Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blooms Everywhere...

Blooms are everywhere!  This is actually the first year for all of my gorgeous Oleander's to bloom, and I couldn't be happier with all the beautiful color that is surrounds our home.  

I expect that by tomorrow....these little jewels will be showing off their splendor.

The fragrance of this so sweet!  What is it?  This one is planted in one of pots....and I simply can not remember it's name.

Just this morning...while I was out in the yard....looking at all of my plants, I had this thought that I would like to share.

Here in East Texas....we have had a WHOLE lot of rain and, with this rain...comes Thunderstorms!  Some days, it has just been rain...while on other days, we have seen lots of wind, thunder, lightning, mixed with all the rain.

While checking out my pomegranate bush....I noticed that there were so many of the precious blooms on the ground.  It was evident that the wind and rain had tossed them about, and in just a few days, it will be as if they never existed.

As Christians....if we are not careful,...OUR WITNESS....can be blown with the wind, as if it never existed.  

ALL of our good works....can quickly be destroyed if our LIGHT grows dim, we when are in the midst of anger.

We need to be extremely cautious with the communications that pass from our tongue, out into the world.

Words we say....can be blown like  the wind...(which destroyed my blooms) and can shatter our Christian witness.  

Isn't this a gorgeous bloom!  It's a bloom that will reap a wonderful tasting just a few months....if the winds let it remain.  

We must cover ourselves with the word of order to protect our testimony.  


Food for thought!

Shug ~


Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful blooms at your place. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.It is so true that we can quickly undo any testimony with only a few wrong words.

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

All the rain was a blessing! The blossoms are gorgeous, I have never seen pomegranate blossoms, they are so pretty!

We do need to be so careful with words, they can really blow into places unexpected! Perfect scripture!


Ginny said...

Lots of firsts for me here. I have never seen pomegranate blooms, they are awesome! And your Oleander. Wow! I love the vibrant color, they are gorgeous! I have read the name Oleander in books, but never seen any before this. And your header is stunning. Yes, I think every one of us has said things that we wish so much we could take back.

Ginny said...

P.S. Your rainy background is so appropriate!!

Michelle said...

I always appreciate your inspiring words, Shug! Those are some beautiful blooms at your place!

Wanda said...

Oh what lovely blooms. I love Oleanders. For miles and miles and miles ~ From Bakersfield to almost Oregon Hwy 99 has the divider hundreds of Oleanders...white, pink, and deep pink.

They have been their for years as I remember them as a child and I'm in my 70's. I guess you can say they are durable.

Barb said...

Hi Shug~

Just watching the news, and I'm a little worried about you! How far are you from Waco? I hope it's not near where you live - what a terrible tragedy! Be safe sweet friend...


Linda Kay said...

Shug great post with lots of beautiful flowers. I've never seen the bloom of a pomegranate before, so it really caught my eye. Have a wonderful day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope the weather is better this week. I know you have really had the storms this Spring. This is a beautifully written post my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

Gail Dixon said...

I'm glad y'all are getting rain, but know you can do without the destructive wind.

I am always asking God to keep watch over my mouth. Sometimes I speak before thinking. Our witness is so important. Great reminder!

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