Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers and Beds

Just a few photos of my hard work this past week.....

I forgot to plug my fountain in before taking the photo!!


I can't wait for all of the flowers to start growing and filling in.....Gonna be beautiful.

I'm really pleased with this small bed.....It's a very difficult place to work with, but I think this will do!!  

The old wash tubs.......This is near a seating area on the side of the house...   

Front left corner......about 3 feet from the edge of this bed, is a Forest Pansy Red Bud tree.

This particular tree has leafs that turn a stunning color of Burgundy...

Rich colors in the vincas.

My old pot of "Hen and Chicken"


The "Golden Elm" is a tree of beauty....

at least once and sometimes twice a week, we have people ring our door bell to ask what kind of tree this is!!
I had two people stop by yesterday!!

It is stunning!!

Happy Memorial Day......

Pray for our Military guys and gals....

Shug ~


  1. I love seeing your old washtubs. And, the fountain is lovely!

  2. Your flowers are going to be beautiful and bringing you much joy this summer, Shug! I love the Elm tree! Have a great week!

  3. Your yard is wonderful! Pictures three and four are my favorites, but the fountain in the first picture is gorgeous!!! This large elm is yours? Superb! I would hang a rope swing from it and picnic under it. It is a beautiful tree. Do you know how old?

  4. I see you've planted some Mexican Heather. I had some in my garden, but it was starting to take over so I pulled it out. I do miss it now. Great job on your flower beds...loved the fountain design and colors. Your golden elm tree is really quite beautiful.

  5. You should have a spectacular display once the plants fill in.

  6. I don't plant a lot of flowers because I let my chickens roam free...and I have all manner of flowers right now, if you count the blooms on the potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and cukes!
    Once those are gone...hardly any flowers. :/
    I planted a red bud tree like yours last year...and Man! how it has grown. I actually have some of those beautiful burgundy leaves on my small little tree.
    Enjoyed seeing your garden.


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