Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Special Moments of a Magical Life...

Does one have to be an Optimist to get excited about this little quote?   "Look for the special Little moments that make life magical".......

I had one of those moments just this morning....

My phone rang at 7:00 this morning and on the other end of the line, came the sweetest little voice, asking.....

"Sugar, can you come eat lunch with me today, at school?"

How could I have possible responded with a NO?

I didn't!!!!!

Is my day full?  Yes, it really is.......But, there is nothing happening that could possibly be as important as bringing a smile to a little girls face.  

Who is to say that the "Magical" is meant to be just for me?
If it adds a moment of magic to Mylee's day, then I am 
overwhelmed with happiness!!  

Thank you Lord for the special times that can make a child's life seem so magical.....full of smiles, full of excitement, and full of knowing that they are loved....

I can't wait to see each of those precious freckles, as they stretch across her smiling face, when she sees me walk in with her Sub-way lunch.....and yes, a Dr. Pepper!!!! 

Oh how I love the sweetness of life!!

Silly Girl.....



  1. oh I love she calls you sugar,

  2. So true - it's all about the special unexpected moments that make us laugh and feel loved!

  3. Shug, I know just what you mean. Life itself is made up of all the little things. And some have knocked me off my feet. How wonderful that she would call you and ask you to come to lunch with her, just another affirmation of her love for you!!! An unplanned and spontaneous day is the BEST! And she is so adorable!

  4. Your devotion to your family is truly admirable. You remind me of the Proverbs 31 woman. Yes, you most certainly do!

  5. Getting a call like that is priceless. I have a few like that myself and wouldn't trade that time for anything.


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