Friday, May 30, 2014

Ready for a Fun Filled Summer

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am soooo looking forward to our vacation at the end of June!   It's a beach trip for this family........

The end of June seems so far away, but I know that we won't turn around twice and it will be here.  It will be time to load up the back of our SUV and hit the road!!

I am more than ready, to stand underneath this waterfall and to feel the cool water splashing all around.

This is going to be nice too!!

But,  first......we have lots of other things to do.

1.    Sam's surgery.....tonsils are coming out next week.

2.  High School graduation for .....Tyler!

3.  Birthday Celebration......Shanda Kay.

4.   Three day trip to Louisiana for a business meeting.

5.  Anniversary celebration for me and my sweetheart!
42 years of wedded bliss.

I have a feeling that June is going to pass by real quick..

I'm Ready for a fun filled Summer.......How about you?

shug ~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Treadmill Workouts......

Treadmill workouts.....minus the S!!  This is what is going on with me today.

I had a sonogram of my heart done last week and I saw the Doctor yesterday to get the results.   The test looked good, but Dr. Chris says that I need a stress test as well.    They wanted to schedule it for yesterday afternoon, but I wore sandals to the appointment and that just was not going to work.    {the test did show a slight enlargement on the left side of my heart}

So, today I get to go walk on the treadmill {something I need to be doing everyday} and I'm praying that I will be able to complete the test!!!   Heart disease does run in my family and I'm pretty sure that this is the reason for concern.

Over the past thirty years, my dad has had 4 {four} open heart surgeries and my brother has had one!  

I am thankful for the test that are available to check for heart disease.......just hoping that this one will result in good news for me..

Test begins around, if you're not doing anything around that time, stop and say a little prayer for me....that I can complete the test with NO problems!

Hugs to all.....
Shug ~

I'm alive y'all.....even though there was one time when I thought I couldn't make it another second.

I feel sure that I will probably be getting a phone call sometime blood pressure was elevated and for this reason they made me do extra time on the treadmill.  

Thank you all for your prayers!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Freedom to Vote

Good Tuesday morning friends..... "Primary run-off Election" day!    I am extremely thankful for our FREEDOM to vote, and I believe that we should all exercise this right.  

I'm very sad that I have the feelings that I have today about a huge majority of the politicians running for office.   It is sad when you really don't want to vote for ANY of the candidates!  Of course, this is nothing new!!  For the past few years, our choices have been very questionable.   

I'm not a politician.....I have no desire to run for any office, simply because I'm not qualified.....!!   However, based on my Christian beliefs, I do believe that I could do a decent job!

Do I know any of the politicians personally?  No, I don't, and therefore, I don't want to sound like I'm placing judgement upon them...... But, I do believe that if one is not willing to seek God's guidance in every decision, then they do not need to serve our Country.   

I refuse to go vote for someone who lies, cheats, and has no moral standards!!   You can't have double-standard values and serve this Country in a manner that Honors God.

Just sayin'

Have a Blessed Day!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers and Beds

Just a few photos of my hard work this past week.....

I forgot to plug my fountain in before taking the photo!!


I can't wait for all of the flowers to start growing and filling in.....Gonna be beautiful.

I'm really pleased with this small bed.....It's a very difficult place to work with, but I think this will do!!  

The old wash tubs.......This is near a seating area on the side of the house...   

Front left corner......about 3 feet from the edge of this bed, is a Forest Pansy Red Bud tree.

This particular tree has leafs that turn a stunning color of Burgundy...

Rich colors in the vincas.

My old pot of "Hen and Chicken"


The "Golden Elm" is a tree of beauty....

at least once and sometimes twice a week, we have people ring our door bell to ask what kind of tree this is!!
I had two people stop by yesterday!!

It is stunning!!

Happy Memorial Day......

Pray for our Military guys and gals....

Shug ~

Saturday, May 24, 2014

These Beds are causing me Pain!

Whose idea was it anyways, to redo the flower beds here at the Pollard casa?   Sam says it was me......but surely I would have never suggested this.......knowing full well, that there is a whole lot of hard work in this kind of work.

Tyler, helped me yesterday afternoon but I had much more to get done today.   Looks like I will even have more to do sometime.....MONDAY!

Not only did this job consist of replacing the shrubs and flowers, but it also included digging out all of the old dirt {about a foot deep} and filling the beds back up with GOOD fertile soil.  

Needless to say.....last night was one of those moaning kind of nights!!!  LOL....   Not the kind of moaning that one might think!!

I do believe that every single ounce of fat, along with every muscle and bone in my body, was screaming for help!   I'm thinking that someone must have replaced all the Motrin in the bottle, with M&M's.     The Motrin did not work at all...

Finally, around 4:30 this morning, I grabbed the heating pad.      Yay!!  a little relief.  

What did I do this morning?   I got dressed and headed right  back over to the Nursery to buy more plants!!

What was I thinking?   Sam and I worked all afternoon in the!!   The flower beds look nice!!

Hopefully, I'll be able to rest tonight without any pain!!   

I  haven't had time to take pictures.....maybe tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend....  Be safe, and don't forget to pray for our Military!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Can any of you Relate??

Phones.........What would we do without them?

Just like most everyone else, I use my phone REAL often, but I always try to show respect to others around me, when using my phone!

Here's the deal.......{time for a small rant}   

It drives me nuts when friends are engaged in a conversation with me and every other word is.......ummmm...... because, they are lost somewhere in the middle of Candy Crush or they are cheating on our conversation with some text talk.

Can any of you relate?

{Before I get in trouble, I need to clarify that I'm not talking about any of my kiddo's here.}

I just want to say REALLY????????

How difficult can it be to focus on the conversation at hand, without looking at the phone ever 5 seconds or so?

A shelf.....a shelf is exactly what I need!  I can place this new shelf by the back door and when visitors come by.....their phones can be stored on the shelf, until they are ready to leave!!

am I being too mean here?  

Seriously....are we, am I.....that boring?

Whew....I feel much better now!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Special Moments of a Magical Life...

Does one have to be an Optimist to get excited about this little quote?   "Look for the special Little moments that make life magical".......

I had one of those moments just this morning....

My phone rang at 7:00 this morning and on the other end of the line, came the sweetest little voice, asking.....

"Sugar, can you come eat lunch with me today, at school?"

How could I have possible responded with a NO?

I didn't!!!!!

Is my day full?  Yes, it really is.......But, there is nothing happening that could possibly be as important as bringing a smile to a little girls face.  

Who is to say that the "Magical" is meant to be just for me?
If it adds a moment of magic to Mylee's day, then I am 
overwhelmed with happiness!!  

Thank you Lord for the special times that can make a child's life seem so magical.....full of smiles, full of excitement, and full of knowing that they are loved....

I can't wait to see each of those precious freckles, as they stretch across her smiling face, when she sees me walk in with her Sub-way lunch.....and yes, a Dr. Pepper!!!! 

Oh how I love the sweetness of life!!

Silly Girl.....


Monday, May 19, 2014

Journaling through the Years

Good Day, friends......

Well......yesterday, it was Senior day at our church.  Seniors are honored for their achievement and each of them are given a new Bible on this day.   This year, a video was added......

The parents of the graduates, gathered photos of their child from when they were first born, all the way through their Senior year!!  

When I saw Tyler Thomison's name come up......I could feel the soft tears swelling up in my eyes.   The second picture is what did it for me.......

I clearly remember the day that we hauled this old Casey Jones down to the Photographer's studio, knowing full well that every single picture taken......was going to a favorite!!!

Yep......I had to gently wipe away a few tears and try to disguise a few sniffs!    

How do the years pass by so quickly?  I do not know!!   Being the full-fledged grandmother that I am.......I am so thankful to have so many photos and journals, where I have recorded detailed memories of each grandchild's life!!    

I truly am so proud of the young man that Tyler has become!!

Graduation is June 6th.......I'll try not to bore you all between now and then, but I feel pretty sure that I'll have much more to say in the day's ahead......about this special guy in my life!!

Each of you are so special to me......who knows what I might be journaling about each of you and the friendships that I hold so dear!!!!

Hugs to you all.....

shug ~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Smile is a Smile

As I told you earlier.....I went to the dentist yesterday and this trip really got me to thinking.....

Thinking about Smiles!!

Do you have any idea how many different kinds of smile there are in this world?   Each of us has a smile that is totally unique!  

Next thought is.....Are you happy with your smile? I must say that I have seen a lot of other smiles that I would love to own....but, it's pretty hard to change a smile....

Anyways, while at the dentist yesterday, I realized that a persons teeth have a whole lot to do with their smile.  

What kind of smile do you have?   

Take a look at these teeth smiles....

Kellie Pickler

Jennifer Aniston.

and this is my non-teeth smile......

do you have a Teeth smile?


do you have a Non-teeth smile?

I would like to have a teeth smile, so the next time I go to the dentist, I might just ask for some new teeth!!

You think it will work??

Just being crazy me today....
hugs y'all

shug ~

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busy Week Indeed...

Whew......been a pretty crazy week!

On Monday, I went to the ENT Doctor with my sweet hubby.  We got to the office around 12:45 and didn't leave until around 4:30.  

Test, CT Scan, Probe up the nose and a lot of talk is what Sam received.   Oh yes......he was informed that he has to have his tonsils out !!  Not only do the tonsils have to come out.....but looks like he will be having a lot of reconstruction inside of his nose and his Uvula will need to be trimmed.  This hurts me to think about it.  

Sam has huge tonsils and his uvula stays swollen most of the time.   He also has SEVERE sleep apnea which in his case is life threatening.  This is part of the reason that he must have all of this done.

He also has to have a MRI done on the May the 22nd.   Seems he was suppose to have this done last year, but he conveniently forgot about it....     Checking to make sure that he doesn't have a tumor pressing on his eardrum.   

On Tuesday, it was a visit to the eye Doctor.   Sam had some cataracts removed and a lens implanted, about a month ago.  He has been very disappointed because his vision is not much clearer.   This visit was to find out what might be going on.   Another ALL AFTERNOON Doctor's visit!!

It appears that this is a common thing and he is suppose to wait another two weeks before returning.  If his vision has not cleared, then the Doctor will do some kind of  laser surgery on Sam's eye.   Praying that the vision clears before this....

Got my hair highlighted yesterday......this took a couple of hours, but oh hair looks so much better!!

Today.....I spent the ENTIRE morning at the Dentist office.
It was for me this time....   I'm getting crowned!!!  Yep....a new crown on a tooth and then I also had to have a filling replaced.   

It was quite a sight I am sure......   My top lip and gum was numb and the bottom lip and gum, numbed as well.
I had no control over my lips and believe me, it felt as if they were flopping everywhere!  

We have a Birthday today for a very special guy that is so dear to my heart!  Grandson no. 4......Trey Booth!!
He is 11 years old today!!   

                           Happy, Happy Birthday Trey!

Housework?  What is that??  I'm way too busy to think about things like laundry, dishes, and housework.....

Busy week indeed!!   Hoping to catch up on the blog post tomorrow!!  

Shug ~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Better to Be.......

Saw this on my Face is so me!!

Life is so much better when we can laugh and just be crazy sometimes.....

I already have all of this stuff...bandanas, wild shades, plenty of costume jewlery, hats, and lots of T-shirts.....even a little leather!!!   lol.

Shug ~

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weekend....

Good Monday Morning, Friends!

Trusting everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend...

We enjoyed a laid-back kind of weekend.  

Don't you just love the smell of fresh rain?  Friday evening, we were Blessed with a nice rain that helped wash away a lot of this yucky pollen.   Thank you Lord!

Saturday morning, we were out near the baseball field by 9:30 that morning......watching Trey play ball.  This is always fun and to make it even better, there was such a nice breeze.  If I had only had a hammock out there.....I really could have enjoyed myself.

Can anyone say CUTE?   Saturday afternoon, we purchased rabbits and all the things needed to make their life comfortable.  Last week, a sweet friend gave Sam a big rabbit cage, which he in turn gave to Trey.   

You can't have a rabbit cage without rabbits!!

We now have two baby rabbits and a big male lion head rabbit.  The kids enjoyed feeding and playing with the little ones.

After Church on Sunday.....Sam and I came home and did nothing.   Well, we may have taken a nap or two.   Sunday evening, the kids cooked hamburgers out at Shanda and Tom's place.   This is where they gave me a beautiful chaise lounger and another very special gift, for Mother's Day.

How special is this?  The kids had a photo album made for me and I can truly say that this gift has truly touched my heart.  It's one of those kind of gifts that I would never get tired of receiving....

a very special gift...indeed!

I hope that each of you had a Blessed day...

Let's make this a fabulous day!

Shug ~

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My MOM......

I just happened upon this picture of my mom, taken when she was about 15 years old.   I had never seen this photo before, but I was going through some things out at my dad's house this past week......and here was this picture.

This picture was taken in 2004 and she passed away in 2005.

Her strength was far beyond what any of us could have possibly imagined.   Mother died of Multiple Myeloma.....a rare form of cancer.    She was diagnosed in March of 2005 and passed away that same year on August 16th.

Test revealed that she had evidently had this cancer for several years before it actively collapsed her spine.  In the time span of about 3 months, mother went from being the height of 5'4 down to around 4'11.  Her C4 vertebrae  down to the T3 vertebrae collapsed.  

It wasn't until just a couple of months prior to her diagnosis that she had anything to say about being in pain.  As I reflect back through the Holidays of the previous year, I can clearly see that her stamina was not her norm.   As I said before, my mother was a very strong woman.  Never would she have wanted anyone to know that she was ill....

RARELY, did we ever her complain about anything.  

I will forever, treasure the bond that we had and the memories that I hold dear.   I was so Blessed to have her as my MOM...

Shug ~

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Small World.....

Sam and I attended a wedding this past evening of a precious young lady that we have known for several years.   She was a lovely Bride and the wedding was beautiful....

I find it amazing at how small this world really is....  Sam and I neither one knew the groom but when we got to the wedding, there were many people on the groom's side that we knew.  We have known the groom's grandfather for many years.  He services our air conditioner a couple times a year.  

We had no idea that Jacob was his grandson.   We had no idea that so many of our friends knew this young couple.

Here is a picture of the Beautiful bride and her twin sister....
They look nothing alike, but what they do have is a precious bonding.   Haley and Brittanie are my step nieces.   

Do any of you recognize a familiar face in this photo?

Here's a hint!!   He sang on "The Voice" this season!  He was selected by Team Usher...'s  Stevie Jo!!  Stevie Jo and the Jacob, the groom are BEST FRIENDS.  Stevie Jo was suppose to be the Best Man, but with not knowing exactly how he might do on "The Voice" they had to make other plans.

Here is a picture of Stevie Jo singing on stage at "The Voice."

                                            Stevie Jo singing his original song...Pray for Me.

And here is Stevie Jo singing at Brittanie and Jacob's wedding reception.....

Thought this was kinda neat!!  

Such a sweet couple!!

Shug ~ 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Early Gift.......

 Hi Y'all.......I've got something to show you!!

Most of the pictures were taken with my phone.....some are not so clear.

Ha....the colors look so different with different lighting....

This my friends is my New Area Rug!  Sam took me shopping last evening for my mother's day gift, and this is what I picked out!!

I'm so loving it!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catkins are wreaking havoc

The trees are all leafed out.....the flowers in East Texas are beautiful.....and the tassels on the Pecan trees are falling everywhere.

I have been sneezing and my eyes are itching like crazy!!
I'm not the only one that is suffering from allergies.....lots of folks around here are having scratchy throats and watering eyes. 

                                                                                      {Borrowed Photo}

These little tassels {catkins} can really wreak havoc to the eyes of those who are allergic to them.   

Just so happens that we have a huge pecan tree in our yard, which means that we have thousands of these little tassels all around.   With the wind blowing like it has today, you can see clouds of yellow pollen flying through the air.    

Just this morning, I was talking to some of my high school classmates and we were reminiscing about some of the old songs from the late sixties and early seventies.   

The one that I thought of went something like this:  "Sunshine, blue skies, please go away...........I know to you it might sound strange, But I WISH IT WOULD RAIN"   

Oh how I wish it would rain and perhaps some of this pollen would go away!!

Do any of you remember who wrote this old song??

Rain is scheduled to make it's way to East Texas.....on Thursday.   Hopefully it will, and hopefully it will wash this stuff away!!   

Local honey DOES work.....but here's the deal.   I only like honey if I'm eating a sopaipilla.   Does this mean that I should eat one every morning for breakfast?  I hope so!!

                                            Shug ~~

Fall is my Favorite

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