Monday, May 19, 2014

Journaling through the Years

Good Day, friends......

Well......yesterday, it was Senior day at our church.  Seniors are honored for their achievement and each of them are given a new Bible on this day.   This year, a video was added......

The parents of the graduates, gathered photos of their child from when they were first born, all the way through their Senior year!!  

When I saw Tyler Thomison's name come up......I could feel the soft tears swelling up in my eyes.   The second picture is what did it for me.......

I clearly remember the day that we hauled this old Casey Jones down to the Photographer's studio, knowing full well that every single picture taken......was going to a favorite!!!

Yep......I had to gently wipe away a few tears and try to disguise a few sniffs!    

How do the years pass by so quickly?  I do not know!!   Being the full-fledged grandmother that I am.......I am so thankful to have so many photos and journals, where I have recorded detailed memories of each grandchild's life!!    

I truly am so proud of the young man that Tyler has become!!

Graduation is June 6th.......I'll try not to bore you all between now and then, but I feel pretty sure that I'll have much more to say in the day's ahead......about this special guy in my life!!

Each of you are so special to me......who knows what I might be journaling about each of you and the friendships that I hold so dear!!!!

Hugs to you all.....

shug ~


  1. O.K., ya GOT me! With your words and the last picture, I am also crying! He is now a beautiful man, not a child anymore. He has grown so much and I know he is beautiful both inside and out.

  2. Oh my what a sweet picture..and what a handsome young man he is today! You have every tight to be proud of him!😊


  3. Hi Shug!

    Oh my goodness, what a special time for you! I love, your header picture, I think it was my favorite of all the pictures you posted! The picture of him when is was little, by the "old Casey Jones", is adorable! So many memories!

    I think it's wonderful that you have kept a journal and written wonderful thoughts and things your grandchildren did - it's something you can be very proud about, and something that your grandchildren will treasure!

    This blog is your journal. . . please post anything you want to post!! We all love seeing and hearing about your grands!!


  4. what a beautiful post, from your heart an its a lovely heart, as big as Texas ( I always wanted to say that, although i have never been to Texas), lol!!! Such a beautiful family you have,

  5. Love, love, love your header picture.
    Congratulations to Tyler on finishing
    of his high school career. Blessings
    to him for his next adventure in life.

    M : )

  6. That photo in your header is awesome!!! Did you take that? Congratulations to your handsome grandson. I wish the growing up years didn't fly by so quickly. Looks like he is ready for the next chapter of his life. It's bittersweet, isn't it?

  7. Oh my, I can imagine the joy and the tears both that you felt. Those years just fly by, don't they? Congratulations to your handsome grandson on this big achievement. I wish him the very best and much success! Love the cute header picture!

  8. I know what you mean...they grow up in a flash! Hugs!!!

  9. I know you are so proud of this fine, young man.


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