Sunday, May 31, 2015

Texas Sunshine.....

Oh wow Friends........I can not let this day go by without......PRAISING GOD.....

We have had beautiful sunshine today!  This is awesome......


My goal for the week is to get back into blogging on a daily basis....Blogging is something that I truly enjoy and I especially enjoy speaking with encouraging words.   

Sometimes....the journey of life can become overwhelming and in my takes me away from so many of the things that I enjoy doing.    

I'm ready to walk away from the overwhelming part....and get back to what makes me happy....   

So....with all of this being said......I guess I'll see you tomorrow!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

You have got to be kidding!

That's've got to be kidding!   

A the middle of a four lane highway.....In East Texas??

There have been several gator sightings lately.   I just never thought one would be found so close to a town....and on the highway.

I've always heard people talk about the possibility of having alligators in our rivers....but I've never known of anyone actually seeing one.   UNTIL NOW!

We have had so much rain that even the gators are looking for higher ground!!!!!!!!!

And, since we don't live that far from the river (which is "SO" overflowing, that it has spilled out onto pasture land)....I will.....for sure....keep my eyes open for such things as a gator!!

See ya later......gator


Monday, May 25, 2015

And then we saw this.....

Oh my......the sky this evening has been amazingly Gorgeous!  My header photo is just one of the many photos of the evening.   

This photo was taken by one of our very good friends......right after the storm.   There has been NO touching up on these pictures...
This is actually what we saw when looking at the sky!

This is what we first saw.......RAIN!

This is my front walk way and part of the circle drive......
Never have I seen it do this before.

We had some serious rain!!

Totals for the year is above the 30 inch range.


And then there was this.....

Shug ~

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend.....

One of my very Best friends......sent a text to me.....Early this morning.   I thought it to be worth sharing with you all.


Speaking in regards to Memorial Day.

"Remember above all else, Memorial Day is most importantly a day to HONOR those that lost their life defending our Nation!  Pray for their eternal rest, and comfort for the families they left behind! And then, pray for our Nation and that we may have a return to God!  Don't pass up a chance to let people know that you love them." 

Well friend.....

I have only had the privilege of meeting one of my blogging friends in person......(Tanna @ The Brickstreet Bungalow)

Tanna is an absolute precious lady....with many talents!

Though, Tanna is the only Blogging Friend that I have actually is my awesome Blessing to send each of you hugs each day.   I love each of you!

Hope each of you enjoy this special Memorial Weekend.......
Prayers for your safety and for the safety of each of your family members.   


Friday, May 22, 2015

Wearing Readers......

Do I really want to tell this story?  Do I really want to set myself up to be judged?   Sure.....hopefully it will give you all a shower of temporary laughter for the day.

                                                                          Borrowed Picture.......Source......Web

This is an adorable picture......Surely, everyone else loves English Bulldogs the same as I do.

What do I really want you to see in this photo??...... the "READER GLASSES."

These things are super important in my everyday life!  I CAN NOT see ...... Up close!     So, why do I spend so much time Squinting?

The reason why.......I can't ever find where I left my 10 pair of readers.    I have many "Readers" in this house, in my car, in my purse......BUT,  I never can seem to find a pair when I am looking for them.  

Here is the Story!

I am not one that ever READS in the bathtub.   For this reason, I find NO REASON to wear glasses while bathing.   Well....No reason up until now!   

So.....I get in the tub yesterday.   I can't swim....which is the reason I do NOT like taking showers.  That sounds funny doesn't it?   Let me explain:   It's not that I think the shower is gonna fill up, over my head and drown me.   It's the spray of of water that splashes on my face that I can't take.   I don't like water in my eyes, and therefore.....I have to keep my eyes completely shut when I shower.

When my eyes are mind flips out.....what if someone is outside the shower door?   What if something crawls up the drain?

Back to the tub........  I grab a new razor, my towel, the bath gel and my shampoo.   (yep....I wash my hair in the tub)   

I have washed my hair.........I've bathed.....and now it's time to shave my legs.   Whew....I can't believe it...  NO cuts of any kind. 
I then get out of tub.....dry off.....get dressed....put my make-up on...blow dry my hair.....and the only thing left for me to do is to put lotion on my arms and legs.

I take a good look at my legs, and I'm thinking....."Good Grief, those new vitamins that I am taking really seem to be working fast."  It was as if I had never shaved my legs!!!!!!!!!!    What?   I know I did!!!

I go back to the tub.....grab the razor......put my readers on......and 
WaLa........the razor was still covered with the protective piece on it!!!

I shaved my legs with plastic!!!!!!   Yes.....I suppose it is time to start wearing my reading glasses while I bath!!

Shug ~


Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Fence Post and more!!

Hello to all........Guess what?  It's raining here again in East Texas!

We are completely water logged!    One of my "crazy" friends on wondering if the "Burn Ban" is still in effect?!

Of course....he is joking!


Thought I'd join "Good Fences" today........

Pictures that I took last year.....while visiting in Gruene, Texas.
I love visiting there.    (My header picture was also taken in Gruene)

The fence that surrounds "Gruene Hall".......the old Dance Hall!

This fence surround the "Gruene Mansion Inn" which is my header photo....

I know that many of you have visited in Gruene and have probably tubed down the Guadalupe River......I certainly HAVE!
Many times!!

Ok....Susie A.   I know you are reading and you can stop laughing!!

SIDE NOTE:     (One of my trips ...... tubing down the river...... made for a GREAT story!)     

If you have never visited Gruene, Texas.....   You need to plan a trip......Go ride the river......Eat some GOOD food.....and shop!

Make it a fun-filled day!!

Shug ~ 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Being Chatty!!

Holiday plans....anyone?   Time is passing so fast and I just (last evening) realized that this weekend is MEMORIAL WEEKEND!

I actually thought that it was still another weekend away! starts in just a couple of days!

Once again....Strong storms are headed our way for the weekend, which means that OUTDOOR events will most likely have to go indoors!

What kind of interesting plans do you all have for the Holiday weekend??


In other News:

                  Check out the SMILE on his face!  

Grandson #2 (Tucker) received the GOLF MVP (most valuable player) award, at the recent Athletic Banquet that was held this past Monday night!  Yea Tucker!

Grandson #1 (Tyler) got a new job....working at the hospital.  This will be great, as his studies are in Nursing. 

This coming up weekend is RECITAL weekend for Mylee Jo.   Yes...she takes a dance class, and this weekend, she will show us all of that precious talent that she has learned this past year!   Her Pop's is saying.....  :( yea! 

(Pop's is not a fan of watching a two hour dance recital)

Yesterday....I had an MRI done on my foot.  Yes, the ol' foot is still not well.  I have seen two different Podiatrist for this issue and they both gave me a different diagnosis.  Hmmmmm!

My family Dr. says...the best way to know is to do an MRI.

Goodness......I could barely move after having the 30 minute test done.  Before wheeling me into that skinny little tube, the medical staff.....tied my foot down and said...DO NOT MOVE.

They also had me cross my arms and said (not) to move a muscle...because... "When you move your arms...your feet move!"

Listen y'all.....not all bodies are made to fit on tiny little boards!  I had all parts of my body....begging for the "datgum" test to get OVER WITH.

I told Sam....My toes could actually feel the pulling effects from the magnets inside that machine.  It must have been the nail polish!!  lol.   

I did check to see if the nail polish was still was!

For those of you who have asked....
We are located about a 180 miles from Waco Texas.....where the Biker shoot out took place this past weekend.  

Grandson #4 was originally scheduled to play baseball in the city of Waco this past weekend....however, the tournament got changed.   I'm very thankful.  
So very sad about the loss of lives...over senseless angers. 

Well....that's it for me today!
Hope you all have a Sun filled day.

shug ~

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blooms Everywhere...

Blooms are everywhere!  This is actually the first year for all of my gorgeous Oleander's to bloom, and I couldn't be happier with all the beautiful color that is surrounds our home.  

I expect that by tomorrow....these little jewels will be showing off their splendor.

The fragrance of this so sweet!  What is it?  This one is planted in one of pots....and I simply can not remember it's name.

Just this morning...while I was out in the yard....looking at all of my plants, I had this thought that I would like to share.

Here in East Texas....we have had a WHOLE lot of rain and, with this rain...comes Thunderstorms!  Some days, it has just been rain...while on other days, we have seen lots of wind, thunder, lightning, mixed with all the rain.

While checking out my pomegranate bush....I noticed that there were so many of the precious blooms on the ground.  It was evident that the wind and rain had tossed them about, and in just a few days, it will be as if they never existed.

As Christians....if we are not careful,...OUR WITNESS....can be blown with the wind, as if it never existed.  

ALL of our good works....can quickly be destroyed if our LIGHT grows dim, we when are in the midst of anger.

We need to be extremely cautious with the communications that pass from our tongue, out into the world.

Words we say....can be blown like  the wind...(which destroyed my blooms) and can shatter our Christian witness.  

Isn't this a gorgeous bloom!  It's a bloom that will reap a wonderful tasting just a few months....if the winds let it remain.  

We must cover ourselves with the word of order to protect our testimony.  


Food for thought!

Shug ~

Friday, May 15, 2015

oh the sounds

Good morning everyone.....   I'm busy doing one of those things that I love to do (NOT).  I'm sitting at the car dealership, in the service department, waiting to have a bulb replaced on the headlight of my vehicle.   

My should be simple to pull the hood, grab a bulb and replace the thing.   A total of 5 to 10 minutes at the would think!   

I'm now going on 45 minutes of waiting!   I suppose I should have paid more attention to the clue.... When the service guy handed me a vibrating device to let me know when my car would be finished.   Second clue is...they offered me a bag of popcorn as I walked into the waiting room!  After all...they do want their  customers to be happy.  

To the left of me, there is a big conversation on politics taking place... I best not join in right now....!!!!!!

Behind me, the topic of nail salons is gaining some big rants about the service and of course... The foreign language.   

In front of me, is a service guy doing his best to encourage his customer to replace the filter in his (almost new) car!  

Oh,  the sounds of chatteting are all around me and yet... I can STILL, somehow write a post.  

I'm patiently waiting for my buzzer to go off.... Guess I'll just listen and people watch, for a few more minutes!!!

Have a good weekend.... Y'all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Water and Rides...

It's Raining, it's pouring....the old man is snoring!!


I'm not complaining.....I'm really not.....but, I am asking myself...

"Why did you not ever learn to Swim?"


Seriously....I'm thinking I need some quick lessons in learning how to swim!  

Rain gauges around here are FULL. The river is full....the ground is saturated!!  Seriously Saturated!!

Much like our neighbors to the North, who dealt with soooo much snow during the Winter months.....we are dealing with so much rain!

I would normally have my flower beds filled with flowers by now, is way to wet to plant them.  

Besides.....I think they would all rot....if I had been able to plant them.   

NO SUNSHINE in the forecast.

It just might be time to leave this all behind and head for some dryer land!   

A vacation does sound nice!!

Is it dry and Sunny where you are?

I told Sam....just this morning that I would love to go back to Disney World.  

I'm a kid at heart and I enjoy theme parks!  

"Soaring" is my favorite ride...and next to that would have to be the "Teacups!"  LOL.

You noticed that I didn't say "Boat Rides" ....didn't you?

Which is exactly what I'm gonna find myself riding in...if it keeps on RAINING!

Just having fun here!
shug ~

Monday, May 11, 2015

Trista and I just made it back home from Van, Texas.   We drove over to make a delivery to her friends, whose home was destroyed.

This is a picture of their home!

We were not allowed to drive into the area with the most severe damage.....however, I took the below picture from area properties that were in the path of the tornado before it reached the community of Van.    I couldn't believe what I was seeing...

Map of our area!  Much flooding taking place!!!  As I said in my last post....Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week. Our rain amount received last night was 7 inches alone.  It has rained so much since January and the ground is just saturated.  

Roads....completely washed out!


All three of these photos are pictures of  different roads in our area!

The Damage is like nothing I have ever seen.   

There are now confirmed deaths and there are still people missing.  

Please keep the community of Van in your prayers.  And...pray for the surrounding towns that have much flooding! 


Prayers Please.....

Prayers please! 

Our nearby neighboring town of Van was hit by a tornado, last evening.

Many homes were destroyed and 10 people are reported missing.  

Friends of our daughter....lost their home...All that was left of the home, was the closet they were in.   Thank you Lord!

Flooding on many of the roads in our County and the surrounding Counties.  More rain headed this way, with rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

The ground in our area is already saturated and many trees have fallen.   

Please say a prayer for all of the people in this area and for our dear friends in Van, Texas.

Blessings, my friends..
shug ~

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trusting that each of you have had a wonderful day!  

Shug ~

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thoughts for Good Living.

         "Blaming others."   

The practice of constantly blaming others for our own harmful, and more so for the one who is doing the attacking. 

We normally blame order to make ourselves look good.  In my opinion....blaming others constitutes a very low self-esteem from the person who is pointing the finger at others.  

Each of us are responsible for the choices we make and in the "Blaming Game".... chances are, that adverse fate will effect your own life.

If you are involved in a situation with other people,  and the picture clearly indicates that things are not turning out the way you thought they should.....then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the happenings.   

If everyone else is doing their part....then it must be time for  the one that is "blaming" to take another look at themselves!

It could, just be, that the one that is so wrapped up in their griping and complaining, that they fail to realize that they are actually the cause for all the pieces not fitting together as they should. 

Just some thoughts for good living!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I must wait.....

          ...... It is so very important for us to believe that God hears our prayers!

One might say: "Why isn't God answering my prayers."

Do you have a situation in your life that you have prayed for and yet you receive NO ANSWERS?

I will confess that I have been guilty of searching for answers to this VERY QUESTION....for a very long time now!

I've had thoughts such as....

1.  God Knows I love HIM. (so why doesn't he love me enough to answer my prayers?)
2.  God knows all about my needs...(so why is HE not concerned)
3.  And Oh....God knows that I believe in the Power of Prayer!


I have even had a conversation with God....asking HIM to please understand that I'm not asking for prayers are for others!  

Doesn't this change the entire situation?  Like...when we ask for answers in prayer...for other people?

And then....I have to STOP myself and remember God's words...John 15:7.

"If you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done.!

OH BOY....this sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

What we (I) must realize is that God desires for me to ask in prayer....with a heartfelt expression of dependency and need.

First of heart must be right with God. My relationship with the Lord must be PURE!  

I can not expect to come before the Lord...seeking answers to my prayers and at the same secretly trying to hide the sins in my life.   I can not allow my iniquities to separate me from God.

God's WILL is what I must be seeking.  HIS will and HIS timing!

Read the story of Abraham and God promised Abraham a son.  In this Bible story, it is clear that God's mercy is sovereign and HIS will is accomplished regardless of human frailty.

I can not expect to have an effective prayer life...if I am only in halfway!!!!!

I am so thankful that I know the Lord....that I can trust HIM....that HE loves me....and HE cares about my concerns!  

I must wait....even if the days turn in to weeks, and months, and years....


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Changing Habits.....

A change in habits is certainly a task that has to be continually exercised.  

Can it be done?  I think so....but it sure has to be a mind set that one is truly desiring to change!

(*^$%*):#@@%O"^*).....ARGH!  This is day two of NO SUGAR in my system!  NONE, NADA....meaning zero!  Am I grouchy?  I think so!

I'm admitting here, that I have been a sugar addict for some 30 or more years.....and I can fully fill the negative responses that my body is trying to relate to me.

Hurting, aching, retaining fluids, being moody, having a somewhat sluggish feeling all the time.. ........these harmful effects, caused by too much sugar in my system.... is making me feel so bad.

I'm cleaning up my pig pen diet (meaning - filthy eating habits)
and hoping to replace the sugar foods...AND...foods that are processed!

So....I'm trying to eat more ROOT vegetables.  Good healthy foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets, and even parsnips!!  

                         photo source....images of root veggies.

Believe it or not...I had no clue what a parsnip was until recently!
I bought them...but, I have not cooked them yet!  lol.

Hope they are tasty!

In the past....a change in diet has always been about weight!
NOT THIS TIME.  Now don't get me wrong...if I shed a few pounds, I won't mind.....However, I am just hoping to get my A1C level well as feel better!

It sure saddens me to think of all the horrible junk that we are feeding kids these days!  Fast Foods, Processed Foods, Sweets, and those flavored drinks!!  

When it comes down to is all about CHOICE!  Good foods or bad foods.

Hugs to each of you,

Monday, May 4, 2015

Awesome Canvas!

If I didn't know better, I would say that this looks like a ginormous shark of some sort....erupting from the middle of the ocean waters.

Looks as if there is a driving force of pressure which has ignited a big glow underneath the so called shark.

Instead......this is a mysterious cloud which captured my eye.

So much beauty!  And to storm came from the dark clouds!  The formation of these particular clouds....just another AWESOME canvas of God's glorious works.

God is so Good!!
Enjoy a Beautiful Monday....

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tea for Two...OR...Two for Tea

I did it......I wasn't sure if I had the energy to do all the work, but the creative side of me kicked in and I was able to complete two Tablescapes for two different Ladies luncheons.   

The difficult side of this was the fact that both luncheons were held on the same day....{TODAY} and they were in two different locations.  

My niece, who attends church at our local Methodist church.....volunteered to host a table.  

When she told me about this, I  knew that I would be doing this table.  Tammy has a few disabilities, and it is sometimes very difficult for her to do things like this.   However, I knew she wanted to be a I said YES....I would help her.

What I didn't know {at the time} was that my own church would be hosting a Mother's Day luncheon on the same day.  {TODAY}

Did I mention that at Tammy's table....each host is responsible for providing desserts for their table?  YEP....I needed to make desserts for that luncheon.

  My niece...Tammy.  She is so sweet, and is always willing to help.

The dishes I used for Tammy's table are called "Liberty Blue."
Easy...I would just use an American theme here.  

Sorry...this is the only photo I took of Tammy's table.  This picture was taken prior to adding the yellow napkin rings, the mini Bundt cakes and the chair covers!


For my table.....the theme was
"Lemonade Stand"

My guest had a choice.....Lemonade, Hot tea, or just a plain ol' glass of Southern Sweet tea!

My girls....enjoying the tea.

Needless to say...I am tired tonight!

Glad I had the opportunity to help my niece and happy that both luncheons were a great Blessing to the women in our Community.


A Day of Remembrance

  We have had a Beautiful Day here in East Texas....... Memorial Day:   A day of remembrance for those who died in service for our Country! ...