Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Freedom to Vote

Good Tuesday morning friends.....

Today.....is "Primary run-off Election" day!    I am extremely thankful for our FREEDOM to vote, and I believe that we should all exercise this right.  

I'm very sad that I have the feelings that I have today about a huge majority of the politicians running for office.   It is sad when you really don't want to vote for ANY of the candidates!  Of course, this is nothing new!!  For the past few years, our choices have been very questionable.   

I'm not a politician.....I have no desire to run for any office, simply because I'm not qualified.....!!   However, based on my Christian beliefs, I do believe that I could do a decent job!

Do I know any of the politicians personally?  No, I don't, and therefore, I don't want to sound like I'm placing judgement upon them...... But, I do believe that if one is not willing to seek God's guidance in every decision, then they do not need to serve our Country.   

I refuse to go vote for someone who lies, cheats, and has no moral standards!!   You can't have double-standard values and serve this Country in a manner that Honors God.

Just sayin'

Have a Blessed Day!!


  1. I agree... We HAVE to vote --and give it our best shot, but it's hard at times to find good candidates... I wonder truly how many politicians are REALLY honest, hard-working, non-greedy, non-selfish people?????? AND --moral standards???? Wonder how many have them?????? GADS.


  2. I love your red, white, and blue blog today!!!! Shug, I know just what you mean! I love going to vote and using my rights. But lately I have not been voting because I do not like either person. Some friends say it is shameful to NOT vote and so on. But I would have to choose the lesser of two evils. For me, I would rather not vote than vote for someone I d not like or believe in.

  3. That's why we need to pray for them. Daily. Politics has been corrupt for a very long time, sadly. I hear your frustration and feel the same. I'd like to have my Christian values honored, but I might as well ask a pig to fly!


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