Tuesday, December 29, 2020

 It's 🍋 time again!!   I know.....you would think these lemons would be ready in the Summer, just in time for making Lemonade.   Not OURS!!

Look at all the Blooms....these just came on here this past week!  This Lemon tree seems to have the Season's mixed up.  It did this last year too!!

Look at this one!!!  The picture is not as clear as I hoped for, but I think you can clearly see that this lemon is huge.

Much bigger than the palm of my hand.  

I posted pictures of this Lemon tree last year, when it had 58 lemons on it.  YES....58 lemons on this one tree.  

This year, the lemons are a little more scarce.  Maybe like 30 lemons....but hey, the thing is still blooming, so who knows, it may just end up having a big number.  

I honestly would love for them to be ripe in the summer so that we could pick them and use them, but since they have decided that they like to ripen in December and January, we just squeeze them and fill ice tray cubicles with the juice.  When they freeze, you just pop one out and put it in your glass of tea, or in whatever you are cooking that needs some freshening...

This tree is on our back porch and the smell is so heavenly when we go out the back door.  It is also very pretty to look at.    One great thing is that we have had plenty of lemons to mix with green tea and honey.  Plus a few red hots.  

This little mixture has been great for Sam to drink while having covid.  And now for an update on him!!  He is still running fever here at day 7.  The fever has not been as high today, so we are hopeful that tomorrow it just might be gone!  Keeping our fingers crossed anyways!!  

Y'all stay safe and I truly pray that NONE of you gets this virus.   Keep us in your prayers.   I have a small cough, but that is it so far..  

Big Hugs from a distance!


Friday, December 25, 2020

 Christmas 2020.....   A very different family Christmas, BUT...the Same Celebration!

Our Family Christmas get-together has been a little different this year!  As most of you know, Sam has covid and he and I are both quarantined.  

This meant celebrating with our family in a different kind of way!

The kids are watching us Via the Portal!  And...we are watching them as they played games and opened their gifts..

Our girls have done a great job of making sure that we have been able to be a part of the family time.  They brought us Christmas Eve dinner and they also brought us a Christmas Cookie Decorating kit.  We always have a Cookie decorating contest and they wanted to make sure our cookies were decorated...

Even the son-in-laws decorated cookies.....   

The winner has not been selected yet, but this is the one I chose.  Not sure who this one belongs to, but it gets my VOTE!

Oh yes....Tucker and Shanda Kay!
They are the jokesters of the family!!  Always having a good time!
Emily is the one sitting there being so nice!

Here I am hoping this Covid stuff speeds up and goes away!

As we all know, the Real Reason we Celebrate is JESUS!  Covid can never change this....Nothing will ever change the fact that we Celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! 


Please keep Sam in your prayers and even though I have been exposed....Pray that I will stay healthy!

Hope you all have had a Very Merry Christmas!!




Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 A simple card that we received.....but the message is so GREAT!

             "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him".....  

Can you imagine how greatly, Mary and Joseph....the Angels...the Shepherds all adored HIM on that night of HIS birth?

How Beautiful it is to Adore our Lord and Savior!


Our grands....just before going to see Christmas lights!  We had a great family outing, riding through the light park....in the back of the trucks!

It was cold, but who notices a thing like that when you're having a wonderful time?

and look what we found..... A "Mylee Jo" Frosty, hiding in the park.

A quick picture with Pops!  

The "Bethlehem Star"....not the greatest picture, but the best I could get.  

More pre-Christmas to come!


Thursday, December 17, 2020

 I'm Back!!   Where have I been?  No-where....Just shopping and sorting and wrapping and hanging out....


It's that time of year.....You know, the busy time of the year.  I've done most all of my shopping online and I have loved it!!  Gosh....SO EASY!

Hey Y'all....she says! Look at me!  
This will be Emersyn's very First Christmas!!

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year....the Most Beautiful Time of the Year!

My newest Ornament this year!!  A friend, who owns a local shop here in my little town, gave this to me.
I love It!!!....I love it!

So super PROUD of my Air Force Grandson!

A TEXAS flag made of Christmas lights!

I need one of these on our back gate....I would want to leave it up all year long!

Christmas lights bring so much JOY!
We visited "Land of Lights" last week and oh how beautiful they all were..

Who enjoys wrapping gifts??  ME...ME...
I can't sit for hours wrapping gifts!

And this is what I do in between wrapping gifts!!
LOL.    🤣🤣🤣

Hope you all are getting ready for Christmas....
It's only 8 days away!!   

Thank you Lord for this Beautiful Christmas Season!!

Hugs to all...


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Why did I choose this for my header picture??   

Well....I finally sat down for the day, and as I looked up, I could see our outside Christmas lights shining through the glass on the door.  It is absolutely stunning and I'm very sad that the picture does not pick up on all of the gorgeous glittering lights reflecting on the bevelled glass.  

It's those small, unexpected things that make life great.   

I have a lot of catching up to do on reading everyone's post.  It's just that time of the year when the BUSY syndrome takes control of my life and I have to put some things on hold until I can catch up.  I know I'm not the only one that catches this syndrome.  

Posting a couple of pictures, but I haven't even had time to edit any of them.   

 I feel a lazy this year when it comes to Christmas decorations.  I usually am full force and sometimes can over decorate....but this year, I feel like I'm barely showing up for the decorating party.  I'm sure my family is wondering what is going on.  

Just noticed my Sonic drink in this picture.  LOL.   Maybe I'll make some money for advertising.  LOL.

I LOVE all the lights of Christmas.....  More photos on next post.  Nothing fancy, but lights sure make everything EXCITING!

I'll leave y'all with this picture that my sweetie posted on Facebook.  I'm not really entertaining Facebook much these days, but I just happened to learn today that he posted this photo.  He may be in the dog house!LOL...

Big hugs to all...

Shug.   🎄

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Well....My last post was all about the beautiful golden yellow trees, and all about Fall.   I think there were a couple of pictures from the Christmas store in Branson, included in the post.  

Here I am today.....Posting a couple of Christmas pictures.  🎄👀

    As much as I love Christmas and I love decorating......I just simply have not been excited about it this year.   I honestly think I've been prolonging getting all the decorations out of storage, because my Christmas spirit has not arrived yet.  

I did decorate this tree yesterday, but I just wanted to be done with it before I even got started.

However...My sweet Sam, took the day off in order to help me get the trees set up.  He sent me a text on Monday, saying that he was going to take the day and spend it helping ME.

How could I not get this tree decorated??

This tree is not fully done, but maybe by tomorrow, my Vitamin B12 will kick in and I can focus on the completion.  

This is actually a wall hanging!  I'm looking up at it (backwards) while taking this picture.  


We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!!
The ol' Turkey is getting left out this year.

Speaking of Turkey's....I'm sure most of you saw on TV that the Greenberg Turkey Company had an explosion at the TURKEY place this past weekend.  I ALWAYS buy a Greenberg Turkey, both for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   

This place is only about 15 miles from us, and I always try to go early to avoid having to stand in line.  The Greenberg Turkey was on Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite things" list.   Certainly NOT the reason why I buy them....!!!   THESE SMOKED TURKEYS ARE AWESOME!!!

But...NO Greenberg this year!!

I'll be sure to post Christmas decorating photos as soon as I can make myself gather a little 

Ho, Ho, Ho!



Thursday, November 5, 2020

We truly serve a mighty God.  Just look at the beauty in my header picture.

This is just one of the trees that we saw on a quick trip to Missouri this past weekend.  

I haven't even taken the time to edit these pictures, but they are all so beautiful just as they are.

This was our morning view from the hotel room...absolutely stunning!

One of the trees as we drove up the drive to our hotel entrance.  We stayed at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson.  I enjoy staying at this hotel and this year, we had an extra surprise...The Christmas trees were all up and decorated.  

Another view outside our room...the fog was so heavy this day and you could barely see the lake.  

Sam and I at the Christmas Village.  Santa was there, but I thought it was kinda strange that Santa and his chair was completely roped off with a red tape.  No one could get near him, so I guess if kids wanted to talk to him, they would have to shout out their Christmas wishes...LOL.

Mylee Jo and Tori....they were so much fun on this trip and they both had a great time...

Our Crew....We left the rest of the family at home!!!  😂😂.   Since this was a spur of the moment get-away, some of the guys had to work and could not make this trip with us.  

The girls....Trista and Shanda...all decked out in their leopard mask...waiting for the show "NOAH" to start.

Me and Shan at the Christmas store..

These two are always so much fun....warming their hands by the FAKE heater..   LOL.

Branson is so much fun and there is so much to do in that area.  Even though it is a Seven and half hour drive from our house to Branson...we usually make this trip at least once a year...sometimes 2 times.  I'm not fond of the drive, especially the interstate part, but we always have such a great time.

It's those quick, unexpected short trips that make for tons of memories and FUN!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fall Favorites....

 My FALL favorites consist of everything with Bursting colors, Warm Fires, Pumpkin Breads, Hay Rides, Apple Crisp, Cozy nights, Carving Pumpkins, Family time,

Friends.........Fall inspired scents..............and a big harvest of Happiness!

{Old} picture of Sam and I.....we had this taken on a Fall Trip with friends to "Silver Dollar City" in Branson a few years ago.    

I absolutely loved everything about this Fall trip.

I've posted these photos in the past....
Since covid, we haven't been able to take any trips together, and I miss these friends terribly.  

We always have SO MUCH FUN!!


Back to Fall.....🍁🍂🍁

I love........
Going to the Farm and seeing all of the persimmon trees ablaze with orange fruit.....This is a Fall !

What are some of your favorite Fall things?


Sunday, October 25, 2020

 "As the Deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth 

after thee."

Psalm 42:1

Shug ☦

Friday, October 23, 2020

Birthday Guy

 It's going to be a busy morning.....and I have much to do.  Today, we will be celebrating Sam's 68th Birthday!

I'll be in the kitchen this morning.....Baking a Birthday Cake!!  German Chocolate Cake is a favorite around here......

Here is my husband Sam.....holding the newest member of our family (Emersyn Kate). This rocking chair holds two of my wonderful Loves!

This man is the BEST!  He wins several awards!!🏆
Best Husband, Best Dad, Best Father-in-law, Best Grandfather to our six grandchildren, Best Great Grandfather, Best Friend, Best everything!

These two girls absolutely adore their 68 year YOUNG dad!

I remember when he was just 15.....I loved him then and love him many times more now.  It's hard to believe that I have been able to celebrate at least 53 of his birthdays with this him!!!

This is how he rolls.   Tea with granddaughters, hunting with grandsons, being ready to do whatever his family wants to do.  Always putting us first.

He's not big on letting us celebrate him, as he prefers to celebrate others.  But today, we are excited to party with him!!   Wings, Pizza, and his favorite.....German Chocolate cake!!

        Happy Birthday Sam.......💛🎂💛


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