Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Being Chatty!!

Holiday plans....anyone?   Time is passing so fast and I just (last evening) realized that this weekend is MEMORIAL WEEKEND!

I actually thought that it was still another weekend away! starts in just a couple of days!

Once again....Strong storms are headed our way for the weekend, which means that OUTDOOR events will most likely have to go indoors!

What kind of interesting plans do you all have for the Holiday weekend??


In other News:

                  Check out the SMILE on his face!  

Grandson #2 (Tucker) received the GOLF MVP (most valuable player) award, at the recent Athletic Banquet that was held this past Monday night!  Yea Tucker!

Grandson #1 (Tyler) got a new job....working at the hospital.  This will be great, as his studies are in Nursing. 

This coming up weekend is RECITAL weekend for Mylee Jo.   Yes...she takes a dance class, and this weekend, she will show us all of that precious talent that she has learned this past year!   Her Pop's is saying.....  :( yea! 

(Pop's is not a fan of watching a two hour dance recital)

Yesterday....I had an MRI done on my foot.  Yes, the ol' foot is still not well.  I have seen two different Podiatrist for this issue and they both gave me a different diagnosis.  Hmmmmm!

My family Dr. says...the best way to know is to do an MRI.

Goodness......I could barely move after having the 30 minute test done.  Before wheeling me into that skinny little tube, the medical staff.....tied my foot down and said...DO NOT MOVE.

They also had me cross my arms and said (not) to move a muscle...because... "When you move your arms...your feet move!"

Listen y'all.....not all bodies are made to fit on tiny little boards!  I had all parts of my body....begging for the "datgum" test to get OVER WITH.

I told Sam....My toes could actually feel the pulling effects from the magnets inside that machine.  It must have been the nail polish!!  lol.   

I did check to see if the nail polish was still was!

For those of you who have asked....
We are located about a 180 miles from Waco Texas.....where the Biker shoot out took place this past weekend.  

Grandson #4 was originally scheduled to play baseball in the city of Waco this past weekend....however, the tournament got changed.   I'm very thankful.  
So very sad about the loss of lives...over senseless angers. 

Well....that's it for me today!
Hope you all have a Sun filled day.

shug ~


Debbie said...

I was thinking you lived in E. Texas, and then wondered if you lived in Central because...well I'm not sure why. I prefer East. My parents were born around the Clarksville area. I wasn't at all sorry to move out of Dallas. Y'all sure are getting beat up with weather down there. Hope the rain is helping in all the right places. My fam is concentrated around New Braunfels. I love the Hill Country too. I guess I just love Texas. Your grands keep you busy. They seem to be really well balanced and well loved. :D I wish I had a dime for every dance and music recital and baseball game we've attended. I could probably buy a Starbucks venti White Mocha.
I'm glad you told me it was Memrial Day weekend! Where does the time go?

Ginny said...

Oh gosh, that biker things was way too close for comfort! So you will be going to the recital this weekend! I hope you can show us some pictures! Mylee Jo is so cute and photogenic. Congratulations to Tucker, he can really be proud! Are you still waiting on the results of the MRI? Please let us know! That stretcher must be all of a foot wide, if that!! You did make me laugh when you said you checked to see if your nail polish was still there! Only YOU would think of that! WHAT is the house in your header? It is beautiful!!! The dome on the right, and the two porches, I would love to go inside and look around. It makes a stunning header!

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful talented Grands,,
that was a blessing your Grandson wasn't in the town when that tragedy occurred,
I laughed when you talked about the MRI,, I hope your foot soon gets better,

Pam said...

You are a great Grandma, Shug to keep up with all those grandchilds! That is awesome!!! Funny with the MRI, but not for you, I'm sure. Here's wishing you the best!!! 48 degrees today and rain and sounds like the weekend will be rainy also. Hope you have an awesome Memorial Day weekend! Hugs

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