Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Smile is a Smile

As I told you earlier.....I went to the dentist yesterday and this trip really got me to thinking.....

Thinking about Smiles!!

Do you have any idea how many different kinds of smile there are in this world?   Each of us has a smile that is totally unique!  

Next thought is.....Are you happy with your smile? I must say that I have seen a lot of other smiles that I would love to own....but, it's pretty hard to change a smile....

Anyways, while at the dentist yesterday, I realized that a persons teeth have a whole lot to do with their smile.  

What kind of smile do you have?   

Take a look at these teeth smiles....

Kellie Pickler

Jennifer Aniston.

and this is my non-teeth smile......

do you have a Teeth smile?


do you have a Non-teeth smile?

I would like to have a teeth smile, so the next time I go to the dentist, I might just ask for some new teeth!!

You think it will work??

Just being crazy me today....
hugs y'all

shug ~


  1. I know what you mean, I wish mine were whiter, but bleaching is not good for our teeth
    ( dentists in family tell me this, lol)
    the best we can do is take care of what we have, I think you are beautiful,

  2. I am a full on showing the teeth kind of "smiler"! lol

  3. Well---I definitely have a 'teeth smile' --but don't have pretty teeth AT ALL. I even have a bridge that I NEVER wear since it's so uncomfortable... Oh Well. I'm just ME...


  4. Of course I'm not happy with my smile,but this is who God made me to be and that is how it is..I smile more like you,a non-teeth smile.

  5. You have a beautiful smile, Shug! Whenever I see pictures of myself, everyone has a big smile except ME! I really try, but it just does not come through! So people must think I'm a real drag! I keep my mouth closed because I have gold teeth in the back that can be seen. But Barbara Walters always says that the secret to her smiles is to open your mouth just a little bit. It's nice to talk abut things like this without having to discuss the weight of the world!

  6. Oh, Shug, your smile makes your face light up whether you're showing your teeth or not! I'd love to have a big toothy smile, but I was not blessed with that. And that's okay! Hugs to you and hope you have a great weekend! Hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is here.

  7. Hi Shug!

    So good to see you!

    I don't show my teeth much when I smile - not that I don't sometimes show them! I was actually blessed with nice teeth, not sure why I don't show them when I smile?! You have a very beautiful smile, by the way, teeth showing or not!


  8. I have a teeth smile..I'm sorry to say! My teeth need lots of work..but I'll have to settle with the one I


  9. I smiled with my mouth closed for most of my life and then one day I changed. My teeth aren't perfect but I love a BIG toothy smile! heehee! You are beautiful my friend! Hugs!


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