragraphs?    My life looks great and it shows that I am truly loved.   I can easily see where someone who might be lonely, would read this in a way to where it comes across as if everything in my life is perfect.    Wrong again!  I am Blessed.....but aren't we All..


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today / Tomorrow

My feelings today are running a bit low!   I suppose it's just one of those kind of days.   I've been missing my dad terribly.  He passed away on Jan 23rd of this year and there are days when I miss him so much.   

Time passes so quickly, but it seems like just yesterday.

Life does pass on and we ALL  have different ways of dealing with our grief.  Mine is just so deep and it takes me a while......a while?  Who am I kidding....I still miss talking to my mom every morning,  and she has been gone for 11 years now.     My immediate family is so very close, but even they don't realize how much my heart hurts.  Losing someone that you love so very much is so very difficult! 

I know I'm not alone here.   We all have lost loved ones and this is not an easy thing for any of us. 

What do I do when I'm feeling low?   I cook and cook!

This afternoon, I have cooked a huge pot of homemade vegetable beef soup......A big tray of BBQ sausage.....a Fresh strawberry pie....and the crust is already waiting for me to make a coconut pie!

I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.   My strawberry pie is in the refrigerator right now.   The pie in my header pic is a borrowed photo......However, mine looks just as good.    LOL

I have baked beans in the oven and I'll finish off with a pot of creamed potatoes and a pan of cornbread. 

This helps my feelings.....but it really is not good for my aching legs.   Does anyone out there suffer with varicose veins OR Restless Leg Syndrome??   I have both!!  Argh!!

In about a month, I am having a procedure done on my right leg to help with the veins.  I've had it done before and it helped for many years.   Time to do it again.   As for as the RLS....this is so puzzling.  I will go for months and months at a time with no sign or agitation with this issue, and then all of a sudden it flairs up.  It's been bothering me for about a month now.  

As a matter of fact, I'm sitting here right now with my legs propped I write this post.   

I'm pretty sure that my Sugar and caffeine are two things I need to CUT COMPLETELY OUT OF MY DIET.

I always say tomorrow.....but I guess I really need to get down to business and stop this horrible things from entering my body.

Although, this is not my best of days....I am still so very thankful for all of my Blessings....Tomorrow is a brand new day!

I even posted this on my FB page one day this week.....

I'm so happy that I came across this cute picture.  Truth is written and drawn all over this little picture.  

I guess it's time to finish that coconut pie...


Monday, April 3, 2017

Let me tell you bout the Birds and the Bees

Let me tell you bout the birds and the bees....

Well....I've seen my first bumblebee of the season and I've also seen the first June Bug for the year.   Wow, Spring is moving right along.
I filled containers of Asparagus ferns, as well as some gorgeous Hibiscus today.  It's beginning to look Spring-E around here.

Several Red Birds have been out looking for their treats of sunflower seeds, and just this past weekend, we had two beautiful red headed woodpeckers jumping from tree to tree.

Spring is a spectacular Season!  Birds are singing, and new life is popping up all around.   Music is in the air with the buzzing of the honey bees.

New life is everywhere!  This little lady belongs to Trey.  It's the start to his dream of raising and selling cows.   

Isn't it amazing how Springtime and Nature gives us such a grand feast to complete our long waited hunger, for the fragrance of the season?  Did I mention that I love Spring?  I really do.

The Spring sunsets have been absolutely stunning as well.

I'll leave you all with this one last photo.  

A picture of me and Mylee Jo.    So many fun things to do in the Spring!!!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fairy's....Fairytales... We have all had those sweet moments in time when an erosion of excitement overwhelmed us,  at the mere thought of seeing a Fairy.  You know the tiny little thing that has wings and perhaps pointed can fly here and there and everywhere.   Who of us has not longed to escape to a magical land where fairy's live and stardust sparkles in their soul? 

When I was young... with each tooth lost, I knew the "Tooth Fairy"  would be coming for a visit.   This was such an enormous event in my small and wishful mind.   Although, I was always terrified of having a tooth pulled, I secretly longed for the magical moments and the wonderful imagination of being awakened by tiny flakes of stardust, as it bounced from off of my face.

Just yesterday....this sweet, precious thing.....lost a tooth!

She was at Shug's house when she pulled it and she had been so excited all day long....for her mom to get home so that she could show her the empty spot where the tooth had been.

Pulling the tooth was no problem for this 9 year old.  

Once her mom was home.....Mylee sat down beside her and was telling her all about pulling the tooth, and her expectation of the tooth fairy coming.....Excitement was all around her!  After all...the Tooth Fairy would be coming soon!

And that is when it happened.   Mylee looked into her mom's eyes and said:  "tell me there really such thing as a tooth fairy"
"The kids at school say that there is no such thing!"

What does a parent do when your child looks you in the eyes and say's...TELL ME THE TRUTH?

Shanda began to tell her that there really is not a tooth fairy and how it was her and Mylee's dad that had been taking her teeth each time she lost one, and placing money under her pillow.     

For Mylee, there was no happy ending in this fairytale!

Her heart was broken and tears started flowing down her cheeks....
Oh how I wish it had been fairy dust falling from those precious cheeks...instead of tears.  My heart was broken as well. 

Shanda explained to her that was going to be up to her (Mylee) to keep the secret.   That there would be other kids at school (younger than her) who still believed that there was a tooth fairy.   Mylee would now have to be one of those bigger kids that would enjoy watching others have all the imagination that she once had.   

It is very hard watching them grow up and finding out that these make believe people/fairy's are not real.   One thing that was made clear was that even though we don't see Jesus in human form.....That HE is REAL.  No fairytales....No fairy's....
Only the truth.  

God is REAL.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On this Wednesday morning (this morning)....I woke up aching!   It seems that I didn't have much sleep last night.   It was one of those nights....more thoughts than I can count....moving my mind around all night long.   And then...I couldn't get comfortable!

I'm thankful for each new day that I have on this earth....but, I must admit.....all of the extra stuff that comes with aging can be quite uncomfortable at times.    An ache here and tomorrow an ache there.  Today, it is in my shoulder, neck and back area!  YIKES!

What could have possibly brought this on?   I know exactly what it was!!

It was the purging of my closets!!!!!   

Finally emptying my closets of ALL of the items that I do not wear.

Ridiculous!!!!!   To say the least!    How nice would throw away clothes be?   The kind you wear once and then dispose of them....kinda like pampers!

A huge majority of these items are going to a resale shop and the rest is going to Goodwill.   

I can't tell you how good it feels to have a closet that is now STRESS FREE!    Hopefully with a couple of tylenol and some muscles and joints will feel better soon!!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Why did I wait so long...

The flowers all around are so pretty this year......

On June 16th, Sam and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary!  With this being said, one our very first wedding showers was given to us in April of 1972.   Wow...that sure seems like a long time ago!

The popular kitchen colors for that particular time were none other than the green, gold and orange colors.   YIKES!!!!!

This sweet beauty was just one of our many, many gifts.   Mrs. Tompkins gave us this gift way back then!!   While the mixer itself has held up, all these years....the mixer beaters have become a bit rusty.

What's a girl to do.....GO BUY YOURSELF A NEW HAND HELD MIXER.    I do have a super nice Kitchenaid stand mixer, but for small things that I'm making....a hand mixer is all I need.

I went to BED, BATH AND BEYOND this week and was looking at the mixers.   A salesman approached me and wanted to know if he could help me.   I told him what I was looking for and I told him about the mixer that I now have.....being 45 years old.  

This is the product that he recommended.....and then, his next statement to me was:  "I can guarantee you that this mixer won't last 45 years!"     I just laughed and told him that I knew he was telling the truth.  

I've been busy the rest of the week....using my new MIXER.   I'm baking cookies  right now...(as I write this post) 
Cheesecake cookies....

A friend of mine posted these on my FB page.....thought I would give them a try.   

I love my new hand held mixer....


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Garage Sales...Yard Sales....etc.

Garage Sales......Yard Sales.....Community Sale......Purge Sale....
Barn Sale....Junk Sale......Moving Sale.

There are many names for a sale where one gets rid of the stuff they no longer want.   There have been times when I have had my own sale, and I profited very well.  However....there have been times when I wondered why I didn't just take the stuff to goodwill and be done with it.    

I love to go to Antique Sales, or sales where I can find all kinds of Old Junk.   I love old buckets, furniture, kitchen gadgets and just about anything that was made or built before my birth year.  

 I will for clothes at a Garage Sale is really not my cup of tea!!  On the other girls (Trista and Shanda) are Garage Sale Queens.   Each year, there are a couple of very nice sales in our area and the girls end up with some great name brand clothing.   Brand new wardrobes!!

Just this past week....I went to a sale with them and I really couldn't believe all the bargains they got.   Each of them purchased several items of clothing that looked brand NEW!!  :)        The biggest bargain of all was the purses they bought.    Like $300.00 purses for just $10.00.   Now this is what I call a GOOD DEAL.

Like I said.....I don't shop clothes at sales.   I'm not what most would consider a "SMALL"  person  (that's right...I could stand to shed a few pounds) but rarely do I ever go to a sale and find clothes in sizes to fit me.     I wonder why this is?   I figure that most people that are bigger than a size 6, 8, 10, or 12........just don't put their stuff out there for fear of others knowing the sizes that they wear!

LOL......I'm laughing at myself for making that statement too!!

Speaking of garage sale items......I'm not trying to be ugly here, but who wants to buy someone's used underwear?  Not me!

I get so tickled when I see a big box of used underwear .....marked 25 cents each.   The key word is USED underwear.

Think I'll stick to my old buckets and kitchen gadgets!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Well.....St. Patty's Day has come and gone!  I went all day without wearing a single piece of green and not once did I get pinched...  

The weather is suppose to be warming up today.  A few clouds and then some warming temps reaching close to 80.  Sounds like a great day to do some yard work.   

Guess what time of the year it is??  It's Bluebonnet time!!


Viewing a field of bluebonnets is something that needs to be on everyone's bucket list.   A huge rolling landscape of these gorgeous blue flowers, is not only breathtaking, but the aroma that fills the air is so refreshing.  

A must see!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Break

Happy St. Patricks Day sweet friends.....

I'm Feeling extremely Blessed.....  It's the simple blessings in my life that I am so very thankful for (and the big things too)   I woke up this morning and as I lay in bed, soaking up the goodness of having a warm, comfortable place to rest....thoughts came rushing through my mind.   Thoughts of how sweet it is to be have a home that I dearly have a loving family and sweet, precious friends.  

So often, I am guilty of not giving God the Praise that is due HIM.  I take for granted the small things in life.  Can you imagine how many times a day that God protects us from things or situations that we have no clue even exist in our surroundings?  How Blessed we are to have food and the many comforts of life.   Thank you Lord for ALL YOU DO.

I want to keep living life and giving Praise to my Lord.   

This is Spring Break for our teachers and kids at school.    It hasn't been the best weather, but at least it hasn't rained everyday.   Tori has spent the week on the beach with her her friend....

Carson has had baseball practice each day and actually plays a game this afternoon.    Trey has done everything that a guy enjoys Fishing, riding 4 wheelers, hanging out with friends....etc.

Mylee.....she hasn't missed a beat in her playing.  She's an outdoor kind of girl and loves just being outside doing all kinds of things.

And our 18 year's been golf, girlfriend, hanging with friends, girlfriend and golf.  

Trista and I left last Friday to go visit our Airman.   A 8 hour trip one, 16 hours total......but I would do it again this weekend if I could.   You wouldn't believe all the things that we crammed into the 3 days that we were there.   Lots of eating!!!  Lots of laughs!!! Lots of games!!  Lots of of hugs.

On Sat morning.....we visited a quaint little area in a small town, where we feasted on a plate of "Beignets."     Oh my.....they were so good!!   We then had dinner at an Oyster House!!!   I ordered Red Fish, topped with a huge portion of crab meat.   YUM!

Our last evening there.....we ate at a place called "Slap yo Mama."

Sure.....they had to act out the "Slap yo mama" name!   Love these two!!  We had to say  "See ya later" right after this last photo.   Gosh, that is never an easy thing to do!!   :(

This next week, I'll be trying to make those Beignets for sure....
They were so tasty!!

Big hugs to all of you...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I love these things......Love me some Peanut Butter Crackers.   I really like them with a COLD coke!   Do you ever get so excited when it comes to snack time?  I do.....Snack time is very important to me.  Just telling it like it is.   

About a month ago, I bought a box of these Peanut Butter crackers. After opening a few packages.....I quickly discovered that most of the crackers had NO PEANUT BUTTER on them .    This is horrible disappointment for someone who is looking forward to their snack. 

No Kidding.....

Evidently, the peanut butter machine wasn't working when these little fellas passed down the line.  

The next week....I buy another box and low and behold....the very same thing.   NO PEANUT BUTTER!!

I took them back to the store and it seems, I wasn't the only one that this had happened to.   The store manager made them good....gave me two new packages.    

Guess what?   I opened a new box today that I had just purchased.   No Peanut butter.  LOL

The company is sending me coupons!!  
I want give up....I like them too much.


Sunday, March 5, 2017 is cool and rainy outside today.  It's one of those "Stay inside and do nothing" kind of days.  I actually have plenty to do...but I'm just not really in the mood to do any of it. 

This past week was a super busy week for me. What did I do?  All kinds of Art work.  Tori is trying out for our school mascot this next week, so I was busy making all kinds of props for her.  The props are all so cute....and now it's completely up to her to show school spirit and lots of enthusiasm.   

Meanwhile.....Tucker had me working on another project.   Now get this...when I was in school (way back when)...if you had a boyfriend, it was just a given that the two of you would be attending the Prom together. Seems that things have changed big time since way back when.   

Now days, the guy has to some up with some unique way of asking his ALREADY girlfriend to go to Prom with him!!!!!  I remember working on a few projects for Tyler during his Prom day years.   

For Tucker's sweet girlfriend.....I made a "Prom Journal"

This is just a few pages out of the journal. He also gave her a big set of the gel markers so that she could use them as she journaled about the Prom!

AND....She did say YES to being his Prom Date!

In other news.....Today, March 5th is our Airman's 21st Birthday!!   Happy Birthday Tyler.

I am so very thankful for the sweet family who delivered the cookie cake to him, along with the balloons.  They also made him a big Happy Birthday sign.  It is very nice knowing that there are families out there that are willing to go out of their way to make an Airman's special day....feel special.  

Tori's tryouts are this week, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that she will make the BEAR!! 

Blessings to all on this Sunday...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day.   My day was wonderful.  Sam loves giving cards and for that reason, I can always expect 3 or 4 different cards which he places all around the house....    He is such a sweetheart.   

This year.....he placed a little "CASH" in each card!!  Woo great for me!   Trista and I are planning a trip to go visit our "Airman" during Spring Break, and this cash will certainly come in handy for all of the great things we are planning to do.  

Many years ago, we owned a flower shop and I so enjoyed making flower arrangements for Valentines.   It was so fun watching the guys as they would come in and try to figure out what to buy for their lady.   Most of them had no clue and just wanted me to make a vase with flowers in it!  LOL.

For my valentine, I bought him an EXTRA LARGE card and then a card that plays music.   He really got a kick out of both of these.

I have to tell you about my craziness yesterday....   I drove to Tyler to purchase a gift for my niece.   She turned 42 yesterday!
On my way home, I pretty sure that I was the one driving since I didn't see anyone else in the car with me........but somehow, I made a turn that I didn't even realize I had made.   

It was only after I had already pulled in to the Nursing Home parking lot, that I realized that I was heading to visit my dad.   I have gone there everyday for the past 2 years and without even paying attention.....I just pulled right in.    Isn't it odd how we get so use to doing something, that we do it unintentionally?   Oh well....

Blessings to each

Monday, February 13, 2017

Gosh...when you look around at the landscape here in our makes it hard to believe that it is February.  It seems more like April.        Check out my Carolina Jasmine...   

gorgeous yellow blooms.....everywhere.

This is the usual time for the daffodils to bloom and this year...mine are really beautiful.  

At the end of the blooming season this year, I'm going to have to dig them up and replant them.   When Sam built our new fence (which I love) he built it about 2 feet inside the property line, which means that they are only seen if I go back behind this fence!  :(

I'm all ready for valentines about the rest of you?

Sam and I went out to eat this past Saturday......We both knew that the restaurants would be so crowded on Valentines day, so we celebrated a little early.   I had been craving "Olive Garden" and my love took me there.     I ordered eggplant parmesan and it was
sooo good!  This is my all time favorite dish.  

My precious niece has a birthday tomorrow....on Valentines Day!
She will be 42 ...... so hard to believe.

It is very hard to share a birthday with a day like Valentines day.   Everyone is so busy with their sweethearts and it makes it hard to celebrate on that day.  

We usually have to choose a day before or after the 14th, to celebrate her big day...

This month is moving right along.......which means it's almost time to put out the shamrocks!!

Hope you all have a Blessed day..

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Never say Never....Unless you really mean it!

Never say never........but today, I am saying NEVER.   Yesterday (Tuesday) at approximately 6:00 am, I ventured out on a trip with my sweet, darling Sam.   Let's see.....I was told that we would not be back until Wednesday night and probably more like Thursday morning....

I was all up for that.   We were going to be heading South, down towards the San Antonio area.....and even  f-u-r-t-h-e-r  South into the land of nothing but cactus and mesquite brush.  

 This one way trip is just over 422 miles.  This is a pretty good distance if you ask me.

Do you see Crystal City, way down at the bottom on this map?  It's just about as close to Mexico as you can get.    And then you should be able to see Tyler at the top of the map, just West of Shreveport.  That was our starting point.          Texas is a HUGE State!!   

Imagine this view with no green leaves on the mesquite brush.  Everything was brown and dormant.    Very Dry looking!

Do any of you know how many miles long the State of Texas is?
660 miles wide

Length?   790 miles long.

Like I said....we left at 6 in the morning......drove to our destination....loaded the nursery stock.....drove ALL THE WAY BACK HOME!!!!   Good grief....this was not in our plans!  This is not what I bargained for!

I have no idea what popped into Sam's head, to think that at our age, we could easily drive this distance in one day.   844 miles, plus the extra miles that it took to drive out into the middle of No Where, to pick up the stock.   Three short stops for gas and to use the restroom....and a 30 minute dinner break.       That was all the stopping we did.     

I was exhausted when we got home at midnight!!! I plan to do this again!  

What a day and night!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Don't do it Halfway....

Hasn't it been a great weekend?  Even if most of my hours were spent riding down the highway.

Sam and I left yesterday at noon, to make a trip to Louisiana to pick up Fig cuttings.   Just a five and a half hour trip (One Way)....not bad at all.   I guess that would be like 11 hours on the road...more like 13 or 14 hours for Sam and I.

We have made this trip for Many years now, and I never get tired of traveling to the southern part of Louisiana.   

Anyways, this morning I stayed at the hotel while Sam went to pick up the cuttings.   I turned on the TV and Dr. Charles Stanley was speaking.    I listened a while and one of the things that he said was that we need to live our lives as Christ would have us do.    

One of the things that I picked up on was that we need to be kind to others.....We need to go out of our way to compliment others or to do good things for others.   

As Sam and I were traveling home today, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel to grab something for lunch.   As I was heading to the restroom, a tiny little black lady was just ahead of me.   As we both made our way to wash our hands, I complimented the lady on her dress.   It was a gorgeous color of Pink and she really looked so pretty in it.  

In my mind, I was thinking.....I'm proud of myself, I complimented someone today.    And then this precious little lady began talking to me.   She told me what size the dress was and that she had purchased it last year but could just now wear it because she had GAINED weight.   She ask me a few other questions and some of them, I had no clue as to what she was talking about.  She was so soft spoken and I could barely hear what she was saying.   I was trying my best to get out of there.

At this point, I was thinking......look what I got myself into by complimenting someone!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the restroom and in just a short time, the host called our name to be seated.   

While Sam and I were eating, I noticed that he kept looking past me and I could tell he was really thinking about something.

I asked him what he was looking at and he then told me that he was watching this lady back behind me that was sitting all by herself.  I kinda looked around and there was the little lady that I had spoke with in the restroom.   She was sitting there, all by herself enjoying her little meal.

Seems that something about her had captured Sam's heart, so he asked our waitress for her bill and he paid for her meal.

As I was thinking about this a little later, my heart was saddened by my own actions.    I listened to the sermon this morning, I made the effort to show kindness, but did I allow this kindness to truly come from my heart!?!?

In other words......I did compliment this sweet lady, but when it came time for the kindness to be extended with conversation, I failed.

I think about how lonely she might have been and how she may have needed to have someone to talk to.  

What good does it do us,  when we HALFWAY do an act of kindness? 
I can promise that I am going to try to do better. 
Lesson Learned today!!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tears of sorrow and of joy...

This is not going to be a long post today......for those that do not follow me on Face Book, I just wanted to share that my dad passed away this past week.   He passed away on  Monday, January 23rd.   I plan to share more of a tribute to him a little later.

My dad's funeral was Thursday morning and I must say, I have truly had an exhausting week both mentally and physically.   However, this was my view last evening before I went to bed and it made my heart rejoice.   I cried as I watched the sun set.   My tears were not only for the sorrow of watching my dad take his last breath, but there were also tears of JOY, because I know who is now holding his hand....

God is so awesome and I thank Him for His Amaing love, and for this beautiful canvas that HE placed in the sky for me to see.

Love to each of you.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

January ....

Saturday morning...drizzling rain outside our front door.   I'm sitting here with my feet propped up, enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee (plain black coffee...NO cream or sugar for me)   also enjoying the company of my amazing husband.    I would say that it's a great morning.

It'a a new season for "little dribblers" which means that we will be heading to the gym in a couple hours, to watch Mylee Jo..... run up and down the gym floor, bouncing the ball and shooting goals.  

January!  One of those months when I usually have about three things that are always steadily on my mind.   One is CLEANING.
After taking down all the Christmas decorations, I always want to dive in and clean everything!  This is what I did yesterday.  Cleaned out kitchen cabinets and drawers.   Cleaned the utility and actually discarded a few things that I know longer needed.  


                                          My kitchen Lockers

Another thing ......TAXES!    Oh yes.   I like to dig in and get this done.   I like to go ahead and get everything cleaned out, in order to start the next year.  I know a lot of people who put this off until about the 10th of April, but for's just better to get it DONE!

......And the 3rd thing is VACATION!!  January is a great month to start planning a vacation.   The only issue that I have is.... that I want to plan a vacation for every single month!!  The mountains are really calling my name.  We always love the beach.....  A cruise sounds GREAT and I love the Smoky mountains.    There are so many things to do right here in TEXAS.       AND OH.....a friends trip is always a must.

So what do you have going on for the month of January?

I would love to hear.


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock