Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busy Week Indeed...

Whew......been a pretty crazy week!

On Monday, I went to the ENT Doctor with my sweet hubby.  We got to the office around 12:45 and didn't leave until around 4:30.  

Test, CT Scan, Probe up the nose and a lot of talk is what Sam received.   Oh yes......he was informed that he has to have his tonsils out !!  Not only do the tonsils have to come out.....but looks like he will be having a lot of reconstruction inside of his nose and his Uvula will need to be trimmed.  This hurts me to think about it.  

Sam has huge tonsils and his uvula stays swollen most of the time.   He also has SEVERE sleep apnea which in his case is life threatening.  This is part of the reason that he must have all of this done.

He also has to have a MRI done on the May the 22nd.   Seems he was suppose to have this done last year, but he conveniently forgot about it....     Checking to make sure that he doesn't have a tumor pressing on his eardrum.   

On Tuesday, it was a visit to the eye Doctor.   Sam had some cataracts removed and a lens implanted, about a month ago.  He has been very disappointed because his vision is not much clearer.   This visit was to find out what might be going on.   Another ALL AFTERNOON Doctor's visit!!

It appears that this is a common thing and he is suppose to wait another two weeks before returning.  If his vision has not cleared, then the Doctor will do some kind of  laser surgery on Sam's eye.   Praying that the vision clears before this....

Got my hair highlighted yesterday......this took a couple of hours, but oh hair looks so much better!!

Today.....I spent the ENTIRE morning at the Dentist office.
It was for me this time....   I'm getting crowned!!!  Yep....a new crown on a tooth and then I also had to have a filling replaced.   

It was quite a sight I am sure......   My top lip and gum was numb and the bottom lip and gum, numbed as well.
I had no control over my lips and believe me, it felt as if they were flopping everywhere!  

We have a Birthday today for a very special guy that is so dear to my heart!  Grandson no. 4......Trey Booth!!
He is 11 years old today!!   

                           Happy, Happy Birthday Trey!

Housework?  What is that??  I'm way too busy to think about things like laundry, dishes, and housework.....

Busy week indeed!!   Hoping to catch up on the blog post tomorrow!!  

Shug ~


Melinda said...

Wishing Sam clearer vision.
I am sure it is frustrating.
Take care.

M :)

Ginny said...

Oh my! A week of medical trials to be sure! I have a lot of caps and am thankful for them,you just can't eat gummy things that will pull them out. No tootsie Rolls or caramels for you. I am sorry abut Sam, but he should feel a lot better after the surgery. My D-I-l has huge enlarged tonsils and is sick all winter long. I do not know why she does not get them removed. The nose and the uvula, yes, my stomach is churning! My best friend had her uvula removed because her husband did not like her snoring! How long will he be in the hospital? I did not see too well for quite awhile after my cataract surgery, but the laser surgery is just a minute and then all is well. Not that I had it, but my friend did and said no pain and only a minute. Then perfect vision!

Weekend-Windup said...

Wishing your grandson a very happy birthday!
I don't like to go and visit doctor if anything comes for me i will try to put my own medicines.
Take care!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yikes! That is a lot going on all at once. I hope the end result will be good for everyone.

Gail Dixon said...

That's a lot on your plate, Shug. I shall add you to my prayers list. I hope Sam's tests and procedures turn out okay. The reconstruction thing alone would send me into a panic attack. Between you and Sam I'm sure the doctors can plan their next dream vacation. Ha!

Happy birthday to your handsome grandson, Trey! Hope his day is filled with fun, family and friends.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You sure have been busy! Hope all goes well for Sam and Happy Birthday to your grand! Take care!

Betsy Adams said...

Sorry to hear about Sam--and hope that getting the surgery will help his sleep apnea.... Guess you know that some people with sleep apnea have to use breathing machines at nights... Luckily, that's one problem that neither George nor I have have.

Prayers for your Sweetie.


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